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07.07.07 - Wynn Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by pkrippre, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. pkrippre

    pkrippre Tourist

    Jul 17, 2006
    huntington beach
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    As promised (to DonD), here’s my trip report from my recent trip to LAS VEGAS.

    July 7-10, 2007
    Wynn Resort and Casino
    This is my friend Tammy's photo album, borrowed for the sake of this trip report. That's me in the glasses.. :confused2:

    We had a group of 7 to leave on 7-7-7, cheesy, I know. Anyhow, we gathered together to get to Long Beach Airport by 1130 as our flight was set to depart at 2:10pm. Check-in and boarding was a breeze, flight was on time and we were off. The actually flight however was one that had me fearing for my life. The travel time from long beach to McCarran is only estimated to be a 50 min flight but for the majority of it the plane was shaking and rattling like no other, kind of reminded me of that scene from final destinations. I was never so happy to land and on top of that to be in Vegas once again! Got to the terminal and on the tram we went to pick up our bags. As we walked towards the baggage claim area one of my friends were like “hey! That limo driver is holding up your name..†I then proceeded to walk towards him as this was my little surprise to everybody rather than the usual taxi/shuttle. At that moment my girlfriend LC pulled my arm and said, “NO PAUL..! “ and I was like “ no, I’m serious, that’s for us..†We all had a nice laugh from that. So got to the limo, had a few ‘complimentary’ Jack and Cokes and off we were to the Wynn.

    At check-in I attempted the ‘tip trick’ with a $50 in hopes of an upgrade, I was willing to pay for a suite but she advised that they were sold out due to it being such a busy weekend. She made a few calls and got us to a panoramic view room on the 57th floor. The view in my opinion was bleh… everything looked so tiny from that high up! LC and I also thought the room appeared to be smaller than our room at Bellagio last year, regardless, it was nice. Got to the rooms, settled for a second and couldn’t wait to hit the tables/machines. With it being a busy weekend, the table minimums were a little higher than our comfort levels so we decided to head over to Treasure Island, played a little blackjack while the friends were at the pai gow tables. I always like to have a good stogie with me to compliment my drink and as I sat down at another BJ table, the dealer was extremely rude and started mumbling something about how he doesn’t like my cigar and wants me to leave the table, I shrugged him off and ignored whatever he was talking about and continued to smoke and play, I was up a little and wasn’t really feeling the vibe of the place so I walked away and met up with the group. Took the tram over to The Mirage because I had watched Vegas Vacation the night before and I always wanted to check it out. Pretty much just did a walk through and grabbed a belvedere and cranberry to keep me refreshed. Around 8 o’clock we headed back to our rooms, ordered room service and had the chicken fingers/fries and rested for a bit before our plans to go to Body English at the Hard Rock that night. Got to the club around 11 and had the time of our lives that night. For anybody that is considering getting table service, I highly recommend it. Did the two bottles of GG for $1,000 including tip. Cris Angel made an appearance in the evening and the crowd went wild, I was just like huh? Who? Where? But yeah, I was annihilated at that point... From what I could remember the club was VERY small, but nicely set up. We had the secluded room on the side and stayed there most of the night, later on headed upstairs to see if we liked it much more but it was ok. I preferred the privacy of our own area, left the club around 3:30am and back to the Wynn we went.

    The next morning, woke up around 7am with a slight hangover but the energy of Vegas kept me going strong. LC and I went to Tableau for breakfast, she had the peach filled French toast and I had the Kobe short ribs. Both were fantastic but I think my dish was just a tad better. Service was impeccable; the place was nice and quiet, perfect for a Sunday morning. Total came to about $70.

    After breakfast we went to check out the pool, lathered up in sun block and headed outside. We noticed many people were looking rather red/crispy and thought “oh crap, let’s not stay out too long†We took a dip in the pool and laid out for about 5 minutes which thereafter we were completely dried up.

    My co-worker MF was in Vegas so I called him up to see where he was at; we met up at Mandalay Bay at the Burger Bar for lunch. LC and I shared the Kobe burger which was probably one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. After a little craps lesson from my friend, I was about even and we had to head back to the room to get ready for dinner at OKADA.

    As far as how our dinner went, words cannot explain how great of an experience they had provided. We opted to try a little bit of everything and shared each dish.

    We started out with the Philadelphia Roll – delicious, best I’ve had
    Next came the Seared Ahi – very good.
    Miso Soup – nothing special but good.
    Steamed lobster – tiny, But pretty good though.
    Bacon wrapped asparagus – fantastic, ordered another later on.
    Beef tenderloin – very soft and flavorful
    Chicken meatballs – dry, I’ve had better
    Shrimp – ok, pretty good.
    As far as drinks go, we had the lychitini and some blueberry special martini – both hit the spot.
    The service was the best I’ve ever experienced and am very thankful for all of those who recommended this place. Total came out to $200 with a $50 tip.

    For Sunday night we decided to check out TRYST, another perk of staying at Wynn’s resort is that they give you free admission to the club. We zoomed through the long line and headed downstairs to the club. The place was huge compared to BE but it was nice. The waterfall added a nice touch. The music wasn’t as good in my opinion as BE but we all had a great time.
    Did a little gambling afterwards and came up $300 real fast on craps, then proceeded to gamble some more and started betting bigger. Gotta play big to win big right? Well, true but I guess my drunken state led me to think betting on black on roulette would be my money maker. $800 went real fast, and not to mention I got slaughtered at BJ the entire trip.

    Monday morning, I went to Tableau to have breakfast for one as LC was recovering. Had the Tableau breakfast for $25 – it was good but my stomach was just not taking in much food. Had a couple sips of coffee and water and I was on my way. Walking by the tower suites front desk I thought, ‘hmm, a nice suite would be a nice touch and would probably make me feel better for my losses so far’ so I inquired and the lovely front desk clerk was able to upgrade me to a 1800sqft Salone Suite for only $300 more. From the entrance to the double doors to the bathroom and the view ,the room was gorgeous in every way. We noticed that the service is more prompt in the tower suites than the resort side. Also got a chance to check out the tower suites pool for their guests, towels were already laid out, only a few people around and they even offered water for us. We couldn’t even get them to tidy up in our resort rooms for some odd reason but in the Salone suite they had the place retouched, ice in the bucket and left bottles of water/chocolate upon our return.
    Decided to play slots and rack up those points for the comped buffets, was up about $500 from slots but eventually ended up losing that too. It’s just too hard for me to not be gambling all the time while in Vegas..
    Went to the Wynn buffet around 3:15pm to enjoy the best of lunch and dinner. The lunch menu was good but when dinner rolled through, the crab legs/prime rib/grilled lamb was very very good. We especially enjoyed a tasting of ALL of their desserts. The crème Brule – outstanding.

    Monday night we all decided to head to downtown Las Vegas – 3 things I had on my agenda for Downtown was 1) Fremont St Experience 2)TALL slushy drink 3)Fried Twinkie/fried Oreos.

    So we got there around 9pm, first stop was at mermaid’s where I got my blue kamikaze slushy drink w/neck strap. At first sight.. I just thought, oh shit, I’m so going down. Played some actual coin slots for the first time which was pretty cool. Got my fried Twinkie and fried Oreos at Nathan’s?? (can’t recall) , the Twinkie tasted like a warm donut. I liked it, but only had a few bites because I didn’t want to demolish my internals entirely..
    After that, we did some casino hopping; my favorite place downtown was the Golden Nugget, slightly larger than the others and very lively. I had lots of fun playing craps here, even got to play some baccarat that was reasonable to my bankroll. By this time, that tall slushy drink started creeping and I was feeling pretty inebriated. By the end of our tour of downtown we were down a little money, but I was feeling good and didn’t care. I loved the energy of this place, EVERYBODY is super friendly and games are cheap. Overall, a great experience and a must do for us every trip from now on.

    LC and I wanted to try our luck at the Palms for some slot play since we came up almost $1,000 last year. Apparently this year wasn’t too good to us, it was late, the place was dead and we couldn’t find the WOF machine that we liked, and couldn’t hit if our lives depended on it. Stayed for about an hour and half and we met up with our group at the pai gow tables at the Wynn, hunger was setting in so we went to the café (forgot the name) and had French onion soup and chicken fingers. At 430am we headed back to our suite for a short nap. Set my alarm for 7:20 because I wanted to savor every moment of Vegas that I had left before our flight.
    When I woke up, I received a text from TN that PH hit for $700 on a one number roulette pick (19), he put a $20 as his last gamble of the night and hit, what are the odds of that!? Every time we come to Vegas, it’s our tradition to all put $20 on our favorite number..Not once have any of us hit it so this was pretty epic to us. That morning, LC and I thought we should us our free buffet comp again and had the breakfast, the line was pretty long but having the tower suites red card gave us quick front of the line access which was great.
    The breakfast buffet was just ok, the omelette line was very long. Had some juice / coffee and we were on our way to enjoy the rest of the day. Did some last minute gambling, didn’t win. Got to McCarran by 1pm to make our flight for 2:10. Flight back was a lot smoother than the flight to Vegas. Going to Vegas for 4 days is still not long enough in my opinion. I think I’m going to have to do at least a week long adventure to able to see and do everything I want there. Next year, I think we’re going to start a tradition and go on 8-8-8 and the year thereafter will be mine and LC’s 4 year anniversary so that will be on 9-9-9, yes it’s cheesy, I know. =D

    My .02 –

    Wynn - right on with their service levels, I love how they go out of their way to please their guests in every way. The restaurants are top notch, gambling was surprisingly fair and the crowd very friendly/fun. Tower suites is a must. Pineapple Mojito’s - delicious
    Downtown LV is a must see/do for our future endeavors. A very nice change of pace from the strip resorts.
    Jetblue – a great/cheap way to travel for the most part.
    4 days away from work and in Vegas is not nearly long enough. Sky lofts next year?? I sure hope so.
    Although this was a bankroll depleting trip and the average temp in Vegas was 110 degrees, I still think Vegas is the best place to be any time of the year. God bless.
  2. DonD

    DonD VIP Whale

    Nov 5, 2004
    So Cal 91748
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    pk, great report and great pictures. Glad you had a grand time. :nworthy:
  3. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report and excellent score on the suite. Nice of your friend to hit on roulette. I have to agree with you 4 days really isn't enough time in Vegas.
  4. Souette

    Souette Tourist

    Jun 5, 2006
    Rural Tennessee
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I agree.

    I stayed at the Wynn for the first time last week.
    I totally agree about the service being top-notch.
    Glad you had a fun time despite the loosing streak...but hey, anyone who gets to visit Vegas is a winner!
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