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1st Trip

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Maestro23, Nov 30, 2004.

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  1. Ok I have enjoyed reading everyone elses report so I thought I would kick one in.....It was back in June and a lot of drunkeness so I will have to go step by step and recount each detail, thanks for bearing with me...

    Day 1

    We head over to Ohare, which conincidetally was my first trip there. The cast includes me and 3 of my buddies from college we just left school that May so we decided on a nice blowout weekend to end our college careers. There were also a group of 4 guys that were meeting us there who were friends of 2 of the guys we went with together. Airport went great, little sickness but not too bad. We were going from a Sat thru a Tues so we were all geared up for the weekend, landed in Vegas about 1pm got all our luggage, nobody even lost a bag!! We were staying at the Alladin, i know not smart but we will get to that later. So first timer that i was i am eager like a beaver to hit the tables. We check in and settle down and hit the BJ tables at Boardwalk, we figured it wouldnt be crowded and we could all get in on some 5 dollar action, which we did. I hung around even for a while then hit a skid and went down a little over a 100. I brought 1000 so i wasnt too worried. I had studied up on craps for a while and decided I would give it a try, so ditched the BJ table and hit the dice. I dont know if it was beginners luck or what but caught a great wave and rode it up about 300, so minus the BJ incident up about 200. Now while I am playing my one buddy is losing his shirt still playing BJ, goes down about 400 and refuses to play anything but BJ. He gets crabby and wants to go to the bar at Monte Carlo with the beer towers, so hiim and a few others head over there while I am still winning at craps and gets mad cause me and another guy wont go with him because we are winning, ao anyways we dont let that bother us and continue playing. We end up leeaving there and are going to catch up with them at Monte Carlo but there is a line and its bad news overall so we hit the craps table at MC and win about another 100. They see us as they walk out to go back home and are all wasted, well more wasted than us, and just act obnoxious while we keep winning. So we leave Monte Carlo and everyone pretty much calls it a night around 4ish am. I decide to keep my new love for craps going as i hit the table at alladin instead of going up to bed like everyone else. Win a little more money and at one point was rolling by myself for a while. So I still dont want to go to bed as all the beds were taken and i didnt want to sleep on the floor. On a sidenote I kept drinking this whole time and eventually realized I was a tad buzzed. I decided the best thing for me to do at this time was to stumble down the road to MGM since I never saw it. I know, but it seemed like a great idea in my head. So i muster the strength to keep going (this is now like 730 am) and get to MGM where I sit down at a slot machine and dont put any money in. The place is empty and I am just sitting there smoking cigarette after cigarette for no good reason. So i get a call from one of my buddies who says he is at starbucks, which i found odd, but anyways tell him to meet me at MGM. So he does and as he is walking over I realize we hadnt eaten since about 3 at the Boardwalk buffet which was not much to talk about, so paid about 13 dollars or so and only ate a half a bagel and some eggs cause i was so sick and tired, not a good combo. So we finish breakfast and I came up with another great idea, hit the craps tables here. So we stagger over and there is one guy playing so me and my buddy join him. Bad move, drop about 130 in 10 min tops. Decide its time to call it quits and head back. After I get home one buddy wakes up and wants to hit the pool so we head down there and hang out for about 30 min before i realize i need to serisouly go to sleep so about 29 hours after i woke up i hit the bed finally, after veryone gets up.

    Day 2

    Sleep for about 3 hours, wake up and everyone but the guy i went to MGM with is at the pool. So around 4-5pm we hit Desert Passage for some dinner at the Cheeseburger place there, very good highly recomend it, great drinks too. After that we all regroup and hit Paris for some craps, get about 100 up and leave and play some BJ there with crabby guy from day before he is still losing his shirt and I win about 40 which really angers him. We then head up to slots a fun where angry guys dad loves video poker something about old machines or something. I play that for about half an hour and get bored. Find they had a 3 dollar BJ table play for a little while start upping the bets and lose about 100. Now theres acutally a chance i am confusing this day with day three but we will press on. Day two ends with not much exciting stayed up late gambling nothing good to note, but also nothing bad.

    Day 3

    This is where the fun starts. We head up north around harrahs and that area dont do anyhting too exciting and the group kind of splits up and me and one guy hit TI, catch the end of sirens which i only saw like one leg of a girl which i hope she was a girl....Play a little single deck there lose about 100. We head back down south with the intention of hitting up margaritaville. We stay on the other side of the street and walk thru bellagio and then finally cross the street and see the harrahs carnival area which i never really noticed when we walked thru it the first time. All 8 guys end up meeting at carnival and the drinking finally begins. We were drinking all day but this hit a new low. We made friends with the cute bartender and she was making wicked drinks, those big yard things of Long Islands, which again seemed like a great idea at the time. Pound about 3 of those and watch the bartender show there which is great, the band was great, whhole evening fun. So everyone heads back to the hotel which was a fun walk, i was in Madden mode from the video game and kept spin moving around people and throwing stiff arms, felt bad about that later but really funny at the time. Yes I was THAT guy. So we get back to the alladin and we realize our one buddy went to the btahroom at harrahs and never came back like 2 hours before we left, so we go up to the room not there, we figure hes lost, or arrested or lying in a gutter. Bottom line we chalk it up as a loss and move on. Go down to the craps table and all they have is 10 dollar craps, now i dont have the bankroll to finance this as I like to play very aggresively. So i ask the pitboss why it is liek this and he tells me they never have 5 dollar craps, which i proceed to argue with him, which i was right, but also drunk so my argument prolly wasnt working too well, either i tell him we are taking our business elsewhere and me and 3 guys head to monte carlo, another 3 went as well but they were playing BJ. So we hit the table make some small money and the dice get to me, i hit maybe 3 or four numbers roll for about 15 min and make some cash. My buddy on my left rolls for about 30 min and now its getting wild. He finally sevens out and passes to our other friend who proceeds to roll for another 30 min. I am playing real aggressive lots of come bets high odds, so things are great. He passes few bad rolls, and it goes around about 5 more people we all realize the heat is gone and color up. I originally put down 120 lost a lot so I put in another 50 when iwas getting low, anyways i color up and get 760 returned to me. I couldnt believe it, my other two buddies each won about 400 and 300 each as well, it was great so i walk away with my 500 dollar chip plus a couple black ones and go see how the BJ guys are doing. Proceed to then think i lost my 500 chip and start looking all over for it. Eventually find it......at the bottom of my pocket. Like I said hwe were wasted. Eventually cash out and hit the walgreens or CVS whatever it was get some chips and head home. Sidenote while we were winning we al;l kept screaming I love the Montecito (from the show Las Vegas) comparing it to the monte carlo, might have had to be there it was quite a scene. So back to the guy we lost at carnival. Turns out he went to the bathroom and then hit the craps table there and won about 300 which was nice. We evenutally foudn him fully clothed in bed but thats antoher story. Nobody knows for sure what exactly else he did during that time. Hookers have been brought up and he wont confirm or deny so who knows!!

    Day 4

    Departure date, give maybe 75-100 back and hit the water massage bed things. Good choice nice and relaxing. Head over to the airport and things take a turn for the worse. Turns out our plane is 2 hours late, end up haning out at the airport for about 4 hours before boarding, get back to Chi Town about 1 am and sleep for the next 3 days.

    Going back in two weeks and cant wait!!!!!! The guy I am going with this time is the guy we lost at carnival so this might as well be a solo trip at times...........will update after that weekend
  2. abner2xday

    abner2xday High-Roller

    Feb 24, 2004
    Sounds like you had a great first trip. Finding that $500 chip in your pocket was probably better than actually winning the money ;)
  3. NMchop

    NMchop Guest

    What a great first trip. I was there in June, it was a titch hot, but what a great time! Great run at the craps tables.

    I remember going out with my college buddies, what a great time. Sounds like you did it right. Cracks me up how you cram everyone into one room.

    Where you staying on your next trip?
  4. Maestro23

    Maestro23 Guest

    Me and my buddy are staying at Golden Gate saturday night, part because it is cheap part because we didnt see downtown at all last time, the next two nights harrahs again because it is cheap 40 bucks a night which is very appealing considering not much time is ever spent in the room. And yes cramming is definately the way to go. We had 8 people in two rooms which wasnt too bad but definately cuts the cost
  5. jenaphir

    jenaphir Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2004
    your first trip and youre going back in two weeks? now thats what i call vegas fever! funny - when i took my first trip - it was for four days. i decided (get this) that i would go back the following year for a LONG trip (11 nights) to get it out of my system. i honestly thought that my second trip would do it for me and i would never go again. hah! i have gone every 3 or 4 months since then (except for right now where i am in a SEVEN MONTH withdrawal - which will be fixed in fifteen days).

    thanks for sharing your report!
  6. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good times, nice report. "Yes, I was THAT guy." Been there. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Gate rooms.
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