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14-27 April Harrahs

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by nickm, May 1, 2004.

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  1. nickm

    nickm Tourist

    Dec 29, 2001

    My Trip Report

    Hi got back Wednesday, good flight back a little too much to drink guess we are just not used to it any more.
    First 2 nights in Harrahs Vegas, late night steak special not good, one with a garlic taste? . Returned laptop to Sears bought in January (it would not record cd’s) they could not replace so gave money back, bought a new one from CompUSA which was of course more money and after a long debate refused the extended warranty. We were due to head off to Laughlin for the weekend but biker week was due and they had no rooms any way so asked Harrahs if we could get a room at Lake Tahoe, they booked us in for 3 comp nights. So after spending an hour on a fast internet connection at the Rio business centre (very good) to down load a game update we headed North, 8 hours later found us on top of a mountain in the dark lost, but only for about 5 mins. till we found Harrahs (mapquest worked well). Well, 2 bathrooms with TV in each, free internet ($1 per call) and in the morning views of the lake and gondolas going up the mountain to the ski runs only problem is it was a little colder than Vegas and we might have to leave one day. Well we did have to leave after 4 nights all comped so rather than going back to Vegas and having the same problem for the coming weekend we went on to Reno Harrahs after asking if we could come back the following weekend to Tahoe, they said yes and comped us another 3 nights help!!!. Reno 60 miles north was about the same quality hotel as Vegas but the city felt a little more edgy so did not go out at night. Well back to Tahoe I could get used to this, but then the laptop fell over so had to reload windows and we lost the game update then it happened again so phoned Sony support they said it could be a problem with the hard drive so decided to return it. Back to Vegas Sunday another late night steak special not good again couldn’t eat it and did not pay, Monday returned the laptop to CompUSA offered exchange or money back, as we liked it and it was a birthday/Christmas present once we took the exchange but this time with extended warranty, then steak at circus circus same as usual, good, price may have gone up a little but a nice end to the holiday. Fly back to a cold and wet UK
    To sum up
    Harrahs Vegas late night steak special we had a real problem with
    Harrahs Tahoe is wonderful ( food not all that good though)
    Harrahs Reno is OK Partner liked the gambling there and the food the same as Tahoe
    Sears has an excellent return policy I would pay more to buy from them shame did not have what I wanted
    Compusa OK to deal with
    Rio business centre very good for fast Internet $40 an hour I think your own booth with pc and printer
    North West does not have laptop power on most of the aircraft
    Circus Circus Steak house still good
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