seems like this is the right place on the message board for this...

due to my luck on our may trip, hitting two royal flushes, i have a couple of w2-g's for 5700 bucks now rearing their ugly heads. i have some simulcast dead tickets that will take about 670 off that, but am now trying to get win loss statements from the places we played at in may and august this past year.

harrahs did not make it too tough, witha downloadable form, that will also take in the park place properties. however, both cards are in my wifes name, but we file jointly, curious to see if the form i send in with my name on it shows.

the four queens, where i hit both the royals, also had a link right to the forms, so got that one printed off, have to mail it in also, could not do it either by email?

finally emailed a slot host at the golden nugget, though we had not stayed there, we did play there, hard, for about 6 hours one night and a few hours besides that. since we need a place to stay for a few nights on an upcoming trip, am trying to kill two birds with one stone. their 24 karat slot club part of their website did not have any links, or a way to email them directly. some of these places could make things a lot easier.

visited the sites for the las vegas hilton, where we stayed and played some this past year, and got very frustrated. same with main street station, those two are probably the main ones where we had some play that netted out negative.

any suggestions out there on ways that you have gotten any needed win loss statements from those places that dont make it easy to get them?