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6/12 - 6/19 Part 2 of 3 - Sunset Station & GVR

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by cruiser, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. cruiser

    cruiser High-Roller

    Feb 5, 2002

    My Trip Report

    Yippee! Time to head over to Green Valley Ranch (GVR). We took a taxi to GVR and arrived about 10:30am. We left the luggage with the bell folks and headed to the front desk for check-in. Great, we have a room. I requested a king bed and something close to the elevators. We got room 8240 which was the second floor in the new East Tower. We had a nice view of the parking garage but we didn't mind.

    We walked around a bit at GVR to see what the deal was with the Sports Bar Restaurant Trophies which no longer shows up on GVR's web site. Their excellent steakhouse (Bullshrimp) was also off their web site but I somehow found out or heard a month or more ago that this restaurant was undergoing renovations. Well, it turns out that Trophies is gone. It looks like they're turning this space into a Poker Room. The new Steakhouse won't be open until maybe September and might be renamed when it opens.

    We head over to our 'Optimum' video poker machines to play our deuces wild slant tops. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The slant tops are G O N E ! ! ! What the heck is going on. Our wrists and arms were so sore from playing the uprights at Sunset Station but we knew (okay, we thought) we'd get to play the slant tops when we got back to GVR. We spoke to some of the locals and apparently, the Slot Director decided to replace the slant tops with uprights. This stinks!!! We are very upset and I told Brenda I would do some research and see who still has the full pay deuces wild 'slant top' machines. We know that in May, 2002 the Palms had these machines so I guess I'll be looking into the Palms again. I'm also going to be sending some letters to one or more GVR executives announcing our shock and extreme displeasure at this move to replace these slant top machines.

    We calm down enough to start playing deuces wild at 11am. We both play until 4:30pm and head to the room to change for dinner. Tonight, we dine at Il Fornaio. After dinner, we stopped by the gift shop and picked up a bottle of wine using our boarding pass points to pay for the bottle. We're right back at the deuces wild machines by 5:45pm. Wifey plays till 7pm and I call it a night by 8pm.

    Day 3 Gambling Summary:

    Me - down $350 today (16 'wild royals'), down $850 overall
    Wifey - even today (18 'wild royals'), up $300 overall

    Day 4 (Wednesday, 6/15):

    We're up at 3:30am and begin our day with coffee drinks at our machines at 4:45am. We play until breakfast time at the Original Pancake House' at 6am. Breakfast was very good as usual and we're back playing deuces wild at 6:45am. Our wrists, hands, arms, shoulders, etc are really starting to hurt so we decided that we'll take some time off this afternoon and hit the outside pool and hot tub. Brenda plays until 1pm and decides it's pool time. I play on to 1:30pm and join Brenda by the pool and hot tub. The hot tub was very hot and felt wonderful. After we felt we had enough of a break, we headed to our room to get cleaned up. We played more video poker from 3pm to about 5pm and headed out to The District and had dinner at a barbecue place. After dinner, we hit the VP machines again beginning at 6pm. Wifey played till 8pm while I continued on to 10:30pm.

    Day 4 Gambling Summary:

    Me - down $250 today (15 'wild royals', 1 'four deuces'), down $1100 overall
    Wifey - down $200 today (9 'wild royals', 2 'four deuces'), up $100 overall

    Day 5 (Thursday, 6/16):

    We're up at 3:30am and are back at our deuces wild machines at 4:30am and play until 6am. Time for another breakfast at the Pancake House. By 6:30am we are back punishing our wrists, hands, elbow, etc playing on the uprights until just after 1pm. I stop by the front desk to pick up my packet for the VP Tournament that starts tomorrow (Friday). I'm playing in session 2 at 10:30am on Friday and Saturday.

    We hit the pool and hot tub again outside and it does help our aches and pains from those darn uprights. Back to the machines by 2:30pm. At 3:12pm, I hit my 'royal flush' - a $1000 win. I sure needed that baby. Brenda and I picked up new cell phones a few weeks ago and these new phones take photos so I whipped out my phone and took a photo and sent it to our daughter's cell phone. She called us back 5 minutes later. We both played on until about 4pm and went back to the Italian Restaurant for dinner. By 5:30pm, I guess I don't have to tell you where we're sitting. Wifey plays until 7pm and I play until 8pm.

    Day 5 Gambling Summary:

    Me - up $500 today (9 'wild royals', 1 'royal flush'), down $600 overall
    Wifey - up $250 today (18 'wild royals', 2 'four deuces'), up $350 overall
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