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1st vegas trip 4/15-4/19 @ the venetian

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by LarryTrain, May 5, 2003.

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  1. Well, this was my first experience with Las Vegas, and boy, what a trip it was!

    I hadn't planned on going to Vegas, but a few things came together quickly and a trip

    materialized for myself and my girlfriend!

    I used to be a FF on United, but with their bankrupcy and likely withdrawal from

    Washington Dulles as a hub have been using up my FF miles. I had enough for 2 tickets

    someplace, and the only place I found availability these days, was of all things

    flying First Class to Vegas.

    So, I booked the tickets, wiped out my account, and started planning the trip!

    I found a good rate through Hotwire @ $110/night at the Venetian, which from

    everything I read seemed like the best place to break my cherry on the strip - had a

    bit of everything at the most reasonable rates.

    Between the decent room rate and flying for free, it left me with a lot of money to

    play around with once I got there.


    Arrived in Vegas around 3pm on Wednesday the 15th. The view of the strip from the sky

    is truly amazing - as tacky as Vegas may be, and whether you like it or not, it really

    is an architectural marvel! Such a massive city with absolutely massive casinos in

    the middle of the desert! Remarkable!

    Wasn't too busy in the airport and traffic was not bad, so it only took about 10

    minutes from the airport before we arrived at the Venetian.
    Checkin went smoothly - no mention of Hotwire or anything else. I asked if they had

    any upgrades available (why not, right?) and the clerk told me they had upgrades

    available to rooms higher up overlooking the strip, but they cost $35/night more. I

    told her that would be fine. As it turned out, I think the only reason she asked me

    to pay was b/c a manager was standing behind her. After the manager left she told me

    she went ahead and gave the upgrade for free!

    The room was awesome - was on the 22nd floor overlooking the Mirage! We could also

    see Treasure Island's pirate show rather well. The room itself was great - it was

    outstanding having that much space to relax in, and leave things about. My girlfriend

    was enthralled with the bathroom in particular. This was the first time we both found

    we could move freely about when we're getting ready and not be on top of one another!

    The hotel was swamped the whole time during our stay...at first Cisco was having a

    large partners convention, then they left and the weekend crowd rolled on in.

    Relaxed in the room for a while Wednesday then ventured out to explore the Venetian.

    I can't imagine how large it is going to be there once the 3rd phase of construction

    is finished, given how large it is already! We spent a good 2 hours wandering around

    trying to decide on where to eat, then trying to backtrack our steps to find the place

    we wanted to eat! Ultimately, we decided to eat at the Grand Lux Cafe, which was just

    fine for that night! We felt a little lucky, so we started playing blackjack. I won

    about $100 and my girlfriend got hammered watching.

    We tried to sleep in late the next day, but being on EST were unable to, so we decided

    to get started on the day a bit early.


    We hit the Grand Canyon Cafe in the spa for breakfast - that was some good eatings

    (and healthy too)!!! Cured our hangovers rather well!

    Went exploring the canal shoppes - I was utterly unimpressed with the shopping, but I

    was completely impressed by the fact there's a simulated city complete with canal on

    the 2nd floor of the place! It gets weird after a while wandering through there not

    knowing what time it is, or where the hell you are in relation to the hotel!

    We did some walking around checking out the casinos, eating, gambling, and drinking as

    we went. Being as I'm infinitely curious, we started with the Hilton and the Star

    Trek experience. I can't believe I got myself drunk drinking Romulan Ale, but hey, it

    happened. Let me tell you, this exhibit was amazing - 1 pm on a Friday and we saw 2

    different wedding parties come through, each completely decked out in different

    Starfleet Academy attire. I thought it was the Romulan Ale, but the bartender assured

    me that it was not.

    From the Hilton we made stops at Circus Circus, the Stratosphere , and Treasure Island.

    Things got fuzzy, but these are the facts. I was too drunk to bungie jump at Circus

    Circus, they make stiff drinks at the Stratosphere, and I was not too impressed with

    Treasure Island.

    Wednesday night I felt like I was big pimping. I sat down to play Blackjack at a $10

    table at the Venetian with $100, figuring I'd lose it quick. Luck was with me that

    night, though. I played for 30 minutes before my girlfriend made me stop, and I was

    up $400. I told her we may as well spend it before I gamble it away, so it was back

    to the shops for her to spend the winnings. That took all of about 5 minutes. She

    bought a Coach bag, and her fashion thirst sent me back to the blackjack table to win

    more. I figured I was about to lose my original $100 at this point, but I didn't.

    Another 20 minutes of half drunk gambling and I had another $300. Again, I was yanked

    from the table to go to Kenneth Cole, where my winnings went into a pair of shoes and

    a wallet.

    We hit Canaletto for dinner - man was that sublime! I usually don't eat fish unless

    there's water nearby, but I'm glad I made the exception here.

    After that, figured it was a good time to quit while I still had my original $100, so

    we hit the lounge. My girlfriend was so happy with her winnings that she put down 5

    sour apple martinis and almost fell asleep sitting up.


    We went south to see the sights Thursday. I can't believe how everything in Vegas

    seems like it's right across the street, yet somehow takes 30-40 minutes to walk to.

    We spent the day checking out MGM, Aladdin, Paris, NYNY, Harrah's, Bellagio, Ceasar's

    Palace, and Bally's.

    Lunch was at the Bally's buffet. What a cure for the common hangover! This

    completely energized us! I didn't like Bally's too much though - it seemed like it

    was the place where people took granny in her wheelchair and left her in front of the

    slots for the whole day. It was also very smoky...as an occassional smoker I was even


    I couldn't resist having drinks in those giant Eiffel Tower things at Paris, so we

    stopped there to drink. I was drinking one filled with a pina colada nonstop, and it

    still took about 1 hour to finish. Gave me about 10 brain freezes! I tried playing

    some strange version of 1 deck solitaire where they deal the cards by flicking at you.

    I apparently suck at this, lost $100 in minutes and was yelled at by the dealer the

    whole time for holding my cards the wrong way.

    After an eternity of walking, we cabbed back from MGM to the Venetian and got ready

    for dinner and Mamma Mia! at Mandalay Bay. Mandalay Bay is a very, very, cool casino.

    I think that's where I'd like to stay the next time for sure! We ate at the House of

    Blues. By the end of the dinner, I felt like I would never be able to digest the food

    I'd been eating on the trip so far. Mamma Mia was a great play - I never would've

    seen it back home but it was a great play to see in Vegas.

    We took the tram to Luxor and Excalibur, and then cabbed back to the Venetian again.

    We went to Venus there, which had some sort of drink special, which soon led to being

    inebriated again, which led to being asleep by midnight!


    The weather got cold and rainy on Friday, which sortof set the tone for the rest of

    the day. We'd wanted to hit the pool at some point during the trip, but kept holding

    out for warmer weather which never arrived. A bit tired from all the walking and

    drinking and moving, we decided to hit that mall. That was kindof beat, although they

    had a cool Jaguar display that rose from the ground and played awesome music by Air.

    I began to notice by this point that everything seemed to be getting way more crowded.

    I must say that I prefer Vegas during the week than to the weekend. I can't stand

    lines and it seemed like one formed everywhere you went around 2 pm.

    I played some more blackjack at the Mirage, and lost $300. Had to pay the vegas tax

    at some point I guess! Went for lunch at Grand Lux again (shortest line), felt full,

    went back to play some slots while the food digested. Lost another $60.

    Took a break from the gambling to see the Guggenheim. Truly remarkable! I don't know

    how they managed to pull this off in Vegas, but they had some masterpieces on display.

    Very tastefully done.

    Decided to cap things off with drinks and clubbing at the Palms friday night, but my girlfriend came down with the flu, which killed the night. :(

    Overall, a great first trip to Vegas. All it did was leave me with a taste in my mouth to go back for more, which will probably be in a couple months with some of my friends.

  2. HurricaneMikey

    HurricaneMikey A-List Buffoon

    Jan 25, 2002
    Southeast of Sin City
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hey Train...

    Thanks for the great report, and welcome to the board.

    Don't ya just love takin' money from the Venetian?

  3. Little Bob

    Little Bob Low-Roller

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Enjoyed your report. My wife and I are headed to Vegas for trip 13 or 14 in 3 weeks. As a veteran, you will always be thinking about your next trip. I hope your next is as enjoyable as your first one. One thing about Vegas, you couldn't see it all in 5 trips let alone 1.
  4. kristin

    kristin Guest

    Excellent Trip report thanks for sharing!! What a nice check in clerk!

    [​IMG] Kristin
  5. GGecko

    GGecko Tourist

    Sep 25, 2002
    Great report!! Your lucky, if your girlfriend had been your wife she would have spent it before you even had a chance to gamble with it!!!! [​IMG]
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