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5/12/10 - 5/20/10, AZ & VEGAS, Palazzo, Slot Tourney, Mirage

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by OleoOleo, May 24, 2010.

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  1. OleoOleo

    OleoOleo Low-Roller

    Jan 14, 2009
    Jupiter, FL
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    When I am waiting for my next trip to Vegas, I love reading everyone else's trip reports. I hope you enjoy mine. My vacation was a 2-parter. I have included the pre-Vegas portion here too. If you just want to read about Vegas, skip ahead to Sunday, 5/16/10. (Wow! Now that I look at it, it's kinda long!)

    WEDNESDAY 5/12/2010

    5:45 AM flight from PBI to PHX via ATL. ATL was backed up as usual on the runway. We sat for approximately 30 minutes waiting in line to take off. Got in to Phoenix 30 minutes late. I was meeting my friends and their flight was an hour late getting in. They finally arrived and we went to Thrifty to rent a car. As a side note and a piece of advice; not sure if everyone does this, but I made my car reservation approximately 2 months in advance. Every day I checked the price of the car and it fluctuated greatly. When I first reserved it was $255 for 4 days. I ended up paying $110 for 4 days. It went up and down all the way to about 1 week before. I'm sure there are people who reserve and just forget about it. If I had done that, I would have paid more than double!!

    Quick and easy ride to Courtyard Marriott Downtown Tempe. This hotel is just on the edge of the ASU campus. We could walk everywhere we needed to go. The only downside to the hotel was that it's next to the train tracks. At approximately 4:20 AM each morning a freight train goes by and blows it's horn. Other than that, the hotel is great. Another side note and advice; again I made my hotel reservation approximately 2 months in advance. They only had one room available with 2 queen beds and one with a King and a pullout. (I wanted 2 queens for both, but took what I could get). The price was going to be $530 per room for 4 nights. I have a friend who works for Marriott so I tried for the Friends and Family discount. They didn't have it available at this hotel for this time. However....I checked the night before we were to check in and guess what??? The F&F discount was available. The price went down to $300 per room for 4 nights!!! WOW! What a savings!

    Lunch at Z Tejas. I had never heard of it, but it's a chain out west. It's labeled as Southwestern. It was very good and we ended up going again before the trip was over.

    We had a 6:30 reservation for dinner at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. Not sure if anyone knows about this place, but over the last year or so I have read about or heard about this place everywhere. It's been on the Food Network, MSN.com, Travel Magazines, everywhere! It's been called one of the best pizza places in the country. They only take reservations for 6+. They only take 3 reservations per night; 5:00, 6:30, 8:00. You can only make the reservation 1 month in advance. People who don't have reservations wait 2-3 hours for a table. It's in this quaint little area in Phoenix and they have a separate bar next store. There are tables and chairs to sit at outside and wait. It was a really nice atmosphere. The menu is limited and they only have 6 pizzas to choose from and 3 salads. That's it! There is no choosing to have pepperoni, peppers, and mushrooms, etc. You order what's on the menu. We each ordered our own pizza. The 2 I remember were also the ones I had read about that were the best----Rosa - Red Onion, Parmigiano Reggiano, Rosemary, AZ Pistachios and the Bianco Verde - Fresh Mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, Ricotta, Arugula. I can't even explain how good these were. It's a must if you are in the Phoenix area. (They didn't even have Diet Coke---regular Coke or Bubble Up?!?!?) You take what you can get!!

    THURSDAY 5/13/2010

    Graduation day at ASU. Doors opened at 7:30 AM and undergraduate graduation started at 8:30 AM. Business school graduation started at 12:00 and ended around 2. No special guest speakers. I guess having President Obama last year was enough.

    Dinner tonight was at Oreganos for Italian food. Wow! Another place that doesn't take reservations and people wait and wait and wait for a table. While we were waiting the server brought us drinks and even came around with a whole pizza giving out sample slices. Nice touch. We had 8 people---2 appetizers, 2 glasses of wine, entrees for 8, and 3 desserts. The price was $120!!! And we all had food to take home---7 to go boxes!!! The food was delicious, the service was awesome and the price was right!

    FRIDAY 5/14/2010

    Up early and off at 7:30 AM to Sedona for the day. Some of us had been before and some hadn't. Went to the Chapel of the Holy Cross then to lunch. Then we went to a psychic. 3 of us went to the same person and it was unbelievable for all of us. It was life changing for all of us. By the time we got home it was 11:00 PM. Another long day.

    SATURDAY 5/15/2010

    Today was the day to relax and do whatever we wanted. Some of us went to the Phoenix Zoo and some went to the pool. Being that I live in Florida and can go to the pool and/or beach any day I want to, I chose to go to the zoo. For $16 it was a pretty good zoo. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Most of the animals were chilling out in the shade and some were hard to see. I still feel I got my money's worth though. I would recommend going early in the morning if you can.

    Dinner tonight was back at Z Tejas. It's close to the hotel and it was good. The Achiote Chicken Chopped Salad and the Mac and Cheese were the best. They serve warm cornbread to each table. We also got the trio of salsas and chips. Delicious! After dinner we walked to Mill Ave. and went to Cookiez on Mill. They make homemade cookies and homemade ice cream. You pick one of each and they make it into an ice cream sandwich!!! OMG! We ordered 1/2 sandwiches and they were only $3 each.

    SUNDAY 5/16/2010

    11:25 AM Flight from PHX to LAS on Southwest. USAIR and SW were the same price, but we chose SW because they don't charge for luggage. We were a little late getting in to LAS----1:00ish. Short line for a cab to Palazzo. I was in the back seat and not really paying attention. Before I knew it, the driver was taking us through the tunnel and on the highway. I told him that he was taking us the long way and he shouldn't be doing that. He said, "no I'm not, there was traffic the other way." I said, "no, you should have asked us which way we wanted to go." My friend said to him, "what would the cab fare be if we went the other way?" As he's trying to muster up and answer, I said "it should be about $7-$10 less than this". He said, "no". I said "yes". He said, "fine, then pay whatever you want." He was scared and nervous. I mean come on...a cab driver telling you to pay whatever you want?? Before we got into the fare conversation he had been talking about the immigration issue in Arizona. We had opposing viewpoints and I was getting aggravated. This is NOT how I want to be starting out my Vegas vacation. My friend paid the cab fare as I really didn't want to get all crazy and negative and fighting with him. Now I will make sure to pay attention every time and tell them no tunnel!!!

    We get to the Palazzo and I have never seen a check in line so long. The line was ridiculous. I could tell it was a convention as everyone in line had a laptop case with them. I cut through everyone and went to the side where the Invited Guest Check In is. There was an attendant directing people to the different windows and I told her I was there for the Slot Tournament. She said, "of course, just wait here". I was able to go to the next window that opened up. Phew! I'm guessing the line would have been close to an hour wait. My room was comp'd with the Slot Tourney. I asked for a complimentary upgrade but was told that because of the convention, all upgraded rooms were contracted out to the convention peops. Since my room wasn't ready yet, I gave him the $20 anyhow in the hopes that he would somehow find something good for me.

    I had made plans ahead of time to have Lavetta from the Kim Vo Salon at The Mirage come to my room to give me a haircut at 2:00 PM. (She's off on Sunday and Monday and I really wanted the cut and blow dry to start me off right!!!) Crap---the room wasn't ready. My friend had a comp room at the Venetian, so we went over there to check in. Her room was ready, so I called Lavetta to have her meet me at the Venetian. This is the 2nd time I have had my hair cut by her. She has given me the 2 best haircuts of my life. It's unbelievable. You really do get what you pay for. Worth every $.

    After the haircut, I get the call that the room at The Palazzo is ready. Head over to get the keys and up to the room. It was nice--35th floor, pool and strip view. We had tickets to the early show of Love. My friend jumped in the shower and I went down to play. I like slots and craps. One end of the spectrum to the other--LOL! Nothing too exciting to report.

    I went and registered for my slot tournament at the Venetian. I chose to play at 9:20 AM and 2:20 PM on Monday and 9:20 AM on Tuesday. They give you about 7 different choices. If you choose 9:20 then you have to take the 2:20 and the 9:20. Another one of the choices was something like 10:20, 4:20, 10:20. They want to keep you there all day basically.

    Off to Love. We go to the Will Call window to get our tickets and the girl says, "for tomorrow night, right?" My friend and I look at each other and say, "NO!!" A little backstory here---the day before, Saturday, we had called to get tickets with an offer my friend had received for 25% off. The person wasn't able to give her a confirmation because their system was down. The person was going to call her back and/or email her with the confirmation. That call never came, so that Saturday night we called again to check on the tickets. We were on the phone for about 45 minutes---they couldn't find the reservation, but didn't want to book again just in case the charge had already been processed on her card. We were going around and around and around with this person. Then they wanted us to talk to the supervisor because they had all the manual reservations done earlier in the day. Then we were told that their systems were never down on Saturday. WTF? Finally they decided that the charge did not go through so we reserved the tickets again. Fast forward to the next night at will call and they have us with a reservation for Monday instead of Sunday! UGH! No problem the girl says. She will get us tickets for Sunday night. The original reservation we had the tickets were $131 each and that was with the discount. The tickets we received from the box office were for $123. The seats were comparable. I didn't have the energy while I was there to deal with this, but I will be calling this week. It's only $8 per ticket, but there were 3 tickets. That's $24. I'll take it. Plus with the major screw up on their part, I think we deserve that money back.

    After Love we head to The Venetian to give the room keys to some other friends who are coming to Vegas with us. No one else was hungry so I grabbed a Grilled Veggie Wrap at the Italian place in the food court. It was pretty good. We play a little at the Venetian and then at Palazzo. Nothing too exciting to report.

    MONDAY, 5/17/2010

    Up early and down to the Grand Lux at Palazzo for breakfast. (I like the Grand Lux at Palazzo better than the one at Venetian. It seems more open, airy, and bright.) We both get the breakfast buffet for $15.95. It's not as extravagant as the Wynn or Bellagio, but it's got what we need for breakfast and it's good. Omelet station, waffles, shredded hash browns, bacon, sausage, oatmeal, cereal, toast, bagels, tons of fresh cut fruit, and housemade pastries that are delicious!

    Time for the slot tourney at 9:20. I get to my machine and we slap the button for 10 minutes. I didn't score so well, but it's always fun. I was very disappointed with the set up of the tourney and I will be writing to someone at Grazie. They had it set up just to the right when you walk in the main entrance doors (across from the poker room). so they have the machines set up in the corner and the rest of the area is roped off and has long rectangular banquet style tables set up. They weren't covered or anything, just wooden tables. It looked like crap. They wouldn't let our friends come and watch us play. They made them stand on the marble. God forbid if someone stepped on the carpet they were yelled at. I've played in a lot of slot tourneys at Mohegan Sun in CT and half the fun is to have your friends right behind you cheering you on.

    We play for a bit at Palazzo/Venetian and then back to Venetian at 2:20 for the tourney. I did a little better, but nothing great. Next we are off to Bellagio to check in for another friend who is coming to Vegas with us.

    Another comp room at Bellagio. No line so I find a 20ish female and walk up to her station. I do the $20 trick and ask for a comp upgrade to a lake view. She says nothing available in the main tower, but she has something in the Spa Tower. I didn't know what or where this was. I said, "can you see the fountains?" She said, "you may be able to see the fountains". I said, fine, I'll take it. Well, it's a hike to get to the Spa Tower. I was glad I was not staying there. The room overlooked a parking garage and some construction. I don't think you could even see a speck of the fountains. We went back downstairs and I went to the invited guest checkin. I said, "I don't like to complain and I know my room is comp'd, but is there anything else you can give me?" He said they didn't have anything except the 5th floor in the main tower. He said they start selling "lake view" rooms on the 10th floor and above, but that you could see from the 5th floor. I said, "I'll take it, it's gotta be better than what we have." I gave him another $20 and we went to check it out. It was better. You could see the fountains from about 1/2 way up. Good enough. My opinion of the Bellagio rooms was that they were showing their age. The carpets were stained and the decor just looked old and dated.

    Another comp room at Flamingo. We go to check in and get the keys for some other friends joining us in Vegas. Didn't try the $20 trick here. Never even went and looked at the room. Just got the keys and handed off to the friends.

    Tonight we have tickets to Jersey Boys. We go to Grand Lux for dinner and it was great as usual. We got our tickets through BestOfVegas.com and they were great. We paid $101 for Front Orchestra tickets. These tickets through the box office are $150+. The only downside (for some, but not us) is that you don't know the exact location of your tickets when you buy. All you know is that they will be in the Front Orchestra somewhere. Ours ended up being in Section 3, Row H, Seats 64-66. They were awesome seats. I would highly recommend Best Of Vegas. Actually, when we printed out the confirmation we received via email, the seats were already assigned. Their website says you won't find out until you pick them up, but maybe because we had made the reservations only 2 days before, they had assigned them. Anyhow, it was the best show ever. I would see it again in a minute. A woman in the PHX airport told us that after we saw that show the rest of our trip was all down hill. That was our joke for the week.

    Played a little at Palazzo. I normally play the penny or nickel machines because I like the bonus games. Sometimes I will take $100 and play a $5 Wheel Of Fortune. It's a 2 coin machine to be able to spin the wheel. Tonight I hit on the wheel for $600. Nice!

    TUESDAY, 5/18/2010

    Woke up and went right to the Venetian for the tourney at 9:20. I did a little better than the previous 2 rounds, but still not great. I ended up being 168th out of approximately 400 players. They only give prizes to the top 100 players. We head over to Wynn and play a little here. I've been dreaming of having fried pickles and a butterscotch shake from Stripburger, so we stop over and I get a shake to go. Didn't get the pickles as my friend wasn't hungry and I didn't want to eat them all by myself.

    We have another comp room at the Mirage so we go to check in. I do the $20 trick and ask for a Tower Deluxe room. She tells us she has one, but it's not ready yet. No problem for us as we didn't need the room tonight, we really only needed it for Wednesday and Thursday. We play a little at Mirage and end up getting the keys around 5:30ish. We had a room on the 25th floor with a great view of the Volcano and facing the strip looking south.

    We go to meet up with our friend at Bellagio for something light for dinner. (I'm still full from the Butterscotch shake!!) We go to the Bellagio Cafe next to the Conservatory. Two of us got the soup of the day which was a corn chowder. It was very good. Not your typical heavy, cream laden chowder. It looked like creamed corn, but tasted like chowder. Another friend had the roasted veggie canneloni. It was good. A little heavy as it had a cream sauce on top, but not too bad.

    We decide to chill out and relax and go have a drink in the Baccarat Bar. We sit in the lounge area with the piano player. It was nice music and great people watching. It's a great place to sit and watch because you are up a little higher than the casino floor and you are set back a little bit. We all ordered one of their specialty drinks---Blonde Ambition I think it was. They were delicious and some of the proceeds benefitted the Nevada Cancer Institute. Not sure why, but as a two time cancer survivor, I was glad to donate.

    Seeing that we hadn't been to Vegas since City Center had opened, we figured we had to go check it out. We take the tram from Bellagio. I will say it's a bit confusing and not marked as clearly as it could be. We got off the tram at what was called Aria/Crystals. We see a sign for Tram 2 which is Aria/something else???? Should we/could we have stayed on the tram? Did we get off too early? The signage is non existent. Nothing. When you get off you are in this big open waste of a space. We end up wandering around aimlessly and checking out Crystals a little bit and find ourselves in Aria. It was a little dark for my taste, but we play a little here. We found an "Airplane" machine that we hadn't seen before. It had a very fun bonus game. We also found a video Monkees machine we hadn't seen before and that had a fun bonus also.

    We end up walking around some more and decide we're going to take a cab back to Palazzo. We walk outside and see that they are filming something in front of that magnificent water wall. We walk over and and they are filming the TV show "V". I don't watch it, but my friend said she knew the actors. We didn't see the actual filming, but the actors were wet so I'm guessing they were in the fountain?? We didn't hang around to catch anymore filming. Now we have stumbled on an art gallery so we are window browsing. There were some fantastic paintings and also some of Chihuly's work. I wish it had been open.

    We end the night playing back at Palazzo. I head back to my $5 Wheel Of Fortune machine and tonight I hit for $800 on the spin. Woo hoo!

    WEDNESDAY, 5/19/2010

    Today we slept in and got up around 9:00ish. We play at Ventian/Palazzo and then moved our stuff over to Mirage. We played here a little and then we head over to Bellagio around 3:30 to meet up with our friends for lunch/dinner. We had 2 comp buffets that were included with the Bellagio reservation and we figured if we went to eat at 3:30 the others could pay the lunch price but get the dinner items at 4:00. We decided after that this is the perfect time to get a buffet. You don't have to pay the dinner price, you don't have to wait in the ridiculously long lines, you are eating early enough that you can digest the food before you go to sleep, and you are full for the rest of the night and don't need to eat again that day. We had gotten line passes when we got the buffets added on to the Player's Club cards, but of course we didn't need them. When we were leaving the line was very long, so we gave our passes to the last people in line. They were so grateful. We told them they could get out of line and go right to the front. They were so happy and couldn't stop saying thank you. I hope they paid it forward and passed them on when they were on their way out.

    We played a bit at Bellagio and then walked back to Mirage. I finally played some craps. I like the Mirage for craps. They had one $10 table open and it was busy. I was finally able to get in and I buy in for $100. Shortly after I arrive the dice come to me. I think I threw for about 30 minutes. I made about 10 points and made everyone a bunch of money. It was fun!! I end up cashing out before the dice come back to me and I was up $40. That's cool with me. I played for about an hour and made $40.

    THURSDAY, 5/20/2010

    Today we slept in again and got up around 9ish. My friend decides to go for a power walk. I head off to Venetian to play. There were 2 Dukes Of Hazzard machines at Venetian that I had been playing all week. I had been playing the one on the end. There were 2 progressives on these machines. (they were next to the Green Acres machines and shared the same progressives). To get the lower progressive you need to get 5 scattered "Progressive" symbols. To get the higher progressive you need to get 6 scattered "Progressive" symbols. All of a sudden I get 5 scattered progressive symbols and hit for $57. Cool. It reset back to $50 and started growing again. Throughout the rest of the day I kept coming back to this machine. The progressive kept growing and was quickly over the $57. I figured it's got to go again soon, so I spent a lot on time on this machine.

    I spent the day back and forth between Venetian and Mirage. My friend said she wanted to eat lunch, so I leave my Dukes and go to Mirage to meet her. When I got there, she decided she didn't want to eat until dinner time. Ok, so I go back to Venetian and eat at the food court. She had also been talking about going to see the Dolphins at Mirage as this is something neither of us have done in all the times we've been to Vegas. I ask if she wants to go after I eat lunch and she says sure. So I head back over to Mirage after lunch and call up to the room. She decides she doesn't want to go and is just going to chill for the afternoon. Ugh! Seeing that I like the machines at Venetian better than the Mirage, I head back to the Venetian again!!! I spent the afternoon playing around and was having fun. If I would lose some on one machine, I would make it up on another. I ended up being even after a long afternoon of playing.

    My friend calls and says she's in the mood for BLT Burger, so I head back over to Mirage. We both get the veggie falafel burger and our other friend gets the salmon burger. I'm not a vegetarian, but this falafel burger is so good I have to get it when I am here. I also got the skinny fries.

    Our flights were tonight at 11:30 PM and 1:05 AM and my friend had to work the next morning a few hours after she landed, so she went up to the room to rest. I made a quick trip to Flamingo as I wanted to get someone a Donny & Marie souvenir. I also figured I should spend at least $20 here since I got a free room from them. I spent $20 and that's it. I probably won't be getting any more offers from them. Oh well. I like Venetian/Palazzo and MGM Mirage better anyhow. They always give me better comps also.

    I had a gift card from Christmas to Brighton so I make a quick detour into the Forum Shops. I don't see anything I want, so I stop at BLT Burger and get a Twinkie Boy shake to go. (In my regular life I never eat like this, but of course, being on vacation, it's a free for all).

    I head back to Venetian to my friends the Dukes. The smaller progressive was up to $87. I thought to myself, "oh, this has GOT to go soon. If I won it on $57 it must be ready to blow by now." Next thing I know, I'm looking at the screen filled with Progressive symbols. I know I need 5 for the small progessive and 6 for the bigger progressive. My eyes are racing around the screen trying to count them all and I count 6. I think, NO, so I count again. YES, there are 6! That's the big progressive. I look up to see how much it is for....$2636.28!!!!!!!!!!!

    View attachment 2095 View attachment 2096

    By now the machine has just caught up to my super fast brain and it starts ringing and dinging. It was so loud in the Venetian that no one even noticed. LOL. The woman sitting next to me finally notices and says congratulations. I say thank you and start taking pics with my phone and texting to my friend who's sleeping. The attendant comes over and asks for my ID and SSN. He tells me he'll be back in 10 minutes or more. I said, "how about 10 minutes or less" and I start laughing. I don't think he got it. Who says 10 minutes or more? He came back quickly---less than 5 minutes---and I said, "wow, that was fast". He said because I was already in their system it was quick. (I won a jackpot on my last trip). We wait for someone else to show up so they can verify everything and then he starts counting out the $100s into my hand. They were piling up so high I thought any little breeze would make them go flying. I give him a $20 tip and he resets my machine. I still had some credits left, so I play those out and another $20 and I decide I am heading to the Palazzo to my $5 WOF. I play a few hundred and end up a few hundred up on these. Nothing huge, but I made another $200-$300 here.

    Now, the greatest part of this jackpot is that I was leaving in approximately 2 hours. Not enough time to spend it unless I really went crazy. I had taken $2000 with me for my gambling and small expenses (Amex would be used for car, hotels, etc.) and hadn't spent all of it. Now I was able to put $2600 back into the bank. Free vacation! Wow!

    My flight was on Delta at 11:30 from LAS to PBI via ATL. We left on time and I slept the whole way until about 30 minutes before we landed they came on and told us that we would be experiencing mild to moderate turbulence. A few minutes later we hear the loudest popping or cracking sound I have ever heard. Everyone on the plane gasped. I had a window seat and looked out the window expecting to see the engine on fire. There was silence on the plane. I can't express in words the feeling I had, but I honestly thought that I was going to die that day. I thought the plane was going to crash. I have flown a lot and I have never experienced anything like that. When I tell the story now I get this heaviness in my chest. I really thought it was over. The next 30 minutes are hell. The flight attendants remain seated for the remainder of the flight. We are flying blind in the clouds and can not see the ground. Finally we see the ground and we land. Not once did the pilot or crew acknowledge the noise.

    While walking through ATL on my way to my connecting flight, I overhear someone say that they think it might have been lightning. She said she saw a flash at the same time as we heard the crack. I thought to myself, I think I had seen a flash also. I google around on my phone and read about lightning hitting airplanes.

    We pull in to the gate at PBI and are told that the jetway is not working so they are going to try and get some stairs up to the plane. However, they say even if they get the stairs, they need to find people to escort us on the tarmac in to the airport. We wait about 10 minutes and soon learn from passengers speaking to friends and family in the airport that the whole airport is without power. They are in the dark---completely. They get the stairs and the escort and just as we are about to start getting off, the power comes on and they bring the jetway over. (I watched the noon news and they said the whole area was without power and the airport was running on a generator.) In getting off the plane I stopped and asked the pilot if I could ask him a question? He said, sure, I've got lots of answers. So I ask him what it sounds like when lightning hits the plane? He got this very surprised look on his face as I don't think he was expecting this type of a question. He said it is very loud and wants to know why I would be asking. I tell him my story and he said, yes, it probably was lightning. He said that even if lightning hits near the plane, you will hear that awful noise. He explained that the planes are built to take a lightning hit. I told him that the pilot never acknowledged or explained what the noise was and that everyone was frightened. He got this look of embarrassment on his face. He knew the pilot should have said something and explained to the passengers.

    I sent an email to Delta and received an apology and a good will gesture of 2500 frequent flyer miles.

    It was a great vacation and one that I had really been looking forward to.

    I don't have another Vegas trip planned yet, but until I do, I'll live through everyone else's on this board. Thanks!
  2. Ozzy_SS

    Ozzy_SS Tourist

    Apr 17, 2010
    Plano, Tx
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    Wow what a great trip, minus the travel inconveniences. The slot angels were smiling upon you!
  3. gotavegasjones

    gotavegasjones VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2004
    South Texas
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    Good TR. Well done. Congrats on the big win!

    later, GVJ
  4. vegasgambler007

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    May 12, 2010
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    Great report.
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