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6/12 - 6/19 Part 3 of 3 - Sunset Station & GVR

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by cruiser, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. cruiser

    cruiser High-Roller

    Feb 5, 2002

    My Trip Report

    Day 6 (Friday, 6/17):

    Brenda is up by 3:30am but I decide to sleep in for another hour or so. Brenda is sitting at her deuces wild machine at 4am and I don't make it until 5:30am. We play until 6:05am and head over to the Pancake House for breakfast.

    Today is day one of GVR's $10,000 Video Poker Tournament. The tournament will consist of two (2) sessions with each session composed of twelve (11) rounds with each round being fifteen (15) minutes long. Each entrant will play one (1) round per session. There were 20 machines set up for the tournament play. Session times were assigned and tournament scorecards were included in the packets issued upon check-in. I will be playing in round 2 at 10:30am. We can see them setting up for the tournament from the machines we were playing at. Players had to be present 15 minutes before their starting times. Tournament machines were randomly drawn by each player prior to the start of each round. Participants compete against others with each participant receiving 1,000 credits and fifteen (15) minutes to play. The fifteen (15) minute session time clock will activate upon the first "spin" by the player on the tournament machine.

    Scores are determined by the "Winner Paid" category on the player's machine, and do NOT include any remaining/non-played credits. The machines have internal credit meters that shut off after time has expired, or the 1,000 credits have been played. Scores and standings will be posted after each session. At the end of the second session, each player's two (2) scores will be totaled. The seven (7) players with the highest accumulated total scores will be awarded prizes in order of their tournament score total. The prize schedule is as follows:

    1st Place $5,000.00
    2nd Place $2,500.00
    3rd Place $1,000.00
    4th Place $550.00
    5th Place $450.00
    6th Place $350.00
    7th Place $150.00

    The first round started at 10am so when I signed in, this first round was still in progress. It looked like everyone was finished using their 1,000 credits before their 15 minutes expired. That was good news to me. For my session at 10:30am, I was combining the double double bonus and deuces wild playing strategies which was not a good idea. Basically, I did pretty bad. I had a score of 710. I was pretty nervous and probably should have studied/practiced this particular game more but I figured if I was meant to finish in the top 7 places, I would. There were just over 200 entries for this tournament and at the end of the first day's sessions, I was sitting in something like 150th place.

    Back to my video poker machine. We played until about 1:20pm and headed to the pool area. Once again, the hot tub was very hot and felt great. Back to our machines at 2:40pm and we play until 5pm. We had dinner at Fado's. By 5:45pm, we are once again playing deuces wild. Brenda calls it a day at 6:20pm and headed back to the room. I decided to play on. At 6:58pm, I hit my second 'royal flush' of this trip, a $1000 win. I take another picture with my cell phone and send it to Brenda's cell phone. Unfortunately, she shut off her cell phone when she got back to the room. I then sent this second picture to our daughter. She got the photo and called me 10 minutes later. I am now ahead for the trip. I called it quits at 9pm.

    Day 6 Gambling Summary:

    Me - up $1200 today (17 'wild royals', 2 'four deuces', and 1 'royal flush'), up $600 overall
    Wifey - up $20 today (8 'wild royals', 2 'four deuces'), up $370 overall

    Day 7 (Saturday, 6/18):

    We're up at 3:30am and play deuces wild from 4:20am till 6am. We head over for our last breakfast at the Pancake House. After breakfast, we're back at our machines at 6:30am and I play until 10am at which time I need to register for my session 2 on day 2 of the VP tournament. This time, I played worst than yesterday. I ended this session with a score of 500. That's gives me a pathetic two session total score of 1210. I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up in 190th (or worst) place out of about 203 entries. Head back to Wifey and she closes down her deuces wild session. We decide to hit the pool area early and have lunch there. We get there just after 11am and there's a crew setting up for a REO Speedwagon concert this evening. For some reason, the hot tub is not hot at all. In fact, I might not even call it warm. Oh well... Maybe they shut it down for the upcoming concert.

    We ordered a veggie platter and a fruit platter along with a couple strong drinks. We had a nice little break from the VP machines. We headed back to our room and got cleaned up and made it back to the VP machines by 1:30pm. We played until 6:45 and called it a night. We were both tired and we were hurting from playing those darn upright machines. I stopped by the front desk to pick up a copy of our current room charges for those five nights at GVR. Hmmm, they knocked off another night's room charge or so it appears. If that's true, it would mean that of the 7 nights (2 at Sunset Station and 5 at GVR), we would only be charged for one night at GVR. We decided we would probably play a couple more hours in the early morning hours before checking out in the early am. Head back to the room with a couple glasses of wine and popped the cork on that bottle of wine we bought from the gift shop earlier in this trip.

    Day 7 Gambling Summary:

    Me - down $600 today (7 'wild royals', 1 'four deuces'), even for the trip
    Wifey - down $265 today (9 'wild royals', 1 'four deuces'), up $105 overall

    Day 8 (Sunday, 6/19):

    We're up at 2:30am to pack and get in a bit more of deuces wild before grabbing a taxi around 6am. All packed so we head down to the casino and we're playing deuces wild by 4:20am. With about 1.5 hrs before we need to head to the airport, we are slightly ahead 'gambling wise'. Does that mean we shouldn't play anymore? No, of course not. We play until about 5:45am - Wifey had just gotten a 'four deuces'. That's it, we're out of time. I take a final tally of our points earned and we head back to our room to grab our bags. We check out but leave our account hanging until customer services could review it. I planned to call GVR a couple days after returning home to see if any additional charges might be taken of the bill.

    Day 8 (Early Morning) Gambling Summary:

    Me - down $270 today (1 'wild royals'), down $270 for the trip
    Wifey - down $75 today (1 'wild royals', 1 'four deuces'), up $180 overall

    I called customer services two days after returning home (6/21) and they told me they couldn't give us any further reductions in our 'room charges' which meant we had to pay for 1 night out of 5 at GVR. Hey, we could do that. I also asked this gentleman to use our points to reduce the food charges. He said he could do that but I would have to call back the next day to get the final $ amounts. I called back the next day and got the final tally.

    In summary, we were very happy with the charges we ended up having to pay for this seven day/night trip to Sunset Station (2 nights) & GVR (5 nights) and we will probably return in 2005.

    Of course, I'm still going to write those letters to the executives at GVR telling them of our extreme displeasure at their decision to remove the Optimum 'slant top' machines.

    Total Gambling this Trip:
    Wifey/Hubby combined for 58,842 points = $117,684 cycled through the machines
    Total combined number of hands played = 94,147 @ $1.25 per hand
    Total hours played - too many to count
    Royal Flush (2) - average of 1 every 47,073 hands
    Four Deuces (16) - average of 1 every 5,884 hands
    Wild Royal (172) - average of 1 every 574 hands

    Total Winnings/Losses this Trip: -$90 after 7 days/nights

    Comps this Trip:
    Sunset Station - both nights comped, we paid for our food
    GVR - 4 of 5 nights comped, and we used out points to reduce our other charges by ~$100.00
  2. kitson

    kitson VIP Whale

    Apr 20, 2004
    great set of reports, you truly are deuces wild marathoners.

    what does four deuces pay, on the 5 quarter bet? the reason i ask is that i would like to make the comparison with the payouts for four deuces, threes or fours, and the payoff for four aces, with or without the kicker. it just seems to me that at your stupendous level of play, that you would be hitting so many of those various bonus payouts on double double bonus vp that you would like that game too.

    did you go looking for mikey at sunset station?

    did you see any of the gvr staff from the american casino show?
  3. KathyinNY

    KathyinNY Tourist

    Jan 29, 2002
    Upstate New York
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Holy cow! That is great statistics. Sounds like you had another great trip.
  4. cruiser

    cruiser High-Roller

    Feb 5, 2002
    With 'Deuces Wild', four deuces pays out $250 with max (5) coins (quarters) in. With perfect play, these machines pay out (in the long term) 100.76%.

    No, I did not get to meet Mikey at Sunset. My table game of choice is blackjack but I haven't played any in about a year. Four trips ago (my last trip to the Tropicana), was the last time I played blackjack. I had taken a couple bad beatings back to back so I'm taking a break from table games. The few times I walked by the table games at Sunset, I did not spot Mikey. Perhaps, I'll see him on our next trip to Sunset.

    Yes, I did see 4-5 folks that I've also seen on American Casino.
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