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What is the best property for your needs

Discussion in 'Misc. Vegas Chat' started by sco5123, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. sco5123

    sco5123 VIP Whale

    Jul 29, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    What property best matches your needs?
  2. thecarve

    thecarve Misanthrope

    Aug 24, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I'm sure they're all perfectly fine for my needs. Wynn is the best for my wants.
  3. nikerbokers

    nikerbokers Tourist

    Dec 1, 2012
    East Bay Area, CA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Well NEEDS are just a clean room with a bed. So I'm sure every hotel has at least one of them.

    Wants? So far, it's the Mirage. It has location, comfort, a touch of class, great restaurants, a fun but not too douchy vibe, and I get decent pricing.
  4. waverunner

    waverunner Moby Dick

    Jul 27, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Caesars Entertainment does for moi. Since Nov.2012, i have stayed at the Quad. Rio, Bally's, and Caesars. I will be at Bally's again in 2 weeks. I just booked Flamingo for May 2014 and Planet Hollywood in Aug. 2014. I will book again in Dec.2013 for Nov.2014 also at one of Caesars properties.
    Since 2002, i have only stayed at CET. Most of my gambling bankroll since 2002 has only been used at most CET properties. I love to spend time at other properties as well, but the buck stops here (CET).
    Why? Well, they give me free rooms. I haven't paid for a room in years. Sometimes i may use the sandwich if needed. I booked Flamingo for 2014 because my comped room is Fab Deluxe with Strip view, i plan to try the tip for a GO room, if not, i will be happy with what i have.
    Same with Planet Hollywood. I noticed that there's a week in August (i always go Sun-Fri) that is also comped so i grabbed it. I only book at the TR website using the rate calender. I will be at a wedding in Hawaii but that will be the first week in August, so i booked Aug.17-22 for Vegas.
    I play slots, but not enough to warrant an upgrade to the next tier. I go solo to Vegas so my RC's are only used per day. From the mid 90's-2001, i only stayed at MGM properties.
    I love Vegas and everything about Vegas, but my loyalty lies with Caesars. Many people prefer other properties and locations, that's the dynamic that makes Vegas so special. In a nutshell, Vegas has changed in the 30 years i have frequented........both inside and out, but what hasn't changed is the excitement i get driving from LA, and on the last hill from the open desert, seeing the Promised Land down in the Valley.
  5. lotso-bear

    lotso-bear VIP Whale

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I agree with nikerbokers about it being more about wants. Personally, I like Aria because it's new, modern, pretty high tech, doesn't have a crazy atmosphere like Cosmo, has a lot of slots to choose from, and there's a lot of fantastic restaurants on-property.
  6. Auggie

    Auggie Dovahkiin

    Jan 8, 2009
    Burnaby, BC
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    For us it would be Monte Carlo:
    - it has nice rooms and comfortable beds
    - lots of newer slots near the guest elevators
    - has a food court for cheap breakfasts and late night snacks
    - there is a CVS store just out front and an ABC store and a Walgreens across the street
    - its an MLife property
    - there are lots of MLife properties nearby
    - From the guest elevators Aria is just a short walk away or can take the tram to Bellagio
  7. Llew

    Llew Low-Roller

    Jan 27, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I'm not sure yet. The biggest draws for me are a) S17 blackjack at $25/hand, found only at Mirage, MGM Grand, Bellagio, Aria and b) comped rooms/food, which for a blackjack player is also best at MGM properties. So far, I've tilted more towards easy free rooms at Monte Carlo and Luxor given my avg bet of around $100/hand, and have actually never stayed at the 4 properties in a).

    If I'm going with friends, Encore has been my go-to spot, but on my last trip it seemed like it'd gone down a notch.

    I think I'll give MGM Grand, Aria, or Bellagio in the future.
  8. Turtleman

    Turtleman VIP Whale

    Apr 8, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Same here – my needs are simple. I would just add that comped moves almost any room to the top of the list. And of course, having 3:2 BJ, decent rules, and acceptable VP pay tables in the casino, so I don't have to go elsewhere, doesn't hurt either.

    Leaving for the airport in half an hour. Whoopee! :)
    Gold Coast & Orleans
  9. Slotchick

    Slotchick High-Roller

    Jun 29, 2011
    BC, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Our needs are simple we enjoy a nice bed, decent sized bathroom that you don't feel like a sardine in and we prefer south strip as we stick to M Life properties for gambling. Having access to a variety food choices is also a plus and between the 3 hotels you have numerous choices. Normally we choose the Luxor over other M Life casinos as it's my comfort zone and DH can do his thing and not worry about me being nervous. The staff at the Luxor we have found is friendly and we have gotten to know a few of them well over the past 6 yrs. When we book, we always ask for a certain suite as we enjoy the view from this room :ssst:
  10. engicedave

    engicedave VIP Whale

    Aug 27, 2005
    Yes, wants and needs are two different things.

    What I need is a clean room, bed and shower

    What I want is good location, good food choices within or nearby, good service, and when it comes to service, I really prefer 5-star service when and where possible. In a way, whether in LV or elsewhere, I have become a "room snob"
    I'm OK with suites, but reality is, I don't use all the room.
    I do want a nice view, a strip view where possible. I do not want to look at the city to the east. I'll take a mountain view to the west if need be.
  11. MNVegasgal

    MNVegasgal Low-Roller

    Aug 18, 2003
    Twin Cities, MN
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    My needs are clean room, comfortable bed, security, and no noticeible hallway noise (people, elevator or ice machine). I get all of that from Aria... plus I get it comped which makes it even more attractive. I like the location, the accessibility to other hotels/casinos. I have no interest in Crystals except to walk through to get to the Cosmopolitan. I also like the selection of slots and I LOVE the Fitness center and the Spa. I have not stayed at Wynn.. I have received offers, but have never taken them up on it. We have stayed at many places on and off the strip, but after our first stay at Aria in August 2011.. we have been hooked and have stayed here our last 5 trips and will stay here again in December. Until something happens that totally turns me off (service, offers dry up, security concerns, or cleanliness goes down hill) this will be our home base.
  12. LV_Bound

    LV_Bound VIP Whale

    Nov 17, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hard to beat PH.

    Location is awesome as you can head north one day then south another without spending most of the time retracing steps you previously done like if you were at the end of the strip.

    Need to kill some time? No problem, take a walk through the mall.

    With Paris being so close you have PH, Paris and Ballys all together which provide for a wide range of gambling options. The same with food options but don't forget the PH mall includes many more options as well.

    Best of all the comps are outstanding.
  13. blackjacknut

    blackjacknut VIP Whale

    Nov 26, 2008
    Northeast Ohio
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    • Carded Entry via Elevator
    • Very nice/large rooms -Loft and Pent
    • Kholer Steam Shower
    • Top Shelf Mini Bar
    • Juro Espresso/Coffee Machine
    • Hotel32 Lounge - Cocktail Hour, Expanded Continental Breakfast
    • Dual Vanity Bathroom Sinks - HydroTherapy Tub
    • Multiple Large Screen TV's
    • Great Entertainment Room
  14. Joe

    Joe VIP Whale

    Sep 11, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    We don't require much and for our typical 5 day stay we choose not to have housekeeping. If we need something, we'll get it in the hallway from housekeeping.

    So, good VP paytables; decent restaurants, either on the premises, or close by and friendly staff.
    Our 36th anniversary, an Oct tradition
  15. smartone

    smartone VIP Whale

    Jul 17, 2011
    Northern Nevada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I've stayed at just about every property in Las Vegas over the years and prefer the Hard Rock for the following reasons, many of which would not apply to the average Vegas visitor. I'm in town once, sometimes twice a month for stays generally 2-4 days for business reasons. One of the prime benefits to me staying at the HRH, is the incredible ease of getting in and out of the property. The Hard Rock's HRH Tower is PERFECT. Their valet is fast and right at the door... the VIP check-in is steps inside the door... and the elevators, which haul-ass, are just steps away from there. I'm able to exit my room and be headed up or down Paradise or east and west on Flamingo or Trop in minutes. So location and logistics are important to me.

    The HRH suites are on par with the "nicer" rooms in Vegas, a nice sitting area, an incredibly comfortable bed, an ac system that will chill the room to whatever I want on the hottest of days and a LARGE tiled shower that gets the water as hot as I want it to be. Also LOVE the two-(2) large flat screens and DVD player.

    I realized several years ago it was to my advantage to pick a property and concentrate my stay/play there instead of bouncin' all around like I did. At 40-50 nights a year or so, I'm "known" and treated very well by a staff I know by name. That really improves the stay when your greeted by name throughout the property. I like decent food choices, and the Hard Rock has several reasonably priced venues to choose from... also has several good spots right across the street (Ferraro's, Cappriotti's, a killer sushi spot, etc.). I also love the well-landscaped pool areas that I can take my IPad out to and work e-mails while enjoying the "sights".

    Yeah the place is a zoo on Rehab Sunday's (though I'm rarely there then), yeah it skews younger than my 55 years (though it's far from the frat-house it's often portrayed) and YES, if you're adverse to the thump, thump of the bass then you better get your room on the city-view side. But the place suits my needs and tastes just fine and I still do make it a point to have various lunch and dinner meetings at other properties, so I stay in touch with what else is goin' on around town. Many of the folks I do business with stay all over, so I also still get to see the room product, etc. at the various properties.

    There's LOTS of great choices in town... for now the Hard Rock works well for me.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2013
  16. Dean Martin

    Dean Martin VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Encore then Wynn.

    Great rooms, all w/ large shower and 2 sinks. Both are a must.

    Excellent food choices

    Both have Euro (topless) pools - we like them because they're adult only

    Everything is ultra clean and maintained - rooms, casino, bars...you name it.
  17. dalej42

    dalej42 Low-Roller

    May 25, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Luxor is the best and other casinos aren't even close.

    1. Comfortable rooms. I'm always at least in a regular tower room, I know the basic pyramid rooms are in need of an upgrade.

    2. Good restaurants. I do wish the Pyramid Cafe was still 24 hours a day, but I like T&T, the buffet is good, Tender is great, I'm impressed with Public House.and the food court can easily tie you over.

    3. Good games. There is some decent VP, good blackjack (at $25 a hand I'm looking for 3/2 games), usually a fun craps table for $10, and a fun sports book with helpful attendants.

    4. Cocktail service is usually decent.

    5. The parking garage, if I need it, is easy to navigate and find your way around.

    6. The Pool is my favorite.

    7. Easy walk to Mandalay, Excalibur, Tropicana, MGM, and NYNY.
  18. AlwaysVegas

    AlwaysVegas Low-Roller

    Apr 7, 2011
    Dallas, TX
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    That place with a casino, bar, and buffet. :evillaugh
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2013
  19. ken2v

    ken2v This Space For Rent

    Sep 18, 2003
    Central California Coast
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    JW Marriott
  20. jrinct1

    jrinct1 VIP Whale

    Aug 25, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    A clean room with working AC that doesn't sound like a truck on a highway A decent pool where one can swim. A whirlpool. DECENT restaurants that are FAIRLY priced. A good craps game. %$ minimum with 5 x odds or abpve. So that would lead me off strip I guess.
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