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5/14-5/20 Trip Report- Long

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by kristin, May 21, 2003.

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just got back from Vegas. (May 14th-19th). Here is my trip report of sorts.

    May 14th- Flew in out of Boston to Vegas....Hubby (Bob) flew into Vegas from Manchester, NH. Go to the airport and he was waiting there for me! Decided we would take the shuttle to our hotel....very very bad idea. We went with the Coach USA shuttle, they were horrible. The lady told us the shuttle would be there in 15 minutes. 30 minutes later still no shuttle. So Bob went up to the lady and asked her when she was expecting the shuttle. She got angry and said "In 15 minutes...can't you read the sign???" So Bob went back to wait....there were about 3 couples including us waiting to get a shuttle. 15 minutes later still no shuttle...at this point I want my money back so I go up to the counter and show the lady my receipt..."I would like a refund please, you said it was going to be here and it's not..."

    "SORRY NO REFUNDS" Lady shouts at me....okay whatever...I am so upset at this point that I was ready to screw the whole thing and take a cab. But alas, the shuttle arrived. YEAH!!

    Checked in at Monte Carlo...there was an awfully long line at 11:30 pm, but we were content at just being there. Check in lady was nice, I asked for a room with a view since it was our anniversary, she told us she didn't have any available but we could check tomorrow morning to see if something else was available. We got to the room (on the 8th floor) and it smelled like a fresh cigarette was just lit for our entrance, and there was two double beds instead of 1 king...so Bob went downstairs and said that if nothing more we needed a non smoking room...So we got new keys to room 31-219...much nicer. It had a King Wall Bed (that for some strange reason didn't fold up) a hard but cute sofa and a great view of the pool/ the side of bellagio and Rio, palms etc. It wasn't bad at all...we decided we would keep the room for the rest of our stay.

    That night we went walking around the immediate area at the hotel, we went to Fujiyama (I think that's the correct spelling) for Sushi and it was great. It is located at the Boardwalk hotel, great prices, and excellent fresh sushi! Decided we were pooped and headed back to the room.

    Thursday the 15th-
    Woke up like 10 times last night due to the...(you all warned me) the PLUMBING!! I don't think Bob even noticed, but I am a very light sleeper.

    Went to breakfast at the Monte Carlo Cafe, BIG mistake...food was just so-so and for the price...well you could have had 20 extra bucks for slots if you just go across the street to Denny's or Carrow's is just next door (and there Breakfast is like 1.99)...

    Spent the morning baking at the pool! They really have a great pool area here and it was well worth the money, the lazy river and wave pool were just at the right temp and even though there were a lot of poeple at the pool area, it never fealt over crowded.

    Walked over to Coke and M&M (saw the 3D movie, it was super cute!) Walked through MGM, kind of got a little lost, walked over to NYNY where we played in their arcade for a little while then ate at the NY Pretzel place.

    Headed back to the hotel and took a quick nap.

    Went to Ah Sin at Paris for Dinner....INCREDIBLE!! Yum! We had lettuce wraps and noodles with pork that melted in your mouth.

    We decided we would do a litlte walking and walked up towards Flamingo stopped in Bally's and Barbary Coast. Won $60 on video Poker at Flamingo...I was sooo excited...

    ....on a little side note, we aren't big gamblers (nickel and penny slots), we have fun playing just aren't quite high rollers!! LOL!!

    Friday- Went to Krispy Kreme at Excalibur- it was Bob's first time ever to Krispy Kreme, let's just say he is their new biggest fan. The orginal glazed one's had just been made so they were hot and gooey! yummy!

    Walked around Excalibur, then over to Luxor wher we went on the Movie Ride and then watched the 3D movie, it was a lot of fun.

    We headed over to Rainforest Cafe for lunch, it was good but not anything OUTSTANDING.

    We decided to go to the Showtime 1/2 price tickets by coke world and see what they had. They had lots of different shows to pick from but we decided on American Superstars. Took a cab to the Stratosphere and got our tickets.

    So it was a pretty expensive cab ride to Stratosphere like 15 bucks so we decided we would walk as far as we could on Las Vegas Blvd before getting a cab. We walked and walked for what seemed like forever. Stopped at Stardust, relaxed in the AC and played Keno, won $15...we were happy with that so we walked to Treasure Island where we picked up a cab to Monte Carlo.

    Swam at the pool and relaxed.

    Headed up to Stratosphere and saw American Superstars, it was fantastic! It wasn't one of the best shows in Vegas but for $15 it wasn't bad at all.

    We picked up a cab and headed back to the hotel.

    Saturday- Woke up kinda late, and headed down to the pool. Relaxed for a while, til the clouds came in and decided we would go have lunch.

    Went to Todai for lunch (sushi buffet) it was EXCELLENT!! There were lots and lots of choices.

    Walked around Dessert Passage and then headed up the strip stopping in at the casinos. Spent some time at Harrah's watching the band play. Then went up to Casino Royale where we won $71 on nickel and penny video slots, decided that we really liked this Casino.

    Walked over to Mirage, we were going to go to the gardens, but they were closed. So we took a cab and headed up to Fremont Street.

    1st Stop- Plaza, played the video slots and won about $30. Went upstairs and played bingo and drank some beer! Bingo didn't go very well...I guess we are just small town bingo folks after all.

    Headed down fremont street watched the lights headed into the casinos played a little here, played a little there, didn't win all too much. Though I did win $40 on let's make a deal video slots. But quickly lost it all.

    Had a good little buzz going on so headed back to MC and had a little snack at Sbarro.

    Sunday- Our Anniversary, Spent the day at the pool and went to the MC Brew pub for lunch, went back to the pool and continued to work on our tans!

    Went upstairs to our room and got all dressed up for the evening. We were headed to Mystere. Went downstairs to catch a cab there was such a long line. So the couple that was behind us split the cost and we took a limo to Treasure Island. We started talking to the people they were super nice and were telling us how they just won $2500 on slots, they wouldn't take any money for us for the limo- they said it was our anniversary present! It was really nice!

    Went to the Mirage Buffett for dinner, yummy!! and then headed to see Mystere.

    It was my second time seeing the show and Bob's first. It was amazing, we had great front row seats. It was just a magical night.

    We walked (in my very uncomfortable heels) to Flamingo, lost money at first then Bob won $40 on his fav video slot (frog and prince). Took a cab back to MC.

    Had a little ice cream then called it a night.

    Monday- Spent the day walking around. Went to Mandalay Bay then came back up and took one of those bike cabs to Bellagio, I wanted to do the buffett, but bob felt that it was too "stuffy" and wanted to keep moving. So we went up to Ceaser's and had the buffett at Cafe Largo, it was okay but for the same price as Mirage's dinner buffet- Mirage was definitely a better choice.

    Walked to Barbary Coast and Won $30 on video slots and then headed back to Monte Carlo.

    You know what really annoys me?? is the people that hand out those little stripper pamphlets...I don't know it just annoys me. Or the one's that try and get you to take a timeshare tour.

    Went to the pool

    I had to pack and get ready cause my flight left at 10,and that was it.

    It was overall a great trip! We had a lot of fun, and will definitely be back again. Thanks everyone for all your advice on this trip.

    There is sooo much more I wanted to do but just didn't have time...maybe next time

    [​IMG] Kristin
  2. GNH2000

    GNH2000 Low-Roller

    Mar 2, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hey Kristin....see you're from NH as well.....great trip report! [​IMG]

    Also...sounds like you had an excellent anniversary! Congrats! [​IMG]
  3. GGecko

    GGecko Tourist

    Sep 25, 2002

    Great report, sounds like you had a great time? How was the MC Brew Pub?

    We leave in a little over 7 hours and plan on spending a little time in the MC Brew Pub. [​IMG]
  4. HurricaneMikey

    HurricaneMikey A-List Buffoon

    Jan 25, 2002
    Southeast of Sin City
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Can I just tell you how jealous I am?!?!? [​IMG]

    I hope ya'll have a blast and win lots of money.

    By the way, Kristin, great trip report! Thanks for taking the time give us our fix.

  5. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report, sounds like you had a good time. Too bad about the shuttle experience, but that seems to be par for the course, I've never had a good shuttle experience, too darn much waiting around.
  6. Dougie

    Dougie I am IN!

    Sep 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the fix, Kristin! Glad you had a great anniversary. Maybe I can talk my wife into a pre July trip for our 6th anniversary. I hate when people are rude or services aren't provided as promised. Don't they realize we are on vacation?

  7. Booger

    Booger Tourist

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    You two did real well on the nickle slots.Sounds
    like you did some walking too.Thanks,great

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