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2/12 to 2/16 trip

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Archer, Feb 18, 2002.

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  1. I am back home. My daughter is married and I am broke, but gained 10 pounds. (LOL) Where did five days go….

    The fountains at Bellagio are a must to see, as are the decor and gondolas inside the Venetian. Caesars decor
    was also worth the trip but I did not get excited watching the Festival of Fountains. The Bellagio got ripped off for
    the $2 million lobby chandelier.

    The volcano at the Mirage was boring, but the fish tank behind registration was kewl. The poor old tigers were the
    only thing more tired than me. Every time we walked by their "glassed in" cage they took a dump... LOL

    Even though we stayed there, we did not have the time to see the Buccaneer Battle at Treasure Island nor did we
    have time to get downtown or the Fremont Street Experience.

    Rather than the normal trip report, I gave comments.

    Gambling was great at Caesar’s, Harrah’s, Bally’s and Orleans and Casino Royale was a dang hoot (I miss the
    frozen margaritas) even though overall I lost my shirt, but earned comps.


    Wedding at Caesars - It was kewl.... and my daughter was happy and that is what maters. They were very
    professional except the photographer was 1/2 late which delayed everything and had everyone nervous. Also the
    chairs reminded me of a funeral parlor and not a wedding chapel.... LOL


    My lady met my X wife and they got along just fine.


    My daughter was truly gonna do the big shot in her wedding gown but she had just spent a zillion dollars at the
    Caesar's spa and salon and had a "hair do" that was magnificent and it was her wedding night... LOL ... She loved
    the pampered treatment at Caesars except the message guy who kept rubbing her ass.... where is he.. gonna get
    him... wait... that is now her hubby's responsibility.... LOL


    Tux Rental http://www.tuxedopalace.com/ good selection and good value – 10% internet coupon and only $5 to
    pick up your tux from the strip resort after rental.... the new son-in-law was just concerned when the guy kept fiddling
    with and adjusting his pants while still on my SIL...... LOL


    Auto Rental - Alamo You have to take the shuttle bus to their off airport rental site and a long walk from baggage
    claim to their shuttle….. THEN a long line at their large yet few attendant check in. I made sure that I knew my way
    back to Alamo for the car return but others had a major problem finding it.


    Breakfast – I though I had died and gone to heaven…. Starbucks Coffee and Krispy Kreme Donuts .. OMG…..
    They do not have Krispy Kreme that I know of in New England.



    Treasure Island At The Mirage

    This was my first trip to Vegas and being an east coast gambler, prepaid for my standard room for me and my lady
    plus another for my X wife since we were coming in for my daughter's wedding at another resort. I was supposed to
    get a pre-selected corner room (better view, not a suite) as I pre established a significant $ credit rating and was
    offered a limo airport pick up. Since I rented a car, I was told to use the VIP check in by the gaming host. Upon
    arrival, they all but threw me out of the VIP check in. But once normal registered, the casino then had me to sign the
    forms to confirm the gambling limit and was advised by marketing to stay in the given room the first night and they
    would take care of me in the morning. Indeed they did ..... They wanted me to pay for a suite upgrade at a
    SIGNIFICANT increase higher than I could get on the net, so I said to heck with this and stayed in my standard
    room. If I knew this in advance then I would not have been disappointed. By the way, I never met with the gaming
    host that I talked to before coming since he was off some of those days and/or worked nights, but asked marketing
    to let him know what happened. Stayed four nights: 1st night) asked for an iron - none was delivered to the room...
    2nd night) asked again for the iron and only after I found a chambermaid in the hall was one obtained since she
    was taking it out of another room.... 3rd night) no ash trays left in this smoking room and was tempted to use the
    carpet as it took hours for one to arrive.... 4th night) it was my daughter's wedding and upon late return the ROOM
    WAS NOT CLEANED from the prior day ..... I was too tired and we simply went to bed..... When we checked out
    the next morning, one girl at the desk was chit chatting with I think her boyfriend while the other had her back to the
    guests and only turned to assist the next in line when a supervisor noticed that people were waiting so all of us
    waited almost 15 minutes while these two ignored customers. Plus I found the staff general "snotty" even if they just
    received the "FOUR STAR" whatever rating ..... My only pay back was that I did not gamble here or eat in any of
    their restaurants, but spent 30 HOURS gambling at the surrounding resorts not associated with the Mirage. I
    comped for a future stays at other resorts. When I would lose a big bet, I would smile and say to myself, "At least it
    did not go to TI"


    French Market Buffet – Orleans - For Dinner

    For $10, this is a good buffet. The food was slightly aged and lacked a little in taste, but very adequate. Suggest
    you sample different things first to find stuff you like as not all taste as what you expect. The shrimp were not peeled
    and limp is my only complaint. For only $5 additional for a bottle of wine made this a great buffet. We were not
    hurried and left there satisfied.AND... you can take a half finished bottle of wine with you.... That was kewl ....


    Lotus Of Siam - For Lunch

    Because of the Travel Channel rating, I went out of my way to find this place during my Vegas visit. We were seated
    in the corner behind some fat guy so all we could do to get in an out of the table. I was not expecting a great
    atmosphere, but was expecting the feast on the "Utopia of Thai" food at their lunch buffet. The selections were
    limited. The only non veggie dishes were with chicken (not pork or beef or seafood). Others picked out the chicken
    and the replenishments to the chicken were not prompt. The food was good, but nothing special. I have eaten at
    many "Chinese" buffets that were as good if not better.


    Caesars Magical Empire - Dinner / Theater (Mystere was sold out)

    This is a combined dinner and magic shows..... where you eat then go to different rooms for shows. The food was
    good..... Go with the beef versus the salmon or chicken. The entertainment thru dinner was kewl as was the the pick
    pocket the Sanctum Secorum. The "gay" Sultan was a hoot and the Majestix were a class act at the Sultan's
    Palace. The Secret Pagoda sucked after a minute as his card tricks were boring and we could not understand a
    word Fernando said in his broken English. The luminaria show at the Sanctum Secorum also was boring. Think we
    missed the Seance and we definitely missed isabella the invisable piano player, wherever she was supposed to
    be. They are not well organized in assuring you see all the performances, but it would be fun for parents with kids.
    For dinner and a total of 30 minute of entertainment over 3 hours, I question this ordeal, but I would only do it if I had
    a coupon for this attraction at almost $100 per person.


    Fresh Market Square Buffet – Harrah’s - For Lunch

    Cause it was prior rated good and obtained $5 off coupons for the lunch buffet thought what the heck for $5 each
    for the two of us. I was PLEASANTLY surprised. The food was GREAT. The shrimp pre peeled and not limp (woo
    hoo), a good selection or all kind of stuff and nice deserts. The lobster "thingys" were fair, but I am from New
    England. On a buffet, I usually go for only the good stuff (no veggies, just the meats and seafood), but their cheese
    mashed spuds were super. The only negative was the prime rib was WAY to well done else I would have given it a
    10 rating. The staff were super and their service great, but it was mid week and not crowded and no waiting lines.
    We went back another day for lunch since convenient to Treasure Island, it was that good. The second lunch was as
    good as the first.


    Ellis Island Restaurant & Casino - For Dinner

    Because of local comments, as an out of towner, we went here for the $5 steak special. This is not a place to bring
    your kids on impress a first date. Someone was playing the drums on his water glass behind us, which was a step
    above the voices heard from the karaoke singing (LOL). Even though not on the menu the waiter knew what I
    wanted. Along with the house special root beer, this was a very good meal for $16 for two with tip. A nice size fresh
    salad, the steak was good and the real mashed spuds were great, but the fresh green beans were cold and they
    did not have the garlic bread. We were too full to have dessert (maybe cause of a prior lunch buffet... LOL). All in all
    it is a good value.


    Top Of The World - For Dinner

    13 of us ate there for my daughter's wedding dinner and they were not ready for us at our reservation time. We
    were not rushed, but the restaurant was only half filled when we were finally seated. Even though the service was
    friendly, many courses were messed up with salads missing or who ordered what, etc. Thank gawd you could find
    the wait staff to sort it all out. Because of other review comments and thus culinary expectations, I thought we were
    paying for the view, the ambience and atmosphere. The food was MUCH better than I had expected. For the price I
    would have expected more, but I cannot put my finger on what was missing. I would eat here again, but ONLY for a
    SPECIAL occasion and if I was winning at the casinos... LOL


    Will I come back to Vegas....

    YUP !!!!!!!!!

    Can I afford it ????

  2. IWannaBeInVegas

    IWannaBeInVegas VIP Whale

    Jan 5, 2002
    Between here and there
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice trip report. Sorry about your TI problems. I almost had a huge problem at NYNY, but thanks fo the night manager (12hrs after checkin), all my problems were solved.
  3. LV Terry

    LV Terry Captain Flop'N Fold

    Sep 30, 2001
    Santa Barbara, CA, USA
    Archer....are you a moderator at another internet site? I recognize the name, and your writing voice seems to be the same.

    Just curious.

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