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Video Poker Where in Vegas to play VP? (Downtown and Strip)

Discussion in 'Video Poker' started by PopsOLA, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. PopsOLA

    PopsOLA Low-Roller

    Aug 14, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Excuse my ignorance. Last trip to Vegas I got bored of the slots and while my dad and wife were playing some of their favorite games I decided to try VP. I never really play VP, always seemed boring to me. Well I hit a ROYAL FLUSH and 4 A's with a deuce which both won me $100 each somehow.

    So this next trip I want to play some more VP. I was way way way too confused when it came to which VP to play. JOB, DOUBLE DOUBLE, TRIPLE DOUBLE, DELUXE, BLAH BLAH! I have heard people mention FULL PAY VP. I tried to google it but the explainations seemed geared towards those that play VP often.

    So, a few questions.

    1. What does FULL PAY VP mean and how can I tell if a machine is FP?
    2. Where can I find FULL PAY machines downtown or on the strip? We plan on playing 50\50 this time around between downtown and the strip and figure ill hit the spots that have better VP.
    3. Which VP game should I stick to between all the variations. I enjoy when I can find the 50\100 hand options because it seems more fun to me, but the money goes way quicker. Are those good to play? Also whats the deal with DOUBLE DOUBLE TRIPLE DELUXE VARIATIONS?
  2. GMS

    GMS Low-Roller

    Jan 8, 2003
    Los Angeles, CA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Welcome to the world of video poker!

    "Full pay" is a relative concept that involves the amount of money paid out for each type of winning hand and the likelihood of receiving that hand. The array of payouts is called a "pay table". This can vary by machine. Casinos have leeway in terms of what they can set the pay table to be under state gaming laws. They also compete with each other to offer players a reason to visit their casino.

    For each specific game (for example, Bonus Poker), there is a pay table that represents the highest possible return of your gambling dollar, based on the probability of getting each hand and your skill in choosing the right way to play each hand. Casinos will set this pay table in the software that runs the game, and the machine will show the pay table on the display that you can view prior to playing. This means you can see what the theoretical return is on the game in the long run. This is very different from slot machines, where the expected rate of return is also set in software, but is not revealed to the player. Big difference!

    So, for example with a Bonus Poker game, there is a "full pay" table that pays as follows, with a bet of one coin:

    Royal Flush: 800
    Straight Flush: 50
    Four of a Kind (A) 80
    Four of a Kind (2,3,4) 40
    Four of a Kind (5-K) 25
    Full House 8
    Flush 5
    Straight 4
    3 of a Kind 3
    Two Pair 2
    Pair 1

    This is known as "8/5 Bonus Poker", which pays 99.17% back to the player over the long haul if you play perfect theoretical strategy. This pay table is known as "Full Pay" for Bonus Poker.

    There are different pay tables for each game that represent "full pay" for that game. A game called "Double Bonus Poker", for example, has a "full pay" table that is commonly found in Las Vegas which pays 100.17% back to the player over the very long haul, if they play the right strategy.

    Generally speaking, you will find much less "full pay" video poker on the strip. When you do find it, you will typically have to play at higher bet levels ($2 and up per one-coin bet). However, Downtown has an abundance of "full pay" video poker at low bet levels (nickel and up). If you want to play video poker, Downtown is a far better option.

    Choosing which game to play depends on your expertise. There is a theoretically correct way to play every hand in every game, based on probabilities. This means you need to learn strategy for the games you like to play, if you want to play them to win the highest amount of money in the long run. The simplest games to learn strategy for are "Jacks or Better", "Pick-Em" and "Bonus Poker". There is software (such as "WinPoker") that can help you practice to learn the right strategy for every hand.

    You should visit the web site http://www.vpfree2.com to learn more about what casinos have which games. It is a community-fueled repository of information about video poker in Las Vegas and elsewhere, including details about where to find specific games with "full pay" pay tables.

    Have fun!
  3. mike_m235

    mike_m235 Tourist

    Aug 22, 2012
    Colorado Springs
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    For rookie VP players, I recommend you pick one game you like and get good at it. Play some simulators (like at wizard of odds) and learn how to play that one VP variant with as few mistakes as possible. Then you have a 'go to' game. You can still play others, especially ones that are similar (for example, there's not a huge difference in playing double bonus poker and double double bonus poker as far as strategy, but there's a huge difference between DDB and deuces wild.)

    I second GMS's recommendation to look at VPFree2 for actual machine locations.
  4. Joe

    Joe VIP Whale

    Sep 11, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Just a suggestion for downtown. Grab a seat at the Boar's Bar, inside Main Street Station (MSS) that's the big one in the casino, and play some Jacks or Better (JOB). Enjoy some of their beers that are made on site. Remember to tip the bartender.:poke:

    Their JOB is 9/6, meaning 9 for a full house & 6 for a flush. The expected return on that is 99.54% and is considered "full pay". Make sure you play max coins (5) or you'll kick yourself if you get another royal.

    Also, at MSS sign up for a Player's Card and use it. Every time you get a 4 of a kind (4oak), let the bartender know and he will call an attendant and they will give you a scratch card. Expect $2-$3, but about every 18 months or so, there is a $5,000 winner. You can only get a scratch card if you are playing 5 coins.

    The Player's Card from MSS is also good at Fremont & The Cal, but no scratch cards there.

    VP is enjoyable! I used to be a 100% craps player and in the last 10 years, it is now probably 90% VP & 10% craps. Somebody coined the phrase "video crack" and it's true.

    Also, if you get hungry, try the 777 Brew pub on site for some reasonably price, decent food.
  5. Ben Jammin

    Ben Jammin VIP Whale

    Oct 21, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Beware of "Full Pay" VP

    Just because you've found the Holy Grail of Video Poker does not guarantee you'll win. In fact, the opposite is more likely. First, you have to consider the volatility of the particular game you're playing, and the frequency of the larger jackpots.

    It's a fact that most sessions are losers, so if you find yourself up by any significant amount consider yourself lucky!. Break your winnings in half and pocket that amount, play out the excess. If you continue to win, great! but... if you find yourself with no credits you are on a downward trend so it's a good idea to take a break. You still have a profit locked up!

    Full pay VP is a long term proposition whereas you must factor in the large jackpots to get your over all return, and that can take some serious time. Some players play every day for months without hitting any big jackpots.

    The least volatile game is Jacks or Better due to the 2 units for two pairs. Theoretically you can stay in the game longer on less buy in and that will afford you more opportunities to hit that Royal Flush, which occurs approximately once in every 40,250 hands dealt. That takes a long time!

    I like Double Double Bonus Poker. Although it has one of the highest volatility ratings, you can hit the four aces with a 2,3, or 4 and get half a royal!

    That comes every 16,200 times or so, but the trade off is you don't get the smaller wins like two credits for two pair.

    Also, you must play absolutely constant perfect strategy for any game. There are different strategies even for the same games at different skill levels and especially for different pay tables.

    If you're a short timer play to the Royal and you just might get lucky!

    See vpFREE2 web site for machine locations. Not always exactly up to date but a good tool to help you find the casinos that offer the better paying machines with the better odds. Then get a cheat sheet which deciphers the various pay schedules and go lookin!

    Good Luck!


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