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Whirlwind 28 hours in Las Vegas 6/6-6/7/2016

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by DaiLun, Jun 8, 2016.

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  1. DaiLun

    DaiLun R.C., L.C., and A.A.N.G., but N.A.H.

    Apr 24, 2014
    San Jose, CA
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    GGWU Bonus trip report 6/6-6/7

    Well, I came down here with the full intention of putting in two 2500TC days, luck and budget withstanding.

    Got in at about 6PM. Saved $15 by not having to buy SWA earlybird. The secret?? If you can book a flight with a stop but NO plane change, remember that once they take the "through count", you can move about the cabin. I gained 5 rows from 8 to 3.

    OK, Les picked me up at the airport. We had dinner reservations at the Flamingo Center Cut steakhouse at 7PM. Got checked in quickly, waited for my 7* amenity to be delivered.

    Finally, went over to Flamingo. Center Cut was not very busy, and we were seated in a booth. Our waitress was a cute Korean gal, and she took our orders.


    I ordered 1/2 dozen oysters, and Les had the 10 oz. Prime Rib, I had the 16 oz. prime rib since I was taking it home tomorrow.

    We had two sides, truffle Mac and Cheese, and Wild Mushrooms.

    Dinner was excellent!! Highly recommend. Just south of $120.00

    Went to the Flamingo Sports Book and put down a couple of bets on the Warriors.

    Les dropped me off at the airport car rental to pick up MY car, since he was here on a business trip and was being taken out by his reps the next night, We decided to part ways, since I had a s**tload of things to do.

    So, about me and Les. We've known each other for about 45+ years, and have taken trips worldwide (well, at least Asia). This is over the 100th (or 200th, there have been so many) time we've been on a gambling trip together. He's a craps player, and I'm a slot player. Occasionally I will break a hundred or two and play craps with him, or he will break a hundred and sit and play a Silver Strike machine with me. But most often, we gamble separately, and set a meeting time for a meal. It's not like we have to walk around with our hands in each other's pockets when we travel. We also have a code . . the "sock on the doorknob" code when the room is "occupied". Since he's married and I don't partake when in LV, we don't use that code very often.

    They were out of my size car. I told them that I would take a downgrade and the rep was so appreciative that he gave me a discount and a free tank of gas. Great. Now Laughlin is definitely on the schedule for tomorrow morning.

    I went back am dropped the food off at my room, then went downstairs to start playing.

    Played Stinkin' Rich, and was down about $400, when I hit 5 "old geezers", followed by a bonus round, which brought me back to even. Only 100TC however. Gotta slow down. It's a middle distance race, not a sprint. So what do I do? I go into the medium limit area and start playing $1 Wolf's Run, which kicked my a** for about $600-700.

    Next to it was a DaVinci Diamonds machine. 20 lines, $1 a line. Got the bonus!!! Three retriggers, 26 bonus spins total!!!!


    Went upstairs to check in for my flight tomorrow, and called my buddy Ryan because I needed to drop off some money with him for the red/blue Silver Strikes that I would be missing at the end of the month.

    Well, traffic was horrible (lots of construction), and I made a wrong turn, and Ryan left his cell phone back at the house, and I got to the meeting place 30 minutes late, but we got it all straightened out, another mission taken care of. Next time I will go North of the airport and approach from the North to avoid the construction.

    Went back to Caesars. Finished off my 1000TC day. Still up. Time for bed. Got to sleep at about midnight.

    Whirlwind trip day two

    Woke up at 6AM "old guy" hours. Decided to go down to Laughlin to cash in the unknown value Keno ticket, which expired at the end of the month. In the car and on the road at 6:30AM

    Stopped in Searchlight, NV. A small town on the road between Las Vegas and Laughlin about 60 miles from Las Vegas. Stopped at the Terrible's casino for a "bio break" and to look at the "Bowlingo" machine.


    As a former 10 year member of the PBA (in another life), I made a promise to play it once (maybe twice, against Les). But, Laughlin was my primary task.

    Got breakfast at McDonalds.

    Got to Laughlin about 8AM, and went to turn in my ticket. $110!!!! So, I decided to invest my winnings in their High Limit slot area, bottom line is I spent about 15 minutes there, and then decided to head back after making about 100TC, up $250.

    Went back to Searchlight. Played a game of Bowlingo, which was doubly tough considering:

    1)You can't "slide" in street shoes.
    2)Bowling is doubly difficult when you're trying to take a movie with you phone in the other hand

    Got a strike, got a spare, missed a 5 pin, shot under a hundred. OK, so I will go back and this time I'll take the shoe off my slide foot. Maybe I can break a hundred.

    Stopped across the street at the Searchlight Beef Jerky store and picked up about $100 of Beef Jerky, the spoils of being up, as I always say.

    It was good to be up, first time in a long trip I hit the hand pay/jackpots early.

    OK, made it back to Las Vegas at about 10:45AM. Too early to go to Jinju Chocolates to pick up my "host gifts". Stopped at the Rio. Spent a little time in the High Limit slot lounge gave about $6-800 back. Ended up grinding it back on a Buffalo Grand and Game of Thrones machine. Left Rio even or down $100 for the session, total TC were 800.

    Went downtown and picked up three gift boxes, one for my host, one for the group that checked me in at Diamond check-in, and one "chan-gee" gift for Ana, a work colleague that I was meeting later.

    Went back to Caesars, went upstairs to put the chocolates and beef jerky away. Checked my email, saw that Ana had texted me and saif that she was free until 2PM. That was a typo, since she was working a booth at the <name withheld> networking expo until 2PM and then had a break. So I decided to sit down and play a little at Palazzo. I still needed about 3000 status points to renew my Gold membership (even though I am strongly considering dropping them as my backup property).

    Took out a small marker and started playing. Had about 45 minutes to kill.

    Didn't play much In the High Limit slot salon at Palazzo, nothing struck my fancy.

    Up about $200 and sat down at a Loose Diamond (9 line three reel) machine and hit this


    and this during the bonus round that I hit back to back.


    So, just like that I was up. Went back and redeemed my marker.

    Eventually, Ana was done with her shift and showed up, but not after I gave back about 1/2 of my winnings. I suggested lunch and we went to the Hong Kong diner. Very good (but overpriced) Cantonese food. I had a bowl of wonton mien (Wonton with noodles), and Ana chose three plates of dim sum (pot stickers, har gow and siew mai) for us to share. We talked about work. She used to work in my department (technical support) but migrated over to the "dark side" (sales) a few years ago.

    Ana is a gambler, she hit an $8000 VP jackpot at Pechanga earlier this year.

    Lunch was done and she had to go back to the booth. I showed her the Buffalo Grand machine and put $100 in. nothing, so when I was down to $40, she gave me a hug and went back to the convention center.

    Walking back to the car, I saw a machine "The Fates". Now this was a machine that I had played in Carson City earlier in the year and it brought me good luck. Can lightning strike twice? Well, it seems that it can:


    OK, so I renewed my Gold level at V/P. Whether I play there any more this year will be a decision I make after I renew my 7*.

    I then. had two errands left:

    1)Go to MGM Grand and pick up some $25 chips (gifts) for a couple of young ladies.

    2)Finish off 200TC for my second 1000TC day

    Drove up to MGM Grand and picked up the chips, which ended up costing me $80, since I won $20 on a "classic" Batman slot.

    Back to Caesars.

    Went upstairs. Had much to do before I left that night, and needed to plan accordingly. First, downstairs to finish off the 200TC, or so I thought.

    So, I finished off 200TC in short order. So I'm up a little over $1000, and I'm telling myself "since 1 TC is actually worth 1.5TC in Q2,I should really take advantage of the addl. bonus TC at 2500".

    Hit this while playing for the 2500TC


    So, I make a decision to "spend" my "up money" to earn the next 1500TC. I have plenty of time ;left on my trip. Finally, I make my 2500TC, and I'm done. Still up about $200 cash plus all of my gifts, so I ended "up" this trip.

    More money for Atlantic City at the end of the month . . . . .

    Wish I could go to Tahoe this weekend, but I can't . . . . So sad. :-(
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2016
    Lake Tahoe - Lift ticket promotion
    Las Vegas - $400 FP. $159 R/T Couldn't pass it up.
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  2. Grid

    Grid VIP Whale

    Jan 17, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Well done!
  3. Ty

    Ty ?

    Sep 2, 2013
    Mid Ga
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Enjoyed the TR. A definite up trip. Jinju, we forgot to go there.
  4. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice run!
  5. retiree52

    retiree52 Tourist

    Feb 5, 2012
    South Florida
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Always enjoy your reports. You cover so much ground on your trips.
  6. Vegas Tim

    Vegas Tim Tourist

    May 31, 2016
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great trip report, loved the pic,s.

    Thanks for posting.

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