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12/18-26 what a week

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by 39forevr, Dec 27, 2004.

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  1. well we made it back, too tired and sick to do a full report. Hope I will feel up to it in a day or so. Hope everyone's had a wonderful holiday up to this point. I am ready to ring in a new year!!!!!
    I will return in a day or 2 felling better I pray.
  2. misterKeno

    misterKeno Guest

    39, get some shut-eye & feel better.

    P.S. I didnt think LV was supposed to make ya sick?

  3. 39forevr

    39forevr Guest

    okay I am finally feeling a little better.

    we departed norfolk on southwest great flight and ahead of schedule. My daughter did very well as well as her daughter and my other grand daughter. got our rental car no problems. Checked into the Orleans without any hassle. we were all tired so we walked around with the kids in the arcade and we ate at the courtyard cafe. food was good. headed for bed too tired to even play the machines or was I?

    ou rooms over looked the pool the rooms were very nice and my back did not hurt.

    Woke up very early headed out to see where the HGVC was we arrive there about 8 a.m. and they allowed us to check in right then even though check in was suppose to be at 4 pm. I was feeling a little winded by the time we got to the room and then headed back over to the Orleans to get the rest of the gang. We all went over with all of our baggage boy did we have alot of bags.
    We had breakfast and then I really started to feel bad so we headed to walmart to get some meds to fight my fever and cough and tightness in my chest. We headed out to some casinos I was not going to let this get me down went into the MGM
    played $2 and won $50.00 that was a great start.
    We took the kids to the cheerleading tournaments that was very exciting for them. I then headed back to the resort because I was feeling bad again. rested for alittle while and then we went out again the children wantd to go to the Mirage for the dolphins and the secret gardens. They enjoyed that so we went over to the flamingo so that they could see the penguins and flamingos we took some pictures the air was getting very cool and I had started to cough alot by then. We went in I had some soup and hot tea but no help.
    Hubby and I stayed in the rest of the night.

    Next day we head out to breakfast and we end up eating at Dennys not my choice but with the kids we all agreed it was not bad. I felt really bad so
    I returned back to the resort while the others headed out to different places. That evening we head over to the Hilton for the buffet and it wsa very good anf they gave out free beer and wine until 10 p.m so I had a few beers what the heck I was already feeling bad I figured it could'nt do much worse. after dinner we went to that crazy place the girls did not care for it too much. I went back to the resort and went to bed really felt bad, did not sleep most of the night was up before 6 am had to go to hte doctor. Husband carried me to Sunrise hospital I was in bad shape.
    They hooked me up to some IV's and gave me some drugs and I was out like a light I do not remember going back to the resort but when I woke up I was still very groggy says I had a very bad case of bronchitis with 102 temp. I think my family was having fun other than hubby. I am very happy my daughter and her family was with us otherwise it would have been a very rough trip for my granddaughter and hubby. I just stayed in from that point except on christmas eve I decided I had to go out and see some of vegas. It was very chilly we headed to the bellagio to get a view of the fountains I was wrapped up very well and it was a good thing because the wind that was blowing out there felt like the alaska winds or something. it was cold outside so we stand as close to the building as we could and it got very crowded out there then they announce that the show was cancelled due to the winds so we canter inside and catch the beautiful scenery. it was so beautiful with all of the flowers and the water show inside.
    I tried to play the machines but the smoke from the nearby cigarettes and cigars was too much for me so I go back to the resort and by this time I was wheezing so bad it was hard to even lay down so I use my gd inhaler it helped only a very little so I was up again most of the night by 630 we were headed back to the hospital. They gave me 3 breathing treatments and i was still wheezing mind you this is christmas morning and I had not seen my girls or anyone and I was at the hospital until about 5 p.m They tried to admit me but I promised them I was going home the next day and I would seemy doctors. I wheezed and coughed the rest of the night. We stopped to have breakfast at COco's it was ok for a rush breakfast but the silverware all had to be redone because it was dirty. We headed to the airport and the flight home I slept most of it with all of the meds in my body. Got home and wolla 14 inchesof snow. I got out of out truck and my feet went thru all of the snow up almost midway my legs. In norfolk ther waws only a few inches but not here. I could not go to the doctor because the roads werw bad so i go the next day and he says I was still very congested so he give me new meds and today I went back to work and I am feeling better but still congested some. I know this has been long but I just had to write about my long awaited trip.
    My daughter had a wonderful time she got to see zumanity, rain man, dan gans, and some other shows she says zumanity was a great show. She ate at the Rio buffet says it was great. she some how got free buffets at the Sahara and somewhere else.
    I am so glad she enjoyed vegas. I will be going again but I think I will make it a last minute thing and maybe I will enjoy it myself they way I wished I had this time. Thank you for all of your help with my trip and we only used 1 coupon out of the ACG. what a waste.

    Maybe my next trip will be more exciting. Happy New Year to all.

  4. misterKeno

    misterKeno Guest

    cheryle--that's rough, being in the hosp in the greatest city on earth. Am sorry. At least your kids enjoyed the sites & all. You'll be back b4 u know it ! (o:

  5. duffelbag don

    duffelbag don Low-Roller

    Sep 24, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Wow, hate to hear you got sick out there. That's never fun.

    Orleans, huh? What no oyster shooters?
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