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3/9 thru 3/12

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by CU Fan, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. CU Fan

    CU Fan Tourist

    Sep 1, 2004

    My Trip Report

    I never got the chance to write about my last trip in October...so here is the recent one. This trip is pleasure/business. My finacee is here for business, I am here for the pleasure of VEGAS!!

    3/9 - Wednesday...Out of MSP without a hitch. Got into LV and to my surprise luggage was already at the turnstyle when I arrived. My finacee had a rental car through Avis. I think there were close to over 30 people on the bus. Hot and crowded. Anyway...got our car and off to the LV Hilton. This is the first time in my 15+ trips to Vegas to stay off the Strip. I was a little apprehensive about this, but then I thought it is FREE!! So we check in VIP with Hilton Honors. Great desk lady named Alita. She hooked us up with a fantastic room. We got a King and the view of the mountains and the strip! The room was HUGE! Probably the biggest room I have had in Vegas without it being a suite. OK...my finacee is starving so we cabbed over to Mirage and ate at Cravings for dinner. I would give this only a 5 maybe and that is pushing it on a scale of 1-10. It was $20+ per person and I only felt ripped off when I left. We decided to play a little craps. WOW...had some guy at our table roll for around 45 miuntes and walked away a few hundred ahead when it was all said and done. We then decided to take in some shopping at the Forum. When I was here in October it wasn't finished yet and this time it was. I was a little confused when stepping in. I liked it better when you just took the escalator and you were there. Now there is like 3 floors and I couldn't figure out the way into the main shops. Once in, I was again in awe. I love this place. Hands down great shopping. I am always like a kid in a candy store there. All my favorites in one place. My Finacee was on a mission for some new shoes so we cabbed over to the Fashion Show to the Puma store. I love this mall and thank goodness that it was almost closing time. Saved me a lot of money that I can lose gambling!! Back to the Hilton. We gambled here Craps and BJ. Ended the night somewhere around a few hundred behind.

    3/10 - Thursday
    Slept in...nice. Got up and got ready to meet my fiancee's friend that lives in LV for lunch. Ate at Gorden Biershe (sp?) Wonderful food. Then we went to the Hard Rock for a fresh haircut for him. Gambled there for awhile. Craps, Carribean Stud and PaiGow. Left behind...Love the music here though. I am a music buff and this place always does it for me. Although I feel like a grandma in there. It is definitely a young (20's)crowd. From this point my fiancee had to go to the racetrack for work and I went to the strip. I just walked around...Margaritaville, Forum Shops AGAIN, Venetian and then back to Hilton. I played some VP and lost. I decided to rest my feet and relax a little in the room until dinner. My fiancee and I had dinner at Benihana's with his work. I love this place. The food is so good and the bad thing is you leave smelling like it too! After a few bottles of wine and tons of food I hit the BJ tables. We could only get on a $15 minimum table and this had me worried at first. I thought I might be done sooner then I wished. HOWEVER!!!!! My finacee's client and I played for around 2-3 hours at one table in the Hilton. I left almost $500 ahead! For me this was great. We had an early morning tomorrow so we retired around 1am.

    3/11 - Friday
    Up early and to the racetrack. I originally wasn't supposed to go. I was going to relax at the pool...then I got roped into going. It was hot (86 degrees) and dusty! My eyes were burning from all the dirt. Once we got done there it was back for shower and dinner. We went to Commander's Palace. Now this was a choice by the client to go here. She is an alumni of LSU. Because of her we were VIP with the Green ribboned table and all. If you have never been to the original one in New Orleans. The green ribbon on your table means that you are VIP. I would have to say the service was outstanding!!! The food was fabulous. My last trip I went to Delmonico's and I thought that was great service. This place was a tie. I had Aligator and it was like dry chicken deep fried at the Fair. The goat cheese grits were the best grits I have ever eaten in my entire life. This restaurant is a must do for people. After tons of food and bottles of wine again it was off to Ghost Bar. Walked right in because my finacee's company had a party there already. Way to packed and loud. My last trip I did the whole Vegas club thing and it was fun, don't get me wrong. However, I am getting a little to old for the sardine can thing. Drunk dumb girls just get on my nerves!! The music was good and it seemed louder then my last time there. I think the VooDoo is 10x better though. MTV and Lindsey Lohen go to the Palms and everyone has to go. I am really not that impressed with it...especially in terms of "Vegas". I can get what then offer here in Minneapolis. Anyway...I stayed and waited the night out. Finally around 2 we made it back to the room and I was out.

    3/12 - Saturday
    I left today early in the morning. My finacee stayed because he had "work" Sat. and Sun at the track.

    The minute I walked out of the room to leave for the airport, all I could think about was, "when can I come back?" I love this city! I have been coming here since I was a small child with my parents. I guess maybe it is genetic, but I LOVE THIS CITY!!!!! I didn't get to do as much as I usually do, but again the weather was incredible. I didn't want to come home to the 20 degrees that awaited me.
  2. jenaphir

    jenaphir Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2004
    i always leave vegas planning my next trip in my head before the plane even leaves the airport! i cant wait to go back, its been too long and i was only there in december.

    thanks for sharing your report!
  3. Topper

    Topper Guest

    Great Trip report- Thanks!
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