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7/10 - 7/13

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Dutchguy, Jul 17, 2003.

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  1. Dutchguy

    Dutchguy Low-Roller

    Jun 11, 2002
    Kansas City
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Well, another Vegas trip under my belt. This was atleast my 30th since 1988. Meeting my wife and I in Vegas were three of our close friends, and one of my female co-workers who was already in town with some of her friends. I talked her into extending her trip another day so we could all party together at least one night. (This was her first trip to Vegas, she is now hooked) My wife was sick even before we left and felt bad the entire trip. Not too much fun for her, but I felt great and had a blast! To add to her bad time, she isn't into Vegas as much as I am. She said from now on I should just go with the guys. ISN'T SHE GREAT! I'm not not good trip at reports so I'll just hit some hi-lights and observations. Sorry, no gambling stories to pass on. Nothing to talk about. None of us won at anything we played.

    I don't think any airline can beat SOUTHWEST when it comes to price, service, and on-time flights.
    The seating situation, well thats another issue.
    Even if it is a dry heat...115 degees is still pretty damn hot, anywhere! No more summer trips for me. Too many crying babies, bratty teenagers, and kiddy strollers.
    Very happy with DOLLAR. Nobody could match their rate. Even with five clerks working the check-in desk at the airport, their line was longer than any other rental company. I took that as a good sign. For only an extra $12.00 on my four day rental, I was able to upgrade to a Concorde, with leather and chrome wheels. Nice ride.
    When going with a group, make sure everyone has cel. phones that work in Vegas. I wasted alot of time locating and gathering up our group everytime we went to the pool or out to eat because they didn't have long-distance service on their phones.
    Got the mini-suite at the FLAMINGO. Our room (#19040)over-looked BARBARY COAST, BALLY'S, and BELLAGIO. The room was huge. Prob. twice the size of the rooms our friends had. So our room served as the 'hospitality suite'. I picked the FLAMINGO due mainly to all of the hype about the pool. It was very nice. The water-falls give you a great free massage. I noticed a young, good-looking, and well behaved crowd. After 4:00pm the pool opens to the public. That is also the start time for the FLAMINGO/FOSTER'S BEER pool party that goes on til midnight. Two-fer drinks, silly games, prizes, a live band, and a leggy female M.C. made for a good time. Warning - FLAMINGO GIFT SHOP, one bottle of NYQUIL for my wife, $12.00. (I should of had it gift-wrapped.) The same bottle at my local WAL-MART, $4.50.(And she thinks that I don't love her!)
    Finally made it to the buffet at ALADDIN. Ouststanding. Worth the price of admission and the 45 min. line. Too bad you can't get your hand stamped and come back later.
    Finally made it to STUDIO 54. We got there about 10:30pm and missed the long line. The place was much smaller than I thought it would be. Good music. Lots of eye candy. Sorry, but I don't remember much more than that.
    BARBARY COAST - I forgot how much fun this place is. With it's wide-open casino, huge bar, cheap drinks, and a live band, it is a excellent place to start the evening.
    A Vegas first for me! On two seperate occasions, in the same evening, I was propositioned! The first time was Friday night about 11:30pm as my friends and I were at CARNAVAL COURT. An attractive, not very shy, 'lady of the evening' shimmied right up to my and starting in with some heavy flirting. The second time, about 4:30am, I was weaving my way through the FLAMINGO lobby headed to my room. An old and plump 'hooker' in a cheap red dress practically chased me down and asked if I wanted some companionship. I thought that it was so sweet that these busy ladies would be willing to spend some of their valuable time with me, but I respectfully and graciously declined both offers.
    On every trip I try to do the following, PARIS buffet, BELLAGO fountains, VENETIAN walk-through, CAESARS PALACE walk-through, MADAME TUSSAUDS, I.P. car museum, BIG SHOT at The STRAT ., FREMONT STREET, shrimp cocktails at GOLDEN GATE, drinks and gambling at CASINO ROYALE and O'SHEA'S, breakfast at BARBARY COAST, shopping at BELZ.
    Waiting at the terminal for our flight home, I over-heard the clerks talking about the next flight (mine) was over-booked by seven seats. I walked up to the counter and offered to give up my seat. They wrote down my name. (My wife wanted no part of it. She was sick, missed our dog, and wanted to sleep in her own bed. She wanted to get home, and fast!) After a while, my name was called. 'Are you still interested in giving up your seat?' 'YES!' For leaving two hours later, I received a $250 voucher good for one year. SWEET! My flight would leave two hours later. Good money, and the work was easy. I watched my wifes' plane leave the gate and I headed off to the bar to kill some time.
    Some of my Vegas trips are great. Some of my Vegas trips are just O.K. With my wife being sick, this one was just O.K., but my next trip is already in the planning stages. And it will be a great one!

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  2. NEON

    NEON Tourist

    Mar 12, 2003
    Santa Fe
    A Vegas first for me! On two seperate occasions, in the same evening, I was propositioned!

    That explains the whole bottle of Nyquil! [​IMG]

    good to get that $250 SW credit, Comes in handy for the next trip back!

    I would agree on the kids/stroller issue in the summer. Although the heat did not bother me near as much as my wife.
    Did you do the pool party at all? We had the 2-1 drinks, which at $14 did not seem like a deal and they were too sweet to drink all that daquiri yard...
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