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20th Anniversary Vegas Trip

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by PharmaSea, Aug 5, 2002.

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  1. My wife and I went (first timers) to Vegas 7/29-8/1 for our 20th wedding anniversary on the 31st. We stayed at the Venetian and had a great time. The hotel is VERY nice, although more $$ than others. I was there in between the $99.00/night deal.

    We were on the 23rd floor with a view of the pools/Treasure Island/Stratisphere. We enjoyed watching the people line up for the show at Treasure Island in 110 degree heat! The room was very nice, although the shower did leak on the floor. The luggage got the the room within 10 minutes of calling for it. Right after that the maid was at the door asking if everything was ok. Pretty good service.

    My wife say the Rasul (read mud) therapy on the Travel Channel that the Canyon Ranch Spa had. I surprised her by making reservations for the "mud room" and it was the best time I ever had! You go into a small room with two porcelain chairs, and a tray of different muds. After spreading mud on each other and relaxing for 30 minutes (and other stuff since we were alone), the star lit ceiling starts to rain a light mist to start rinsing the mud. This is followed by a real shower to get the rest of the mud off. We followed this by a side by side massage. I would recommend this to anyone.

    Not being big gamblers we went to three shows, Penn and Teller, The Improve, and Sheena Easton. All great shows. We also ate alot.

    We valet parked everywhere we went and had no problems. We just scheduled the extra 10-15 minutes into the trip. The Venetian also gives you free bottled water while waiting.

    Thanks for everyone's help on choosing the Venetian and the other suggestions.

  2. DutchVegas

    DutchVegas Low-Roller

    Sep 4, 2001
    Ruinen The Netherlands
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thats the way to celebrate..

    I was indoubt to do it last time we were in the Venetian.

    Sounded you had a blast making each other dirty.(LOL)
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