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12/18 -12/22 The Hotel

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by mesa, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. mesa

    mesa VIP Whale

    Jul 17, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Trip Report 12/18 –12/22
    More of a kick back and relax trip
    Just a little summary of trip

    Day 1
    Took off early from AZ and arrived at THEHotel at 11:30 a.m. Proceeded to check-in and wished a Happy Birthday which I then took advantage of to request a corner suite which we got. Sweet, so far so good. Housekeeping was doing the room so we dropped off luggage and headed to get some chow. Headed to the Burger Bar where I enjoyed the Kobe burger with a Sin City beer while my better half went with the Cobb salad and Frenchy martini. Tasty. Took off to get the lay of the land and won a couple of bucks to boot. Thought we would head back to room to unpack and check it out, Nice but as Joe Schmo said it is narrow but fine for the 2 of us. Checked out the TV’s and bed Very nice room.
    Dinner @ Border Grill, I know some people say it is not your traditional Mexican food but I like it myself since I get enough traditional Mexican in AZ. Cruised the casino at MB the rest of the night. I jogged this down at 4 am so it is a little hard to read my writing.
    Day 2
    Was going to get our breakfast at the café but it was closed so we ended up at Raffles for our morning energy. Fooled around for a while and headed to Desert passage to look at a few things and have the Commanders Palace 25cent Martini lunch. I had a Half & Half Po-Boy. Half with House-Smoked Andouille Sausage and half with the Flash Fried Gulf Shrimp Oh man it was gooood. Sally (wife) had the Commander's Blue Crab Cobb Salad, got a glow going with the martinis, which I don’t remember what kind, but this place is very good. Will go back for sure. Headed back to THEHotel as we needed some more cash. Rest of the night spent gambling and listening to a very good band at The Island lounge.
    Day 3
    Got up and ordered room service, jumped in the big waterfall tub and soaked my sore feet. This is a big tub. Big enough for two if you know what I mean. Feeling better and room service arrived not bad, nope not bad at all. Called down to Front desk and asked about 1 more night which they obliged at $119. Nice. Now if I could only win a few bucks. Grabbed a cab down to the Wynn and got our red card and did enough gambling (without having any luck) to score a buffet. So we had lunch there and checked the place out. Headed back to home base where we challenged the gambling gods. They won again, damn.
    Day 4
    House of Blues for breakfast had the apple & cream cheese waffle with pecans which was very good and Sal had the steak and eggs, steak was a little tough but tasty. Did a little more gambling and headed down to Ghirdelli for a ½ off hot fudge sundae because of the b-day. Then we decided to head over to Bellagio to check out the Chocolate fountain and the chocolate Santa, which was sort of different, and then into the conservatory, which was neat with the penguins and such. The dogs were hurting so back to base camp for a cocktail or three. After a little nap we got dressed to hit the Foundation room where we had a few drinks on the patio overlooking the strip (nice view) and then in for dinner, which was very good also.

    Will stay at THEHotel again
    Will eat at Commanders Palace again
    Very good trip
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