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Wine tours in NorCal

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Chat' started by Bommen, May 26, 2015.

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  1. Bommen

    Bommen High-Roller

    Feb 28, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Im looking for recommendation on wine tours and hidden gem´s north of San Francisco. I visited SF many times before but never been north of it but now i figured its time to plan a trip to Napa and Sonoma county or other areas that is worth seeing. I know i want to visit Jordan Vineyard & Winery and maybe Silver Oaks in Napa but open to other suggestions. So if you have any recommendations on anything from wine tours, hotels, restaurants, things to see etc its greatly appreciated..
  2. willywilkes

    willywilkes Low-Roller

    Jun 3, 2014
    More of general recommendations- but avoid large/commercial tours- they tend to take you to crowded wineries and you don't get to enjoy the experience as much.

    If you are up for driving yourself I recommend it. Take your time, going to 4 or 5 wineries between 10am-5pm is plenty! Spend a few days exploring one or both valleys.

    If you like what you taste, consider joining a wine club. The commitment to buy in the future can be cost effective depending on how many people you're with and the tasting fee (free tastings don't really exist these days). A few years ago I was with a group of 8 and we went to the Louis M. Martini winery. I think the tasting fee was $25 per person and many of us added an extra dessert wine that I think was $3-5. I decided to join the club so they waived all the fees, took us on a tour of the cellar, and scheduled a private tasting for us the next day at one of their partner wineries, William Hill, which also had all the tasting fees waived. I really enjoyed both of those wineries and the personalized attention.

    There are so many wineries, big and small- some of them have great estates, some of them you can chat with the winemaker as you taste. The experiences can be quite varied but both good. If you know you like someone's wines, head to their winery. There are a few places where you can pick up picnic supplies (I don't remember names but some of them are pretty popular) and many wineries allow you to picnic on their grounds.

    I don't know if they still do it (Google didn't seem to show they do but it may be worth researching), but Tember Bey Vineyards had a tasting room right in Napa and they did a cookie and wine pairing- not only was this more unique, but the pairing was very well done, and we liked it so much that since half of us didn't go the first day, we went back the next day and did it again.

    I don't know how many deals still exist, but when I last went you could find 2 for 1 tasting coupons online or with foursquare. A lot of wineries will waive tasting fees if you buy bottles (some have minimum purchase requirements), and I think just about every winery waives fees for their wine club members.
  3. Piggylane

    Piggylane Well-Known Member

    Nov 26, 2013
    Quabbin Reservoir, MA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    It's been many years but go up North of Calistoga into Lake County, beyond all the touristy places. I was working in the hills around the dormant volcano and found many very small wineries. This was early 1990's. I'm sure several have been absorbed but rather than packaged tours just stopping in to visit affords the opportunity to learn so much more.

    During one stop I met the guy who owned 90% of the early pear crop out of that county! In bib overalls & dirty shoes we sampled some great cabs. If I look on a map I may be able to recall where this was. PM me if you desire.

    DESPERADO Low-Roller

    Dec 18, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    :wave: to many wineries to pick........ never have been but the wine train has been recommended. for restaurants i really like R & D kitchen and also mustards grill. you can read my take on TA or yelp. if u go to R & D ask for Vanessa to be your server. really a great girl who came from working at the high end FRENCH LAUNDRY. have fun and be safe.
  5. Snidely

    Snidely VIP Whale

    Nov 2, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Wife and took a trip where we flew to Vegas for 5 days and then flew to San Fran. Took the BART to the Embarcadero and visited Fisherman's Wharf and then stayed overnight in a cheap but acceptable hotel in Chinatown. We booked a "leave your car in San Fran" package where we took a ferry boat from San Fran out to Napa and the wine train. We stayed at the Napa River Inn. Very nice place. Not really a wine tour but the 25 or so places in town that give samples were part of our wine train package so we sampled lots of wine. You can stay in Napa and rent a car service to take you to wineries and enjoy all you want without worrying about driving.
  6. Bommen

    Bommen High-Roller

    Feb 28, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for some good info guys, this will be very helpful when planning my trip. Im definitely plan on driving out into to the valley so i got som freedom getting around seeing different areas. Its nice to know that you can arrange a pickup at a lot of the hotels when going on the tours, now i just have to figure out where i want to stay and what i want to see.
  7. bardolator

    bardolator Lifelong Low Roller

    Mar 30, 2005
    Gig Harbor, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    For Jordan and Silver Oak (either Napa or Alexander Valley), be prepared to pay hefty tasting fees and call several days ahead to see if you need an appointment. You may want to stay in or near Healdsburg, since Jordan and one of the Silver Oaks are near there. We have stayed at the Dry Creek Inn numerous times, but not lately. Rooms are okay and prices are low. Location is convenient to town and to wineries along Dry Creek Rd. I can't recommend specific wineries because it has been too long. Many places where we tasted for free years ago have turned wine touring into a big profit enterprise, while others have closed to the public. For upscale accommodations in Sonoma County, Vintner's Inn near Santa Rosa is good, and the noted restaurant John Ash & Co. is on the premises. Now the place is run by Ferrari-Carano, but I assume it's just as good as it used to be.

    In Napa County, the town of Napa offers reasonably priced accommodations. It gets pricier as you go north.

    If you can, try to visit Napa-Sonoma out of season. Prices are lower, the winery help is friendlier and better informed, and the crowds thin out.
  8. kboltwkreations

    kboltwkreations Low-Roller

    Jun 20, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Following this thread as we are headed to Napa for the first time Labor Day weekend. Flying into SF and then up to the Meritage in Napa.
    Hoping to try to get to Healdsburg the day we arrive and then on to Napa, is it a pretty easy drive??

    Very excited about the wine train!
  9. dvandentop

    dvandentop VIP Whale

    Sep 16, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Heading there in July I will have to read this thread when I get home
  10. ken2v

    ken2v This Space For Rent

    Sep 18, 2003
    Central California Coast
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I believe the OP lives in Europe, so the wine club thing is moot.

    As for the larger question: The Lake County tip was spot on. There is some amazing stuff going on up there. And give some thought to the Russian River area.

    We have a member here who works in the industry up there. I'll send him a note and ask him to PM you, Bommen, or alert him to this thread.

    P.S. I'll just throw this out there, but another option is going south to Monterey County and the Santa Lucia Highlands, and particularly for Burgundian fans.
  11. Snidely

    Snidely VIP Whale

    Nov 2, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    We sat in the back of the wine train where the employees pour the wine. We got a few extra glasses of wine. :)
  12. Bommen

    Bommen High-Roller

    Feb 28, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks, I appreciate that and i will look into Lake County and Russian River Area. As far as heading south i might look into that as well if time approves otherwise it will have to wait for next time. I love the Monterey/Carmel area including the drive along Big Sur but never really been inlands to see the wine regions. The Burgundy wine will get is fare share of love when i go to Paris in a couple of weeks, but i guess its never a bad time to explore a good Pinot Noir.
  13. ken2v

    ken2v This Space For Rent

    Sep 18, 2003
    Central California Coast
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    I'm very partial. Of course, I'm looking out the back of the house at the start of the Sta. Rita Hills AVA, so Pinot-R-Us.

    Napa can get kinda angsty/pushy/uppity. Kinda like Yankees fans when talk turns to baseball heritage. It's deserved, but it can be irritating.
  14. Bommen

    Bommen High-Roller

    Feb 28, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the tips, unfortunately i only have time to go during the busy summer months. I will also make sure to plan ahead and make arrangement for the must see places.
  15. bardolator

    bardolator Lifelong Low Roller

    Mar 30, 2005
    Gig Harbor, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Ken made a comment about wine angst/snobbery. I have encountered this beast in the most unexpected locations, not just Napa/Sonoma. Although the pushy title goes to Napa, the most pretentious wine snobs I ever met were right here in NE Ohio.

    At a tasting, be yourself, don't put on airs, ask questions showing you are informed and interested, hope to be the only party at the bar, and you just might be rewarded with some real gems of information and maybe even extra tastings. Not every host will be well informed , and some are as snobbish as some of the patrons, but you will find some worth talking to at both big name places and mom-and-pop places. If your host reaches under the counter and pours from a bottle that is not on display, you have arrived.

    WHITEJACKET73 High-Roller

    Dec 17, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    The El Pueblo Inn located in Sonoma is a nice place to stay and a great value pricewise. I dined at the Harvest Moon cafe in downtown Sonoma a couple of times when I spent a week touring the wine country a couple of years ago. It is a small restaurant, the menu changes daily, has an open kitchen concept, and great food with a decent wine list. I enjoyed my visits to the various tasting rooms and usually the servers were really great people. If they realize that you know a little bit about wines, they sometimes will let you sample some of their wines not on their tasting list. I toured 30 vineyards and only ran into one place where the server was pretentious. The countryside is beautiful; I'm sure you will have a great time.
    Fall excursion
    Retirement here I come!!
  17. ken2v

    ken2v This Space For Rent

    Sep 18, 2003
    Central California Coast
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    A few cool things in/around Sonoma:

    Tiddle E. Winks -- throwback candy store
    Vella Cheese Company -- nope not the Sonoma Jack place
    Sears Point Raceway -- doesn't matter how often they change the name, it's still about the track (of course, there needs to be an event going on)
    Mission San Francisco Solano -- the last, shortest-lived and only "Mexican" mission in the system
    Buena Vista Winery -- go for the history, California's first.
    Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn Resort -- take the waters (watsu is cool) and the barefoot shiatsu reigns
    Sonoma Golf Club (Fairmont has an affiliation) -- old school charm (think Riviera, Ojai)
    Deerfield Ranch Winery, Kenwood -- sure they're under bankruptcy protection, but if you'd built a facility and caves like they did when the market took a shit, you'd be overextended, too. But they are nice people, the facility is cool, and some number of years back it was Deerfield that allowed me to again drink Merlot. :)
  18. Imperial_Palace_King

    Imperial_Palace_King High-Roller

    Mar 9, 2015
    Trips to Las Vegas:
  19. Bommen

    Bommen High-Roller

    Feb 28, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for all the help. You guys rock!
  20. cjlangston

    cjlangston Low-Roller

    Jul 27, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    sorry to be so late to respond...if it's Sonoma you seek, here's a comprehensive listing of recommended things to do and places to see (warning: LONG and original doc contains hyperlinks to each location's website but those have been edited out here)

    Planning your visit to Sonoma

    Sonoma County, or Sonoma as it is regularly referred to on the wine boards, is a very large area spread over nearly 1,800 sq/mi and incorporating 16 different AVAs. Elevations from sea level to almost 2,700' make it an area of multiple hills, valleys, pastures and micro-climates. So many threads pop up here asking where to go and/or where to stay when visiting Sonoma. Being a local I want to scream "Be more specific!" Sonoma is a town but is also the name of the County. To me Sonoma is the town of. To the traveler it is the wine region. Giving you the proper advice hinges on multiple factors. Here are a few things to consider when asking for advice from Berserkers.

    Where are you going?

    Some AVAs are spread apart to where visiting more than one or two in a day is not a good choice so be aware of the location of your winery choices before mapping out your tastings.

    Alexander Valley - Begins Southeast of Healdsburg and reaches to Cloverdale in the North.

    Bennett Valley - Extends Southeast from East Santa Rosa.

    Carneros-Sonoma - Nestled between the Southern edge of Napa and the Southern edge of Sonoma along San Pablo Bay.

    Chalk Hill - Stretches from the southeast of Windsor (Pleasant Ave) north to Hwy 128 in the Alexander Valley.

    Dry Creek Valley - Stretches West of Healdsburg to Lake Sonoma

    Fort Ross - Seaview - Within the Northern part of the Sonoma Coast AVA

    Green Valley of Russian River Valley - A small area within the RRV to the West of Hwy 116 and the East of the Occidental Ridge, North of occidental Rd up to Forestville and the Russian River.

    Knights Valley - South of the Alexander Valley under the looming Mount St Helena

    Moon Mountain - on the West facing slope of the Mayacamas overlooking Sonoma.

    Northern Sonoma - This AVA encompasses everything that isn't within the Sonoma Coast and Sonoma Valley area but has a small piece that holds the name Northern Sonoma and that is in between the Dry Creek Valley and Sonoma Coast AVAs along Skaggs Springs Rd through Annapolis.

    Pine Mountain - Cloverdale Peak above the North end of the Alexander valley

    Rockpile - Stuffed up into the hills at the Northwest end of the Dry Creek Valley overlooking Lake Sonoma

    Russian River Valley - Central-most to the County this AVA stretches from Rohnert Park in the South to Healdsburg in the North. This AVA alone and its' 100+ wineries could be the focus of an entire week.

    Sonoma Coast - Runs the length of the County from San Pablo Bay to past Fort Bragg in the North containing the Petaluma Gap, Occidental, Freestone, Bodega, Jenner, Sea Ranch, Cazadero and more.

    Sonoma Mountain - Approximately 10 miles of ridgeline beginning at the southern tip of Bennet Valley and stretching South.

    Sonoma Valley - Along Hwy 12 from Pythian Rd (Oakmont Retirement Community) to Carneros in Sonoma. Encompassing Kenwood, Glen Ellen, Agua Caliente, Boyes Hot Springs, El Verano and Sonoma proper.

    Where should you stay?

    It would make sense to set up camp close to where you are planning to visit, taste, eat for convenience sake as well as for punctuality because traffic can be unpredictable.

    Tasting in Carneros, Sonoma Valley, Sonoma Mountain, Moon Mountain AVAs? You probably should be staying in either Sonoma, Glen Ellen or Kenwood.

    Bennet Valley, Russian River Valley, Green Valley, Sonoma Coast locations are begging you to stay in or around the Santa Rosa area. This includes Sebastopol, Forestville, Occidental, Guerneville to the West in order to make your plans flow easily.

    Chalk Hill, Dry Creek, Rockpile, Alexander Valley, Knights Valley, Pine Mountain wineries say Healdsburg/Geyserville/Windsor are your best lodging choice. Knights Valley is a tough one as it is closer to Calistoga than anywhere else but then again there aren't a lot of wineries there, just vineyards.

    It may make sense to spilt your stay between different locations to accommodate your plans. Or, if you like driving, choose one central location and travel out from there. Just keep in mind that if you are staying in Sonoma and you want to have dinner in Healdsburg you have a drive of over an hour, much of it on winding 2 lane roads, to get back to your room.

    Are you traveling with Children? Or is it an Adult Only affair?

    Some accommodations/wineries/restaurants are not as kid friendly as others. This may factor in you plans in a big way. Knowing this information up front ensures you get better advice. Also, knowing you have children along for the ride means you may need some non-wine related activities as well. Lots of this around here from Canoe Trips on the Russian River, to the Charles Shulz Museum/Snoopy's Redwood Ice Arena, to Safari West Wild Game Preserve, to Redwood Canopy Tours Zip-Lining, Coppola has lounge chairs around a pool where you can swim and enjoy the sun etc... Be specific!

    What's your budget?

    Not everyone can afford Madrona Manor, The Farmhouse Inn, Dry Creek Kitchen, $1,000/btl wine lists, $75+/btl wineries. Some might want to cut back on the hotel to be able to afford more/better wines. Others may just be looking for the overall experience. Knowing your price range plays a big role.

    Winery Listings by AVA (under construction)
    This started out as "Recommended Wineries" but what do I know, everyone has different tastes, not everyone is as geeky about this as the next. It's not up to me to decide who should or should not be listed here so I am listing every winery I am aware of. You can choose yours bases on your preferences.

    Please note that many producers use Custom Crush Facilities such as Punch Down Cellars, Vinify etc... So where they are based may differ from where their fruit comes from or where their tasting will take place. Shore those details up with the winery beforehand.

    Disclaimer: I crossed the County Line with my Carneros listings but Carneros is Carneros. Part of it is in Sonoma and another part in Napa.

    Note: If you have a Visa Signature card you can get free tastings at these wineries:
    http://www.sonomawine.com/visa-signatur ... nery-guide
    VISA Signature also sponsors the "Taste of Sonoma" aka "Wine Country Weekend" held in September every year. The biggest annual food and wine event in Sonoma County. The grand tasting at MacMurray Ranch in Healdsburg is a massive event.

    Winery Map That Actually Works!
    Here is a great place to map out your tasting day
    Sonoma Winery/Tasting Room Map

    Variety Abbreviations:
    AG - Aglianico
    AB - Albarińo
    AL - Alicante Bouschet
    AR - Arnies
    BA - Barbera
    BF - Blaufränkisch
    BR - Brunello
    BX - Bordeaux Bland
    CB - Charbono
    CE - Couniose
    CH - Chenin Blanc
    CF - Cabernet Francs
    CG - Carignane
    CL - Claret
    CN - Cinsault
    CS - Cabernet Sauvignon
    CY - Chardonnay
    DO - Dolcetto
    DW - Dessert Wine
    FB - Fumé Blanc
    GB - Grenache Blanc
    GN - Grenache
    GW - Gewürtztraminer
    IW - Ice Wine
    LG - Lagrein
    LH - Late Harvest
    LR - Lenoir
    MA - Malvasia Bianca
    MB - Malbec
    MG - Meritage
    MQ - Musqué
    MU - Muscat
    MS - Marsanne
    MT - Merlot
    MV - Mourvédre
    NB - Nebbiolo
    ND - Nero d'Avola
    OV - Old Vine Field Blend
    PB - Pinot Blanc
    PG - Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris
    PN - Pinot Noir
    PN - Pinot Meunier
    PO - Primitivo
    PT - Port
    PV - Petit Verdot
    RB - Ribolla Gialla
    RG - Riesling
    RH - Rhone Blend
    RO- Rousanne
    RS - Rosé
    SB - Sauvignon Blanc
    SC - Scheurebe
    SE - Semillon
    SG - Sangiovese
    SM - Sauvignon Musqué
    SN - Siena
    SO - Schioppettino
    SR - Southern Rhone
    SW - Sparkling Wine
    SY - Syrah
    SZ - Shiraz
    TA - Tannant
    TF - Tocai Friulano
    TG - Trousseau Gris
    TM - Tempranillo
    TN - Touriga Nacional
    TR - Trousseau
    VD - Verdelho
    VG - Viognier
    VN - Vernaccia
    VR - Vermentino
    WR - White Rhone Blend
    ZN - Zinfandel

    Alexander Valley
    - Alexander Valley Vineyards - Daily 10-5 CY, GW, RS, BX, MT, PN, RH, SY, ZN
    - Arbois/Praxis Cellars - taste @ Locals tasting room in Geyserville GW, VG, PN, CS, MT
    - Clo du Bois - Daily 10-4:30 CY, FB, PG, CS, PN, MA, MT, PS, RS, SZ, TM, ZN, OV
    - deLorimer Winery - Daily 10:30-5 CY, GW, SB, VG, CF, CS, MB, MG, MT, PO, RS, SG, ZN
    - Draxton Winery - CY, SB, BX, CS, MB, PN
    - Field Stone Winery - Daily 10-5 Tours by appt CY, SB, VG, CS, MT, PN, PS, SY, PT
    - Francis Ford Coppola Winery Daily 11-6 CY, PG, SB, SW, CS, MG, MT, PN, SY, ZN
    - Garden Creek Ranch - Wed-Sat 10-1 CY, BX
    - Hanna Winery - Daily 10-4 CY, SB, CS, ZN
    - Hart's Desire Wines - Thu-Mon 11-4:30 CY, SB, VG, RS, CL, CS, MY, PN, SY, ZN, LH, DW
    - Hawkes Winery - Daily 10-5 CY, CS, MT, LH/SE
    - Hoot Owl Creek Winery CS
    - Icaria Creek Winery - Tasting and Barrel Tasting by appt CY, CS
    - J. Rickards Winery - MU, SB, SE, CS, GN, MB, OV/ZN, PS, DW, SW
    - Jordan Winery - By Appt CY, CS
    - Joseph Family Vineyards - By appt CS
    - Kelley & Young Wines - Thu-Mon 11-5 @ Hudson Street Wines in Hldsbrg SB, RS, MB, ZN, LH/SB
    - Medlock Ames- Daily 10-5 CY, SB, RS, CS, MG
    - Pech Merle Winery - Fri-Sat 11-4 or by appt CY, SB, RS, CF, CS, MT, PN, ZN
    - Pendleton Estate Vyds. & Winery - Appt only MG, MV, PS, ZN
    - Quaking Hills Winery, Inc. - Appt only VG, CF, CS, MB, MG, MT, PV, DW
    - Robert Young Estate Winery- Rodney Strong Vineyards
    - Sapphire Hill Vineyards & Winery - 11-4:30 CY, GW, SW, CS, MT, PN, PS, ZN, DW
    - Seghesio Family Vineyards - Daily 10-5 ZN, PG, SG, BA, AR
    - Silver Oak Cellars - Mon-Sat 10-5 Sun 11-5 CS
    - Simi Winery - Daily 10-5 CY, PG, SB, CS, MT, PN, PS, PV, ZN, LH/RG
    - Skipstone Ranch Winery - Tasting in Napa only VG, BX, CS
    - Soda Rock Winery - Daily 11-5 CY, GW, SB, RS, CF, CS, MB, MG, MT, PO, PV, ZN
    - Souverain - Appt only CY, SB, CS, MG
    - Starlite Vineyards - Thu-Sun 11-5 or by appt VG, CS, ZN
    - Stonestreet Wines - Daily 10:30-5:30 Downtown Healdsburg CY, SE/SB, SB, RG, CF, CS, MG, MT
    - Stryker Sonoma - CY, SB, SE, BX, CS, PV, SG, ZN
    - Stuhlmuller Vineyard Winery - Fri-Mon 11-4:30 CY, CS, ZN
    - Trentadue Winery - Daily 10-5 CY, SW, SG, Ps, ZN, MT, BX, PT
    - Trione Vineyards and Winery - May-Oct Thu-Mon; Nov-Apr Thu-Sun 10am to 5pm CY, CS, PN, SB, SY, BX, PO
    - Vérité Estate Winery - Appt only Daily 11-4 BX, CS, MT
    - White Oak Vineyards and Winery - Daily 10-5 CY, SB, BX, CS, MT, PN, SY, ZN
    - William Gordon Winery - Appt only CS, PS, PV, ZN

    Bennett Valley
    - At the present time there are just three active bonded wineries in the appellation. Matanzas Creek Winery, set at the heart of the Valley, is the only one with a tasting room open daily. The other small, quality focused Bennett Valley wineries; Flanagan Family Vineyards and Sable Ridge Winery are open to visitors by appointment only. More recently, several Bennett Valley growers have been impressed enough with the valley’s unique terroir and distinctive fruit to begin producing wine under their own labels.

    For the most part, these recently established brands produce small lots of ultra premium wine in artisan production facilities located outside of the Valley. They are likewise open to visitors by appointment only.

    - Alta Ridge Vineyards - Appt only SB, VG, MT, PN, SY, PS
    - Annadel Estate Winery- Appt only CY, RS, BX, ZN
    - Argot Wines - Appt only CY, RS, CS, RH, PN
    - Barbed Oak Vineyards - By Appointment Only CY, PN
    - Bennett Valley Cellars - Appt only CY, PN
    - Bevan Cellars - By appt CY, SB, PN, CF/CS, CS/MG
    - Flanagan Family Vineyards - Appt only CY, PN, CS, SY
    - Frostwatch Vineyard & Winery - By appt CY, MT, PN, BX
    - Jemrose Wines - by appt (847) 989-7292 VG, GN, SY, MT
    - Mackie Family Wines - Appt only ZN
    - Matanzas Creek Winery - Daily 10-4:30 CY, SB, MT, PN, SY, MG
    - Nelson Estates Wines - Appt only CY, CF, MT, PN, PT
    - Sable Ridge Vineyards - SY, PS, ZN, PT
    - Silver Pines Vineyards - Appt only SB, SY, LH/SB
    - Westerhold Family Vineyards - By Appointment Only PN, SY

    - Acacia Vineyards Appt only Mon-Sat 10-4 Sun 12-4 CY, VG, PN, SW
    - Adastra - Appt only CY, MG, MT, PN, SY
    - Artesa Winery - Daily 10-4:30 CY, SB, SW, MT, PN, CS
    - Anaba Wines - Daily 10-5:30 CY, VG, RH, PN, DW
    - Bonneau Wines - CY, RS, CS, MT, PS, SY, ZN
    - Bouchaine Vineyards - Daily 10-4:30 CY, PG, PN, SY
    - Canihan Family Winery - By Appointment Only CF, SY, PN http://canihanwines.com/contact
    - Ceja Vineyards - Appt only CY, CS, MG, MT, PN, SY
    - Cline Cellars - Daily 10-6 MS, PG, RO, RS, VG, CG, MG, MV, PN, RH, SY ZN
    - Curvare Winery - Appt only PN
    - Cuvaison Estate Wines Daily 10-5 CY, MT, PN, SY
    - Domaine Carneros - Daily 10-6 SW, PN, MT
    - Enkidu Wines - Daily 12-6 CY, RS, SB, CS, PN, PS, RH, SY, ZN
    - Etude Winery - Daily 10-4:30 PG, CS, PN
    - Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards - Daily 10-5 SW
    - Homewood Winery - Daily 10-4 CY, CS, PN, ZN
    - Kamen Estate Wines - Appt only or Tasting Room on Sonoma Plaza - CS, SY
    - Keating Wines - Daily 10-5 CS, MB, PS, ZN
    - Larson Family Winery - Daily 10-4 CY, GW, PG, PN
    - MacRostie Winery and Vineyards - Appt only CY, MT, PN, SY
    - Madonna Estate - Daily 10-5 CY, GW, MU, RG, CS, DO, MT, PN
    - Mahoney Vineyards - Appt only AL, CY, RS, VR, NB, PN, PS, SG, SY, TM
    - McKenzie-Mueller Vineyards & Winery - Appt only PG, CF, CS, PN
    - Meadowcroft Wines - Daily 10-6 CY, SB, VD, VG, CS, MG, MT, PN, ZN
    - Parmelee-Hill Wines - SY, SY/ZN, PT
    - Peter Cellars - Appt only CY, RS, CS, PN, SY
    - Robert Stemmler Winery - Tasting at Sonoma Enoteca CY, PN
    - Robledo Family Winery Appt only CY, CS, MT, PN
    - Schug Carneros Estate Winery - Daily 10-5 CY, CS, MT, PN
    - Talisman Wines - Appt only PN
    - Tin Barn Vineyards - Appt only SB, CS, ZN
    - Truchard Vineyards - Appt only CY, RO, CF, CS, MT, PN, SY, TM, ZN
    - Ty Caton Vineyards - Daily 11-6 in Kenwood RG, CS, MB, MG, MT, SY, PS, PV, RS, DW
    - Viansa Winery - Daily 10-5 AR, CY, PG, SB, TF, VC, BA, CF, CS, DO, MT, NB, PN, PO, SG, SY, ZN

    Chalk Hill
    - Calluna Vineyards - 11-5 Fri-Sun Mon-Thu by appt @ Vinoteca Tasting Collective in Santa Rosa CS, MT, BX
    - Chalk Hill Estate - Daily 10-4 Tours and Tastings CY, SB, PG, VG, SE, SM, CS, MT, PN, ZN, SY, MB, DW
    - Chateau Felice - By appt SB, BX, Mg, LH/SN, LH/ZN
    - Jordan Vineyards - Daily Tours and tastings by appt CY, CS

    Dry Creek Valley
    Canyon Rd
    - Frick - 12-4:30 Sat-Sun (Canyon Rd to Walling Rd) MT, SY, RS, CG, RS, GN, GB, CN, CE, MV, VG, SR
    - Pedroncelli Winery - Daily 10-4:30 CY, CS, MT, PS, PN, SY, ZN, RS, BX, SB, SG, PT

    Dry Creek Rd
    - Amista - Daily 11-4:30 CY, CS, SY, ZN, RS, DW, SW, PT
    - Amphora - Daily 11-4:30 CY, CF, CS, MT, PS, PN, SY, ZN, MB, BA, SN, PT
    - Cast Wines - Appt only CY, PS, PN, ZN, SB
    - Chateau Diana - Daily 11-5 CY, CS, ZN
    - Collier Falls - Daily 10:30-4:30 CS, ZN, PN, PR
    - David Coffaro - Daily 11-4 CS, PS, PN, ZN, RS, BX, SB, DW, BA, CG, RH
    - Dutcher Crossing - Daily 11-5 CY, CS, MT, PS, SY, ZN, SB, PT
    - Dry Creek Vineyard - Daily 10:30-4:30 (Dry Creek to Lambert Bridge Rd) CY, CB, CS, MT, PS, PN, ZN, SB, FB, LH, MB, MG, MR, MQ, RS
    - F. Teldeschi - Daily 12-5 CY, CF, CS, MT, PS, PN, SY, ZN, BX, RH, PT, RS
    - Ferrari Carano - Daily 10-5 CY, CF, CS, MT, PN, SY, ZN, BX, SB, DW, SI, MB, PG, SG
    - Forchini Vineyards and Winery - Fri-Sun 11-4:30 Mon-Thu by apt CS, PN, ZN, BX
    - Kachina Vineyards - Appt only CY, CS, PT, CB
    - Kokomo Winery - Daily 11-4:30 CY, CS, PS, PN, ZN, SB, MB, LH
    - Nalle Winery - Sat 12-4:30 otherwise by apt CY, PN, ZN, BX
    - Papapietro Perry - Daily @ Family Winemakers - CY, PN, ZN
    - Passalacqua Winery - Daily 11-5 (Dry Creek to Lambert Bridge Rd) CY, CS, ZN, SB, SG, PO
    - Peterson Winery - Daily 11-4:30 CS, PS, SY, ZN, SB
    - Preston of Dry Creek - Daily 11-4:30 PS, SY, ZN, RS, SB, CG, RH, RO, GB, CI, MS, MV, VG
    - Rued Winery - Daily 11-4:30 CY, CS, PN, ZN, SB
    - Sbragia Family Vineyards - Daily 10:30-5 CY, CS, MT, ZN, SB
    - Talty Winery - Appt only ZN
    - Trattore Estate Wines - Daily 11-4:30 PS, SY, ZN, RO, GN, Ms, MV, VG
    - Truett Hurst Winery - Daily 11-05 CY, PS, PN, ZN, RS
    - UNTI Vineyards - By apt 10-4 PS, SY, ZN, RS, BA, RH, GN, GB, MV, PO

    - Hawley - Daily 11-6 CY, CS, MT, PS, PN, ZN, SB, LH, VG
    - Manzanita Creek - Wed-Sat 10-4 Sun-Tue by apt PS, PN, SY, ZN
    - Optima Winery - Appt only CS, PS, ZN, PT
    - Roadhouse Winery - Daily 12-6 PN, ZN, SB, DW
    - Seghesio Family Vineyards - Daily 10-5 ZN, PG, SG, BA, AR
    - Selby Winery - Daily 11-5:30 CY, CS, MT, PS, PN, SY, ZN, SB, MB, SG, GN, PV, LH, PT
    - Stephen & Walker Winery - Daily 11-7 CS, PS, PN, ZN, SB, DW, PT
    - West Wines - Mon, Thu, Fri 12-4 Sat-Sun 11-4 CY, CS, BX, SB, VG
    - Wilson Winery - Daily 11-5 CF, PS, SY, ZN, BX

    Lytton Springs Rd
    - Mazzocco Winery - Daily 11-5 CY, CS, MT, PS, ZN, SB
    - Moniclaire Vineyards - Appt only ZN, PS
    - Ridge Lytton Springs - Mon-Fri-11-4 Sat-Sun 11-5 CY, CS, PS, SY, ZN, BX, CG, RH, GN, PO

    Middle of Nowhere
    Stewarts Point-Skaggs Springs Rd
    - Gustafson Family Vineyard - Sat 10-4 Fri, Sun, Mon by apt RG, CS, PS, SY, ZN, SB, RS

    West Dry Creek Rd
    - A. Raffanelli - Appt only CS, MT, PS, ZN
    - Bella Vineyards and Wine Caves - Daily 11-4:30 SY, ZN, RS, GN, LH
    - Everett Ridge - Daily 10-5 CY, CS, PN, SY, ZN, SB, SG, PT
    - Göpfrich Winery - aPPT ONLY CS, MT, SY, ZN
    - Lambert Bridge - CY, CF, CS, MT, PS, ZN, SB, PV
    - Martorana Family Winery - Daily 11-5 CY, CS, MT, PS, ZN
    - Michel Schlumberger - By apt (West Dry Creek to Wine Creek) CY, CS, MT, SY
    - Mounts Family Vineyard - Sat 11-5 Sun 12-4:30 Mon, Thu, Fri by Appt (West Dry Creek to Wine Creek) CF, CS, PS, SY, ZN, RS, MB, GN, VG
    - Quivira Winery - Daily 11-5 PS, SY, ZN, RS, SB, RH, GN, MV
    - Raymond Burr Vineyards - Daily 11-5 CY, CF, CS
    - Simoncini Vineyards - Appt only ZN, RS
    - Vineyard of Pasterick - Appt only SY, RS, VG
    - Zichichi Family Vineyard - Daily 11-4:30 CS, PS, ZN

    Westside Rd
    - Armida - Daily 11-5 CY, CS, MT, PN, ZN, SB, PG
    - Davero - Daily 11-5 Winter Thu-Mon CY, RG, CS, PN, ZN, RS, SB, MB, SN, BA, SG
    - De La Montanya - Weekends 11-4:30 (Westside Rd to Foreman Ln) M-F by appt CY, CS, MT, PN, ZN, SB, VG
    - MacPhail Family Wines - Appt Only (Westside to Kinley to Magnolia) CY, PN, RS
    - Mill Creek Winery - Daily 10-5 CY, CS, MY, SY, ZN, SB, GW, MG, PT
    - Uptick Vineyards - Daily 11-5 CY, CS, PN, SY, ZN, RS, SB, SW

    Fort Ross - Seaview
    - Flowers Vineyard & Winery- Appt only CY, PN
    - Fort Ross Vineyards - Summer 10-6 Winter 10-5 CY, RS, PN
    - Hirsch Winery - Appt only CY, PN
    - Peay Vineyards - By appt to mailing list customers only CY, RO/MR, VG, PN, SY
    - Wild Hog Winery - Appt only CG, DO, PN, SG, SY, ZN

    Green Valley of Russian River Valley
    - Dutton Goldfield - daily 10-4:30 Graton Rd @ Hwy 116 CY, PN, SY
    - Red Car Wines - daily 10-5 next door to Dutton Goldfield CY, PN, SY

    - Marimar Estate Vineyards & Winery - Daily 11-4 @ "The Barlow" CY, AB, PN

    Knights Valley
    - Ankota Wines - Allocated to mailing list CS
    - Hans Fahden Vineyards - By appt CS
    - Peter Michael Winery - Tasting for list members only CY, SE, BX, PN

    Moon Mountain
    - Bartholomew Park Winery - Daily 11-4:30 CY, SB, CS, SY, ZN
    - Blackstone Winery - CY, PG, SB, CS, MB, MT, PN, SY, ZN
    - Buena Vista Winery - Daily 10-5 CY, PG, SB, CG, FC, MG, MT, PN, TJ, ZN, SW, PT
    - Favero Vineyards - Appt only CS, SG, SG/CS, DW
    - Grebennikoff Vineyards - MT, SY, MT/SY
    - Hanzell Vineyards - By appt CY, PN
    - Moon Mountain Vineyards - See Repris
    - Petroni Vineyards - Daily 2-5 Broadway in Sonoma VY, RS, BR, CS, MG, PN, SY
    - Ravenswood Winery - Daily 10-4:30 CY, CS, MT, OV, Ps, ZN
    - Repris Wines - By appt only (707) 931-7701 or [email protected] CY, CF, CS, GN, SY, MT, MV, BX, ZN
    - Schulz Cellars - By appt AB, MG, ZN
    - Sky Vineyards - By appt SY, ZN, LH/ZN

    Northern Sonoma
    - E J Gallo Winery - CY

    Pine Mountain - Cloverdale Peak
    - Pine Mountain Vineyards - By appt CS
    - Bob Dog Wine - By appt CF, CS, MT, PV, ZN, PT
    - Captûre Wines - By appt only CY, SB, RS, BX, CS
    - Ispiri Wines - By appt BX, CS, PV
    - Miro Cellars - by appt CS, PS, RH, ZN
    - Respite Wines - By appt CS

    There are no wineries within the Rockpile AVA but the following labels use its' fruit.
    - Beekeeper Cellars
    530 Molino St. Loft 218, Los Angeles, CA 90013
    - Bella Vineyards
    9711 West Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg, CA
    - Branham Wines
    1929 West Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg, CA
    - Bruliam Wines
    P.O. Box 92, Healdsburg, CA
    - Carol Shelton
    3354-B Coffey Lane Santa Rosa, CA
    - Davenport Wines
    P.O. BOX 863, Geyserville, CA 95441
    - JC Cellars
    55 4th Street, Oakland, CA 94607
    - Mauritson Family Winery - Daily 10-5 Dry Creek @ Lytton Springs CY, CF, CS, PS, SY, ZN, BX, SB, MB, PT
    - Paradise Ridge Winery
    4545 Thomas Lake Harris Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
    - Robert Biale Vineyards
    4038 Big Ranch Road, Napa, CA 94558
    - Rock Wall Wines
    2301 Monarch Street, Alameda, CA 94501
    - Seghesio Family Vineyards
    700 Grove Street, Healdsburg, CA
    - St. Francis
    100 Pythian Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95409
    - Stryker Sonoma Winery
    5110 California 128, Geyserville, CA 95441
    - Valdez Family Winery
    595 Santana Drive Suite A, Cloverdale, CA

    Russian River Valley
    - Agharta Wines - Appt only CS, WR, BX, SY
    - Atascadero Creek Winery - Tasting room in downtown F'ville open Thu-Mon 12-5 PG, SB, CG, PO, SG, SY, PN, ZN, PT
    - Hartford Family Wines / Hartford Court - Daily 10-4:30 Personal Tasting Experience by appt CY, PN, ZN
    - Iron Horse Vineyards - Daily 10-4:30 at the very end of Ross Station Rd CY, PN, SW
    - Joseph Swan Vineyards - Open Sat-Sun 11-4:30 and on selected Holidays. CY, GW, PG, RS, PN, ZN, CG, SY, TA
    - Pax Wine Cellars - Appt only CY, GN, SY
    - Russian River Vineyards - Tasting room open daily JSO Forestville on 116. CY, SB, PN, ZN, CS, MT, RS, LH
    - RYME/VERSE Cellars - Appt only AG, RB, VR, CF / CY, PN
    - Wilde Farm Wines - Appt only CY, RS, PN, SY, ZN
    - Wine Guerrilla - Tasting Room in downtown F'ville open 11-5 daily - SVD and Appellatiion Old Vine Zinfandel

    - Old World Winery - 11-4 Thu-Mon by appt otherwise CY, SB, PG, MT, OV, PN, ZN
    - Robert Rue Vineyard & Winery - Fri-Sun 11-5 otherwise by appt SB, RS, ZN, LH

    - Dutton Estate Winery - Tasting Room open daily Hwy 116 @ Green Valley Rd CY, SB, PN, SY
    - Graton Ridge Cellars - Tasting room open daily Spring and Summer, weekends in Fall and Winter Hwy 116 @ Vine Hill Rd
    CY, PN, ZN, PT, DW

    - Korbel Champagne Cellars - Daily 10-4:30 Tours all day SW

    Eastside Rd
    - Copain Wines - Tasting by Appt only. Eastside Rd CY, RS, PN, SY

    Westside Rd
    - Arista Wine - Tasting room open 11-5 daily CY, GW, PN, ZN
    - Gary Farrell Winery - Open daily 10:30-4:30 CY, SB, PN, SY, ZN
    - George Wine Company- appt only [email protected] PN
    - Gracianna Winery - Tasting room open Apr-Oct 10-5 Westside Rd across from Arista CY, SB, PN, ZN
    - Hop Kiln Winery - Open Daily 10-5 Westside Rd CY, PG, RS, PN, SW
    - John Tyler Wines - Daily 11-5 PN, ZN
    - Matrix Winery - Daily 11-5 CY, SB, PN, MT, PO, PS, RS, ZN,
    - Moshin Vineyards - Open daily 11-4 CY, SB, CS, GN, MT, BX, PN, ZN, DW, RS, LH
    - Porter Creek Winery - Tasting room open daily 10:30-4:30 Westsid Rd CY, VG, CG, PN, SY, ZN
    - Rochioli Estate - Open daily 11-4 Thu-Mon Tue-Wed by appt Westside Rd next to Hop Kiln CY, SB, PN
    - Terlato Family Vineyards - Daily 10-5 Westside to Kinley to 2306 Magnolia Dr CY, PG, PN
    - Thomas George Estate - open daily 11-5 CY, SB, VG, PB, PN, SY, ZN
    - Twomey Cellars - Daily 10-5 SB, MT, PN
    - VML Winery - Open daily 11-5 CY, GW, SB, RS, PN, OV, ZN, SW
    - Williams-Selyem - Appt only CY, CB, PN, ZN, RS, SW

    Old Redwood Hwy
    - Acorn Winery - Appt only CF, DO, RS, SG, SY, ZN
    - Davis Bynum Winery - @ Rodney Strong CY, PN
    - Foppiano Vineyards - Daily 11-5 CY, SB, PN, PS, RS
    - J Vineyards - Daily 11-5 CY, PG, PN, SW
    - Rodney Strong Vineyards - Daily 10-5 CY, CS, MG, PN

    Limerick lane
    - Christopher Creek - Daily 11-5 CH, CS, MG, MT, PS
    - Limerick Lane Winery - Daily 10-5 PN, RH, ZN
    - Meitz Cellars - Appt only [email protected] CY, CL, PN, PV, SY, ZN
    - Merriam Vineyards - Daily 11-5 (Winter Thu-Sun) Limerick Lane to Los Amigos Rd South CY, CF, CS, BX, SB, RS, MT, PN, PV
    - Viszlay Vineyards & Winery - by appt 11-3:30 [email protected] CH, MG, PN, PS, SW

    - Arnot-Roberts - appt only CY, CS, OV, PN, RB, RS, TR, SY, ZN
    - Cartograph Wines - Daily 12-6:30 GW, PN
    - C. Donatiello Winery - Daily 10:30-6:30 CY, PN
    - Davis Family Vineyards - 11-5 Thur-Sun CY, RG, RH, CS, PN, SY, ZN
    - Holdredge Wines - Fri-Sat-Sun 11-5 PN, SO
    - La Crema Winery - Daily 10:30-5:30 CY, PG, VG, PN,
    - Longboard Vineyards - Daily 11-6:30 CY, SB, CS, MG, MT, SY, PN, ZN
    - Valdez Family Wines- 11-5 Thu-Sun CS, PN, SY, ZN

    Santa Rosa
    - Balletto Family Wines - Open daily 11-5 Occidental Rd CY, GW, PG, PN, RS, SY, ZN
    - Barbed Oak - appt only CY, PN
    - DeLoach Winery - Open daily 10-5 CY, PN, ZN
    - Dirty & Rowdy Family Winery - Appt only SE, MV, PS
    - Hanna Winery - Open daily 10-4 CS, PN, MG, MT
    - Harvest Moon Estate & Winery - Daily 10-5 CY, CS, GW, MG, PN, ZN SW
    - Hook & Ladder- Call for appt or visit tasting room in Downtown Sebastopol CY, GW, LH, CS, MG, MT, PN, ZN
    - Inman Family Wine - open 11-4 Thur-Mon CY, PG, PN, SW
    - Lost Canyon Winery - Thu-Sun 11-4 CY, PN, SY
    - Martin Ray Winery - Daily 11-5 CY, RS, CS, MT, PN
    - Novy Family Wines - Daily 10-3 CY, GW, PB, SB, VG, PM, PN, SY, ZN
    - Paradise Ridge Wine (Santa Rosa Estate) - Open Daily, 11:00 to 5:00 CY, SB, SW, CF, CS, MT, RH, PN, SY
    - Petrichor Vineyards - appt only SY/GN
    - Siduri Winery- open daily tastings on the hour 10-3 by appt PN
    - Sunce Winery - Open daily 10:30-5 CY, MA, SB, VG, AB, BA, CF, CG, DO, MB, MG, MT, MV, NB, SG, SY, RS, PN, PS, SY, ZN, DW, LH
    - Walter Hansel - Wine Bar/Bistro on Guerneville Rd in old Zazu location CH, SB, PN

    - Dehlinger Winery - Private Tours and tastings between Apr-Aug 2 week min adv notice CY, CS, PN
    - D & L Carinalli Vineyards - By appt only CY, PN, RS, PG
    - EnRoute Winery - appt only [email protected] or taste at Far Niente in Oakville CY, PN
    - Hook & Ladder - Tasting room on Main St Downtown open daily CY, GW, MT, PN, CS, ZN, BX
    - Kistler Vineyards - by appt only [email protected] CY, PN
    - Kosta Browne - At "The Barlow" Food and Wine Center, Appt only CY, PN
    - La Follette Wines - At "The Barlow" CY, PN
    - Lynmar Estate - 40-90 Minute Tastings by appt only. Frei Rd JEO Hwy 116 CY, PN, SY, RS
    - Merry Edwards - Tasting room open daily Hwy 116 JSO Graton Rd CY, PN, SB
    - Occidental Road Winery - Tasting room on Hwy 116 next to Taco Bell CY, SB, RS, PN, ZN, SY, DW
    - Paul Hobbs Winery - Appt only [email protected] CY, PN, SY, CS
    - River Road Vineyards & Winery - [email protected] CY, CS, PN, PG, PM, RS, ZN, SW
    - Scherrer - Appt only CY, CS, PN, ZN, SY, RS
    - Wind Gap Wines - At "The Barlow" a Tasting room not open yet, Appt only CY, BF, GN, PN, SY, MV, NB, PG, RH, RS, TG, WR

    - Balverne Wines/Windsor Oaks Vineyards - Bt appt only CY, SB, PN, RS/SG
    - Gamba Vineyards & Winery - Sunday 11-5 by appt [email protected] ZN
    - Lauterbach Cellars - by appt only PN, SY, PT, RS
    - Martinelli Winery - Tasting room open daily on River Rd btw Woolsey and Olivet Rds CY, MU, PN, SY, ZN
    - Mutt Lynch - Thu-Mon 11-6 Windsor Town Green CY, CH, SB, MT, PO, PS, RS, ZN
    - Russian Hill Estate Winery - Daily 10-4 PN, SY, VG, RS
    - Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards - Thu-Mon 10-4 CY, PN

    Sonoma Coast
    Petaluma Wind Gap
    - Armagh Vineyard - Appt only SY
    - Azari Vineyards - Appt only PN, SZ
    - Enriquez Estate Wines - Appt only SB/MU/CY, RS, PN, TM
    - Karah Estate - Mon-Fri 8-2:30 Sat-Sun 12-5 CY, PN, RS, PT
    - Keller Estate - Fri-Sun 11-4 or by appt Mon-Thu CY, PG, PN, SY
    - McEvoy Ranch - By appt MG, PN
    - Saltonstall Estate - Sat 10-4 PN, SW

    Petaluma Gap Brands with no Tasting Rooms
    (available in local wine shops)
    - Bailiwick Wines CF, PN, RS
    - Brooks Note Winery- PN, RS
    - Clary Ranch Wines PN, SY
    - Couloir Wines SB, PN, SY, TM
    - Ernest Vineyards CY, PN
    - Flocchini Wines CY, PN, SY, RS
    - Fogline Vineyards CY, PN, SY, ZN
    - Guarachi Family Wines CY, CS, PN
    - Kendric Vineyards VG, PN, SY
    - Kosta Browne Winery CY, PN
    - Morris Ranch Winery & Vineyard PN
    - Pfendler Vineyards CY, PN
    - Ridgeway/Two Pisces Vineyard PN
    - Waxwing Wine Cellars RG, RS, PN, SY

    West Sonoma Coast
    - 32 Winds Wine - By apt CY, CS, PN
    - Baker Lane - Tasting at Vinoteca Collective @ Vinify on Coffey Ln 11-5 Fri-Sun by appt Mon-Thur RS, PN, SY
    - Banshee Wines - Daily 11-7 CY, SB, RS, CS, MG, PN
    - Benovia Winery - Tours and tasting by appt 10-3:30 CY, GN, PN, ZN
    - Ceritas - appt only CY, PN
    - Charles Heintz Ranch Vineyards & Winery - By appt CY, RS, PN, SY, LH/CY
    - Cobb Wines - By apt PN
    - Donelan Family Wines - By apt CY, RO/MR, VG, PN, RH, SY
    - Emeritus Vineyards - By apt PN
    - Ernest Vineyards - By apt CY, PN
    - Evening Land Vineyards - By apt PN
    - Failla Wines - By apt CY, VG, PN, SY
    - Flowers Vineyard & Winery- Appt only CY, PN
    - Freeman Vineyard & Winery - By apt CY, PN
    - Furthermore Pinot Noir - By apt PN
    - Gros Ventre Cellars - By apt PN
    - Halleck Vineyard - By apt GW, SB, PN
    - Hirsch Winery - Appt only CY, PN
    - Joseph Phelps Vineyards- Daily 11-7 CY, SB, BX, CS, PN, SY, SC/IW
    - LaRue Wines - By apt PN
    - Lattanzio Wines - By apt CY, RS, PN
    - Lioco - by appt CY, CG. RS, PN
    - Littorai - Appt only CY, PN
    - MacPhail Family Wines - By apt CY, PN
    - Peay Vineyards - By appt to mailing list customers only CY, RO/MR, VG, PN, SY
    - Ramey Wine Cellars
    - Senses Wines - By apt CY, PN
    - Small Vines - By apt CY, PN, RS
    - Soliste - By apt CY, SB, PN, SY, RS
    - Sonoma Coast Vineyards - Tastings at Windsor Vineyards Tasting Room CY, PN, SY
    - Wayfarer Vineyard - Coming Fall 2014 CY, PN
    - Zepaltas Wines- By apt CY, SB, CF, PN, SY

    - Bodega Rancho Wine - tasting Sat-Sun at the Cellar Door SY, VG
    - Boheme Wines - Tasting at the Cellar Door Sat-Sun CY, PN
    - Cleary Ranch Vineyards - appt only [email protected] PN, SY
    - Radio Coteau - By appt CY, RG, PN, SY, ZN

    Sonoma Mountain
    - Argot Wines - By appy PN
    - Bevan Cellars - By appt CY, SB, PN, CF/CS, CS/MG
    - Coturri Winery - By apt CY, AC, BA, BX, MT, PN, SG, SY, ZN

    Sonoma Valley
    Glen Ellen
    - Arrowood - Open daily 10-4:30 CY, VG, CS, MB, MT, SY, LH/RG
    - Beltane Ranch - By Appointment Only SB, ZN
    - Benziger Family Winery - Open Daily, 10:00 to 5:00 CY, SB, CS, MT, PN, SY. ZN, RS, PT
    - BR Cohn - Open daily 10-5 CY, RS, SE, BA, CF, CS, MB, MG, MT, PN, PO, PS, SY, ZN
    - Bucklin Winery - By appt (707) 933-1726 RS, CS, GN, OV, PS, SY, ZN
    - Eric Ross Winery - Open Daily, 11:00 to 5:00 AB, VG, PN, RH, SY, TM, PT
    - Imagery Estate Winery - Open Daily, 10:00 to 5:30 MU, PG, SB, VG, WB, BA, CF, CS, CN, GN, LG, MB, MT, MV, PS, PV, SG, TM, ZN
    - Korbin Kameron - Open Th-Su, 12:00 to 6:00 RS, BX, CS, CF, MB, MT, PV
    - Lasseter Family Winery - By Appointment Only RS, BX, MB, RH
    - Laurel Glen Vineyard - By Appointment Only RS, CS
    - Little Vineyards - Open Th-Su, 11:00 to 4:30 CS, PS, SY, ZN, PT, LH/ZN
    - Mayo Family Winery - Open Daily, 10:30 to 6:30 CY, GW, PG, SB, BA, CS, MB, MG, PN, PO, RH, SY, ZN, SW
    - Moondance Cellars - hours vary by season CY, SB, CS, MG, MT, PN
    - Pangloss Cellars - Open Daily, 10:30 to 5:00 CY, SB, BX, CS, RH, PN, ZN
    - Valley of the Moon Winery - Open daily 10-5, Friday 10-6 CY, PB, RS, CS, MG, ZN
    - Wellington Vineyards - Open Daily, 10:30 to 4:30 MG, SY

    - B Wise Vineyards - Open Daily, 10:30 to 5:30; Private Tastings Available RS, CS, MG, SY
    - Chateau St Jean - Open daily 10-5 CY, FB, PB, RG, LH/RG, VG, CS, CF, MG, MT, PN, SY
    - Deerfield Ranch Winery - Open Daily, 10:30 to 4:30
    - Deerfield Ranch - Daily 10-4:30 PG, SB, PG/SB, CF, CS, MG, MT, PN, SY, ZN, DW
    - En Garde - Open daily 11-6 AB, RS, CS, PN, TM, PT
    - Enkidu Wines - Open daily 12-6 Private Tastings by Appointment (call 707.833.6100 for details) CY, RS, SB, CS, PN, PS, RH, SY, ZN
    - Kaz Winery - Open F-M, 11:00 to 5:00 CY, BX, LR, MG PN, PS, PV, PS/PV, SG, TA
    - Kenwood Vineyards - Open Daily, 10:00 to 4:30 CY, PG, RS, SB, CS, MT, MY, PN, SY, ZN, SW
    - Kunde Estate - Open daily 10:30-5 CY, GW, SB, VG, CS, MG, MT, ZN, DW
    - Landmark Vineyards - Open Daily, 10:00 to 5:00 CY, PG, GN, RH, PN, SY
    - Loxton Cellars - Open daily 11-5 CY, CS, SY, ZN, LH/ZN
    - MacLeod Family Vineyard - By Appointment Only SB, RS, ZN
    - Mayo Reserve Room - Open Daily, 10:30 to 6:30 reservations required Food pairings CY, VG, BA, CS, MT, ZN, PT
    - Muscardini Cellars - Open daily 11-6
    - Nakedwines.com- Open Daily, 11:00 to 5:00
    - Paradise Ridge Wine (Kenwood) - Open Daily, 11:00 to 6:00 CY, SB, CS, RH, SY, SW
    - St. Anne's Crossing- Open Daily by appt CY, SB, ZN
    - VJB Vineyards & Cellars - Open Daily, 10:00 to 5:00 TF, AG, BA, CS, ND, PO, SG, ZN, PT, SW

    - Adobe Road Winery (Sonoma Square) - Open Daily, 11:00 to 6:30
    - Auteur Wines (Sonoma Square) - By Appointment Only
    - Bedrock Wines - By appt only
    - Bennett Valley Cellars (Sonoma Square)
    - Bryter Estates (Sonoma Square) - Open Weekdays, 12:00 to 5:00, Weekends 11:00 to 5:00
    - BUMP Wine Cellars (Sonoma Square) - Open Th-Su, 12:00 - 6:00; M-T, 1:00 to 6:00
    - Charles Creek Vineyard - (Sonoma Square) - Open Th-M, 11:00 to 6:00
    - CLARABEC Wines - By Appointment Only
    - Envolve Winery (Sonoma Square) - Open Daily, 12:00 to 7:00 (Saturday until 8:00)
    - Gundlach Bundschu Winery - Open Daily, 11:00 to 4:30
    - Hawkes Vineyards & Winery (Sonoma Square) - Open Daily, 11:00 to 6:00
    - Haywood Estate (Sonoma Square) - Open Daily, 11:00 to 6:00 (Fri & Sat until 7:00)
    - Highway 12 Vineyards (Sonoma Square) - Open Daily, 10:30 to 5:30
    - Hoffman Family Cellars (Sonoma Square)
    - Maclaren Wine Company (Sonoma Square) - Hours vary by day
    - Nicholson Ranch - Open daily 10-6
    - Paint Horse Winery - By Appointment Only
    - Robert Hunter Winery - By Appointment Only
    - Roche Family Winery (Sonoma Square) - Open Daily, 11:00 to 7:00
    - Scribe Winery - By Appointment Only
    - Sebastiani Winery - Open Daily, 11:00 to 5:00
    - SIGH (Sonoma Square) - Open Th-Tu, 12:00 to 8:00
    - Sojourn - By appt only 707-938-7212 [email protected]
    - Sonoma Enoteca (Sonoma Square) - Open W-M, 11:00 to 6:00
    - Spann Vineyards (Sonoma Square) - Open Daily, 12:00 to 6:00
    - Three Sticks Winery (Sonoma Square) - By Appointment Only
    - Two Amigos Wines/Glen Lyon Vineyards & Winery (Sonoma Square) - Open Daily, 11:00 to 6:00
    - WALT Wines (Sonoma Square) - Open Daily, 11:00 to 6:00
    - Westwood Winery (Sonoma Square) - Open Daily, 11:00 to 5:00

    Santa Rosa
    - Annadel Estate Winery - By Appointment
    - St Francis Winery - Open daily 10-5 for wine tasting. Wine and Food pairing by appt Thu-Mon
    - Ledson Winery & Vineyards - Open Daily, 10:00 to 5:00

    Annual Wine, Wine/Food Events
    Knowing when these events are taking place can help you plan out your trip to coincide with them or, in some cases, to avoid the crowds. Not a complete listing but some of the more popular events.

    - Winter WineLand - 140+ Wineries offering limited production wines, new releases, library wines & meet the winemakers. (Self-guided as you travel from from winery to winery, think DD)

    - Sonoma Valley Olive Festival - Put some sparkle in your spirit with a visit to Sonoma Valley this winter season. In January and February, our annual Olive Season lights up the Valley with a two-month-long celebration as we toast all things olive.

    Sonoma County Wine Road Annual Barrel Tasting Weekends - typically the first two weekends of March. Your chance to sample wines still in the barrel, buy "futures" and meet the winemakers. (Self-guided as you travel from from winery to winery, think DD)

    - Pinot Family Reunion - Featuring over 40 wineries participating in a wine and food tasting at Vintners Inn Event Center, followed by a family-style dinner paired with some of the area’s top pinot producers at John Ash & Co. restaurant. Proceeds benefit the Sutter North Bay Women’s Health Center.
    - April in Carneros - Multi-Winery Open House
    - Passport to Dry Creek Valley - More than 50 Wineries located throughout the pristine and unspoiled beauty of Dry Creek Valley.

    - Historic Vineyard Society Tour and Dinner - An all day event where you tour 4 or more historic old vine plantings, in small groups, hosted by the vineyard managers/growers/winemakers. This is followed by a dinner featuring wines from the vineyards visited among others. Learn history, farming practices and get up close and personal with your hosts.
    - The Seven % Solution - Roughly 93% of Northern California Vineyard acreage is planted to eight major grape varietals.The remaining 7% acreage is home to numerous lesser known varietals. These 'seven percent' varietals are finding anchor with a small but growing number of winemakers. This tasting is a showcase of twenty or more wineries and their seven percent solutions.
    - Taste Alexander Valley - Over 25 Wineries offer food and wine pairings. (Self-guided as you travel from from winery to winery, think DD)
    - Russian River Valley Pinot Classic - Seminars, Passport to Pinot Barrel Tastings, Paulée Dinner

    - West of West - A full weekend featuring West Sonoma County cool-climate producers and artisan foods. Seminars, winemaker dinnners, grand tastings.

    - Sonoma Wine Country Weekend - The Big Daddy event in Sonoma County featuring: Friday - Winemaker lunches, Dinner Parties, BBQ's. Saturday - The Taste of Sonoma grand tasting by AVA of over 170 Wineries and over 1,000 wines at MacMurray Ranch in Healdsburg. Sunday- All followed by the Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction at Chateau St Jean. Labor Day Weekend

    - Sonoma County Harvest Fair - Sonoma County Harvest Fair is a celebration of the local harvest featuring three full days of all-inclusive wine tasting with 150+ wineries, wine sales, food pairing, craft beer & cider tasting, marketplace, chef demonstrations and workshops, the World Championship Grape Stomp and much more.
    - Pinot on the River - 100+ Wineries, seminars, grand tasting in downtown Healdsburg.

    You Gotta Eat Somewhere Under Construction!
    - The Backyard - Locally sourced ingredients including vegan entrees
    - Canetti's Roadhouse Italiana - Country Italian
    - The Farmhouse Inn Restaurant - We are spoiled in Forestville
    - Nightingale Breads - Brick Oven Breads to die for! Wed-Sat

    - Catelli's Restaurant- Home Style Italian
    - Diavola Pizzeria & Salumeria - We do like our Italian here in Sonoma

    Glen Ellen
    -The Fig Café - Flat Bread Pizza, Roast Chicken $0 corkage OMG

    - Underwood Bar and Bistro - Hang out where the winemakers hang and eat
    - Willowood Market Cafe Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Wine Country Style

    - Applewood Inn Restaurant - Romantic Dining, wonderful wine list
    - Chef Patrick's - California French
    - Garden Grill - Just west as you leave town. Great eats!
    - River Inn Grill - Diner food, great breakfast, try the Swedish Pancake

    - Barndiva - Locally sourced ingredients, garden dining.
    - Bear Republic Brewing Co - Get your Racer 5 and Hop Rod on! Sands, burgers, Pasta, Salads
    - Big John's Market - Healdsburg Ave @ Dry Creek Rd, gourmet foods and deli
    - Bistro Ralph - Lunch, Dinner Mon-Sat, Sun Brunch
    - Campo Fina - Indoor/outdoor dining, Bocce, Scopa's sister restaurant
    - The Charcuterie - French Mediterranean with a Calif twist
    - Dry Creek Kitchen - Charlie Palmers home base, Inspired cuisine, exceptional wine list
    - Healdsburg Bar and Grill - Douglas Keane inspired fare, casual indoor/outdoor. Good lunch spot.
    - Healdsburger - Lots of meat choices. Good shakes and fries.
    - Lola's Mexican Market - Authentic Mexican Meats, Plates, eat-in or to-go BL&D
    - Madrona Manor - Elegant, romantic, Calif Cuisine, set in an eclectic Victorian Mansion
    - Oakville Grocery
    - Scopa - better make reservations a month or more in advance
    - Spoonbar - Contemporary American
    - Willi's Seafood and Raw Bar - Fresh seafood and small plates
    - Zin Restaurant & Wine Bar - Casual American Fare RSV recommend

    - Café Citti - Italian Trattoria
    - Kenwood Restaurant - Wed-Sun 12-8

    Marshall/Tomales/Point Reyes Station
    - Cowgirl Creamery - Wed-Sun 10-6 Cheese, cheese, cheese!
    - Hog Island Oyster Co - They don't get any fresher than this. Reserve a picnic table, bring some briquets and grill some fresh oysters while you enjoy a great wine!

    - Bistro des Copains - French Country
    - Howard Station Café - Best Breakfast in the County!
    - Union Hotel - Family Style Italian, Award Winning Pizza

    Santa Rosa
    - Bistro 29 - Quality French Cuisine
    - Ca'Bianca - Good Italian in an old Victorian Home
    - Dierk's Parkside Café - Best Breakfast in Santa Rosa, seriously good!
    - Ike's Place - Best Sandwiches in the County!
    - John Ash & Co. - Wine Country Cuisine
    - Johnny Garlic's - Where it all started
    - Pizzeria Rosso - wood fired oven, flat bread pizza, homemade pastas, Burrata, $10 corkage
    - Russian River Brewing co - Come for the beer, stay for the beer. ood is passable but it's all about the Ales, Stouts and Sours
    - The Spinster Sisters - Hot, Hip, Fresh, Innovative
    - Sweet T's Southern Comfort Food and BBQ - Up the hill on Fountaingrove Parkway at Stagecoach Rd but worth the drive!
    - Tex Wasabi's - Like him or not the food here is good. Try the Tokyo Cobb Salad, Sliders, Big Bird on Fire, Jackass Roll
    - Willi's Wine Bar - Delicious small plates
    - Stark's Steakhouse - The name says it all.
    - Walter Hansel Bistro & Wine Bar - New hot spot in the old Zazu location

    - GTO's Seafood House - Seafood, steak and more with a New Orleans flair!
    - K&L Bistro - Closed for remodeling until early May 2014
    - Mom's Apple Pie - Because everyone has a sweet tooth. A West County Institution - Homemade Fruit Pies, Deli
    - Red's Apple Roadhouse - Brkfst, Lunch, Dinner - Burgers, Sandwiches, Fried Chicken, Mac n Cheese Russian River Comfort Food. Next door to Mom's Apple Pie
    - Zazu Kitchen and Farm - @ "The Barlow" Chef's Duske Estes and John Stewart serve up innovative fresh food from locally sourced ingredients. Masters of anything Porcine. Winners of Cochon 555

    - Café La Haye - just delicious food
    - Della Santina's - Italian done right
    - Sonoma Cheese Factory - Cheese, sandwiches, salami/salumi, wine tasting, grilled meats
    - Big 3 Diner - Upscale Diner at SMI
    - El Dorado Kitchen -
    - El Molino Central - Mexican street food
    - The Girl and the Fig - Country food with a French passion

    - Chinois Asian Bistro - Elegant Asian Fusion, nice wine list.
    - Himalayan Restaurant "Kaboda and Curry House" Get your Tandoori on!
    - The Jaded Toad - BBQ, Comfort Food, 24 craft beers
    - Johnny Garlic's - Where it all started
    - Omelette Express - The name says it all. Breakfast specialties.
    - Patterson's Irish Pub - Pub Fare with lots of suds on tap. Indoor outdoor seating.
    - Umé Japanese Bistro - Sushi, tempura and more. A real local gem! Closed Sundays

    You Gotta Sleep Somehwere Under Construction

    - Farmhouse Inn - Cozy Cottages or The Barn, Spa services and michelin Starred Restaurant

    - Kenwood Inn and Spa

    Santa Rosa
    - Fountaingrove Inn - US-101 @ Mendocino Ave exit/Fountaingrove Parkway
    - Hilton Garden Inn - @ Sonoma County Airport
    - Hotel La Rose - Built after the '06 earthquake. Historic SR property in Railroad Square
    - Hyatt Vineyard Creek - Centrally located 3rd St @ US-101
    - Vintners Inn - River Rd exit North Santa Rosa

    - Fairfield Inn & Suites - Gravenstein Hwy South
    - Sebastopol Inn - Conveniently located on Hwy 12 across from The Barlow
    - Wineberry Lodge (Rental Home) - Next door to Merry Edwards Winery - Great for large groups.

    - Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa - Not for the light billfold.

    Non Wine-Related Activities Under Construction

    Charles Shulz Museum and Research Center
    Everything you ever wanted to know about the Peanuts and much more!
    2301 Hardies Ln, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
    10:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Phone: (707) 579-4452

    Gambling Sometimes buying wine is a gamble, non?
    Graton Resort Casino - They are getting closer and closer to the population centers. LV Gambling in Rohnert Park
    River Rock Casino - East side of the Alexander Valley in Geyserville

    Hot Air Balloon Rides through Sonoma
    SonomaCounty.com has a great article covering the local companies offering Hot Air Ballon rides

    Ice Skating in Wine Country
    Redwood Empire Ice Arena "Snoopy's Home Ice"
    Opened by Minnesota native Charles Shulz in 1968
    1667 West Steele Lane
    Santa Rosa, CA 95403

    Annadel State Park - Miles and miles of paved and unpaved hiking, biking, mountain biking trails through the oak studded hills of East Santa Rosa.
    Armstrong Woods State Park - Hike amongst the giant redwoods.
    Bouverie Nature Preserve - In Glen Ellen
    Point Reyes National Seashore - Unspoiled, wildlife, coastline, hiking trails...

    Russian River Canoe and Kayak Trips
    Bob Burke's Canoe Trips - Since the 1960's from Mirabel Park in Forestville to Guerneville May-Sep
    8600 River Rd @ Mirabel Rd, Forestville, CA
    (707) 887-1222
    River's Edge Kayak and Canoe Multiple trips available
    13840 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg
    (707) 433-7247

    1/4 Scale Railroad Train
    Train Town Sonoma - Got kids! Or are you just a kid at heart.
    20264 Broadway, Sonoma, CA 95476
    (707) 938-3912

    Wild Animal Preserve
    Safari West is a 400-acre private wildlife preserve located in Sonoma County, California, United States. The selection of wildlife emphasizes species native to Africa, including giraffes, rhinoceros, cheetahs, and numerous species of birds.
    3115 Porter Creek Rd,
    Santa Rosa, CA 95404
    (707) 579-2551

    Sonoma Canopy Tours
    6250 Bohemian Hwy,
    Occidental CA, 95465
    [email protected]
    888-494-7868 64t4耀
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