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10/30-11/3--I couldn't win & he couldn't lose

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by KKB, Nov 17, 2020.

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  1. KKB

    KKB VIP Whale

    Aug 25, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    So yes, just 12 days after getting back, DH & I headed back...We had gone w/ DM, DS25, DD22 for that weekend. BIL is going thru a divorce & needed a getaway but couldn't go that weekend...SOOO...

    We were able to each get 4 nights free at Ballys so BIL could have his own room.

    The guys spent ALL DAY Saturday at Ballys sportsbook & had a great time. They golfed Red Rock Country Club Sunday w/ an attorney buddy of BIL's--they LOVED it. Unfortunately probably more than we want to pay for a club when we move here...

    Saturday I wandered down to MGM/Excal/NYNY corner to cash some freeplay (since I was bleeding money...) It was MUCH slower down there than mid to north Strip (we stayed Venetian 2 wks prior). MGM was DEAD, it was bizarre. Comparing the 2 trips weekends feel pretty busy (at least mid to north Strip). Monday saw a bit of drop off (tho DT felt fairly busy) & Tuesday you could really feel the crowd drop off, especially as the day progressed. But the airport still felt plenty busy...

    Monday we spent the AM at Ellis Island. Met a great bartender, Josh, at the VP bar in the Front Yard. Then we went & saw Circa--the guys were very impressed with the sportsbook. Pretty sure it would give me a migraine pretty quick. I liked the double decker TVs at the Long Bar better.

    Dining--China Poblano (great), Nine Fine Irishmen (addicted to their Irish nachos), Mon Ami Gabi twice, breakfast & dinner (always great), MeSa Grill (SO GREAT--SOO SAD it has closed now), Gorden Ramsey's Pub in Caesars (really liked this!) & Freedom Beat at DT Grand (usually we like it; it was OK this time. You had to order at the bar; I dont think they are very busy, perhaps that affected quality).

    Gambling--UGH. Seriously, I couldn't get a win on ANYTHING. Poker (Caesars), nope; Video poker--I think I got TWO 4 OAKs all weekend--cripes BIL got like half a dozen & I played WAY more hours than him. I even tossed a few $20 in slots to no avail. Had $85 in free play that I turned into a measly $27!! LUCKILY DH couldn't lose. He was hot on sports bets/horse racing all weekend. He hit 4 deuces THREE DAYS IN A ROW--WHO DOES THAT??!! He also cashed 3rd in Caesars poker tournament Tues AM. We were freerolling this trip, having brought home nearly our entire bankroll from 2 weeks prior; and we went home with about half, so NO complaints--a LOT of play for our $ over 2 trips. (I was the winner the last trip & in June & he won in March--at least one of us usually wins!)

    We are HOPING to go again over Xmas as DS25 works in retail in CA; flights, rooms & car are booked. Fingers crossed that things are OK to go...we are remaining flexible on that one.

    (We have done 4 trips this year--March (the week before shut down), June (the week they opened), plus these 2. We fly SWA so the empty middle seats have been awesome (and will be missed). They are cleaning on planes & in Vegas like crazy. We wear masks ALL the time (unless outside & not crowded or actively eating), wash/sanitize like crazy & bring wipes for machines. DS25 tested positive the week after our mid-Oct trip (said symptoms began Mon after our trip). DM & DD roomed with him the whole weekend & both r negative. Luckily his bout was mild & he was able to go back to work last week. We honestly feel safer in Vegas that at home since they are more neurotic about cleaning & masks.

    We have a cruise & Vegas booked for March...we shall see which of those is a go...we will get vaccine 2nd round after health care workers, so we shall see!!
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  2. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
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    Sounds like a good time. At least your husband did well!
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