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2nd Day for BigBadWolf

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by bigbadwolf, May 17, 2002.

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  1. Woke up at 2:30am Tuesday morning. Vegas won't let me sleep. Cleaned up and went next door to the Barbary Coast for breakfest 2 eggs, sausage, hash browns, toast and Ice tea was $5.26. Cheapest place for thier "Breakfest Teaser" and food is great. Walked to the crap table at $5.00 min and bought in for $100.00. Three folks playing and things were up and down. I rolled ok but was only about even. Guy at the end of the table picked up the dice and rolled maybe 15 min. Long enough to make $57.00 above my 100.00 by-in and I cashed out. Tipped the dealers $7.00 and left. Not a good morning, smile , or even a thanks for the play or even the tip. Must have thought I was going to give them half.
    Back to the room where I decided to walk towards the MGM. Skipped Bally's and Paris because they are also owned by Park Place Corp. who also owns Flamingo, Cesars, and the Hilton. Aladden was first and since I had a Vip card I asked if I was still on thier mailing list. Had me down for $50.00 average bet on the crap table for 2 hours of play from previous trip in Nov.2001. Didn't act impressed to talk to me so I just played 5 cent HoneyMooner machines about $40.00 worth. Lost and decided to keep walking.
    Made it to the MGM and decided to play craps. Bought in for $100.00 and maybe 8 people on the table. 5.00 min bet. Bet on 5 people and was down $80.00 and now it was my turn to shoot the dice. Pulled out another 100.00 for more chips. I always bet a 3-way crap to protect my line bet. Rolled a 12 and got $28.00 but lost line bet of $5.00. Another line bet and press of $3.00 on the 3-way crap to $6.00. Rolled another 12 and got $56.00, lost $5.00. Guys around the table turned on me for the 2 craps throws and the lost thier pass line bets. When people win thier happy, lose and they become angry. Decided to speak up and remind those guys they had cost $80.00 due to thier rolls. Cry like a Baby :(
    Picked up the dice and rolled a few points. Asked the pit boss where I could get a MGM card. Pit boss was not excited to my request but called a floor manager and he took my drivers license and said he would get me a card. Still rolling numbers and pressing every other number made I had got my $80.00 dollars back and figured I was now playing with thier money. $30.00 6 & 8 $20.00 9 and 10 bought for $25.00. Rolled 10 twice for 100.00. Lots of junk in between butt settled and zeroed in on the 6 & 8 about 9 times total for 270.00 more. Hardways at 5.00 each and made about 2 4's for 70.00. Even play 3-way craps for 6.00 and hit it for 56.00.
    Pit boss was not happy as table was losing money. Oh yea the other guys were betting right long and high-5's and clapping every number rolled. Now who is your best gambling partner. Still rolling when floor manager came back with a card. Told him I was a little busy and would talk with him in a minute. "Cry like a baby" :(
    Pit boss kept holding up the dice tryig to slow down the table. Dice were hot!!! Only hot tables are in Hell. When I'm gambling I'm working. Not involved with anything other than taking the casinos money. I get zeroed in and nothing around me disturbs me. Cocktail waitress by several times to ask if I need anything....Ignored. I rolled every number at least 10 times. Table had to restock chips and made me wait for a count of thier money. Didn't matter but now I was getting from the pit boss your throwing to high, throwing to low, straight down the middle, don't set the dice, pick them up and throw them. Just a game they play. Decided to start putting chips in my pockets instead of the rails after each roll. Drives them crazy not knowing where and how much of thier money is leaving the table. Been rolling for 30 minutes and floor manager wants to talk about a comp for lunch, dinner, show tickets, and where are you staying sir. Later I replied and decided to let the dealers in on the action. Hardway bets for the dealers piggyback style.
    Rolled hard 6 twice dealers got 90.00 hard 4 & 10 40 70.00 and I made another 260.00 on the hardways alone not counting place bets. Rolled the dice off the table and called for same dice. Stick person claimed he didn't hear the request and dropped the dice bowl mixing up all the dice. I called all bets OFF. Everyone did the same and I pick 2 new dice threw a 7. Craped out .......I got all my bets back except my 5.00 pass line bet. Pit boss was pissed as everyone on the table yelled color coming in. I had noticed how much everyone was betting but I did see 2 guys at the end of the table cash in $37,000 each.
    I was happy I had made everybody money but decided not to color mine up at the table. All chips stuffed deep in my pockets. Took a while to color everyone up and I was suprised the 2 guys who cashed $37,000 walked over to me an each handed me 2,000.
    Pit boss wanted the chips in my pocket but being still pissed about the mixing of the dice I declined. Floor manager and I talked about comps. I got 2 tickets to the EFX show and dinner at the steakhouse. Walked over to Starbucks about 75 feet from the crap table and decided to count my chips. Found a table near the back and counted almost $6,000 dollars. Looked up and noticed a couple of security guards floating just outside the door. Finished and walked back over to the crap table. Cleared out except for maybe 3 people.
    Floor Manager wanted to know if I wanted hm to check on a roon if I decided to change hotels. Declined but gave the my e-mail address and said I come to Vegas 4 times a year.
    Cashed in chips to they finally knew how much I had from the casher's cage. Decide I could spring for a cab. Called it an afternoon and back to the Flamingo Hilton to lay on the bed and count my money. Wall safe was now going to be used. [​IMG]

    Later on that night to follow
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