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Week In Vegas 29th-5th

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by uli_1515, Aug 5, 2013.

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  1. uli_1515

    uli_1515 Low-Roller

    Mar 28, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    So my now wife and myself set off for our honeymoon in Vegas this past Monday. We had 5 nights on the strip and 2 downtown to break it up some. Ended up enjoying the downtown more then the strip. I don't think I would of said that before we went. Ill just do some sections so the read will go faster.

    Shows= We only did 4 shows this trip. We planned on doing one every night but we just got tired of the running around. We did catch Presidents of the United States of America Saturday downtown but I only watched them for a couple minutes.

    Love @ Mirage= Let me start by saying my wife is a huge Beatles Fan. We had first row in the second section the seats seemed to be some of the best. She was in heaven and I even got really into it for the whole show. I wasn't raised with the Beatles so I was up in the air over it but It is a very very good show. I would definitely recommend this to even the non Beatles die hard fans. A very entertaining night.

    Fantasy @ Luxor = We sort of just stumbled across this one and decided since we had a discounted dinner at Rice(sushi) why not toss it in. Show turned out to be pretty good. We both enjoyed laughs more then anything. We both agreed there was one girl who had short blonde hair and like a shaved or 1 inch black hair that was gorgeous. I even pitched the wife on changing up her hair style.. haha. Might as well give it a shot. The show featured a girl from Americas got Talent we found out who had a really amazing voice. She covered stuff from most genres and even came into the crowd and grinded her butt on this young Asian guy who looked like he was going to faint. Show was well worth the money and again if you want to waste 2 hours watching some good looking chicks then come on down.

    Raack n Roll @ the D= This show was a non stop riot for both of us. We sat front row next to an old guy who was so into the show he was screaming and punching the air the whole time. Probably more entertaining then the dancers. The impressionist was so over the top in some things we just laughed and laughed. I don't think we were laughing with him though so I guess now when I write this I am thinking maybe we had a few to many drinks. The 4 girls who do the show are all completely different.. I would guess this appeals to your quirks. They had a tall skinny brunette, a short skinny blonde, another short skinny blonde with like a lady gaga look and the fakest tits I have ever seen in my life. They looked like if you shook her as hard as you could you couldn't even get them to move an inch.:thumbsup: The next girl was a thicker but not fat at all brunette who again after the show we both said was the best looking girl. I think her name was Tracy if I am not mistaken. The other girls name was like sapphire or something real church like. This show was something I don't think I'd recommend to most. But if you go in with lots of drinks in you it will once again give you a break from the machines.

    Eddie Griffin @ the Rio= OK This is going to be negative. Skip it if you want.

    I am going to start by saying from all of the shows I was most excited about Eddie. I knew when we walked up we would be some of the only white people there. Did I expect to be one of 6.. I guess not... Did I expect to get laughed at when I tipped for a decent seat in a general seating VIP area. The guy in front of me worked perfectly for him. I even had a $20 that guy had a $10. Once again I should of expected it all. The show starts out with some truly awful comic who has the arm off of scary movie where the guy stirs potatoes. He tells jokes non stop and people laugh at every 4th one. But when we don't laugh he goes.. fuck you it was funny in my head. Then giggles like crazy legs from Don't be a Menace.. After that 15 minutes was up the host guy comes back on to thank the white people for coming and just laughs and then introduces Eddie. I wont go over all the knee slappers but let me run down a few. Here is what Eddie Griffins dreams.. He wants to fuck Michele Obama because shes a REAL bitch. He wants to become president to make all white people slaves to get even with him being treated like a slave his whole life. Wants you to know that unless you're black you have a little dick and just to accept it and let it be known your wife will be cheating very soon. That his dick is so big it is actually his left leg and he learned to walk on it at a very small age. Also if you're white you only watch fox news, are a republican and basically should blow your brains out.

    I leaned though at this show that Eddie Griffin and his boys or gals will no matter what you do or say you're instantly a racist who used to whip his people. There is nothing I could of done or said to not have the 400 pound woman to my right keep screaming. "Break it down for them Eddie" or the guy to my left who screams "Bring the noise" People who think that way are not even worth holding a door for them when they're walking with a cane and 4 strides behind me.. Fuck them.

    Fuck you Eddie. We had tickets to meet you after the show. I took them and tossed them into the trash. Hands down worst show of my life... But now after 5 days of thinking about it. I still cant understand how anyone could think this guy is funny. I thought that going to this show might of ruined my trip except for the fact I walked out and hit the WoF machine for $800 and walked directly to the cab line to never return to the Rio for the rest of my life.

    Well that is it for shows. Sorry if I got negative there but I would of been told a third of what I had to sit through I would of just went and saw O like our initial plan was.

    Here is one more... He wants all of the black men in the world to breed out the white people. HOW THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT FUNNY? The crowd was rolling. They were crying they were laughing so hard. I should of got up and left and been done with it but my wife kept laughing. Turns out she was just entertaining me.

    That is it for the shows.


    We started out eating at Rice at Luxor and then the next night eating at Excalibur steak house. Both we wouldn't of went to unless we were given $100 gifts for our wedding. Both of the meals were average but good. They definitely filled us up and kept the booze from taking over. At Rice we enjoyed many rolls and 4 pieces of Toro off there specials menu. The Toro was amazing and for the price of $15 bucks a bite it was actually quite a decent deal. Excalibur we each got filets with a lobster tail. What was the only down side was each of our steaks were overcooked. But cooking a steak medium was tolerable even though we asked for rare. I think if the drinks were not past tasting them we might of said something but we just chowed them down and left.

    On Wednesday after Eddie and the hit on the WoF machine we cabbed directly to Cosmo to eat at DOCG. This meal was so good we will definitely be going back many more times. I never took any pictures but here is what we shared.

    We started with Olives, Beef Carpaccio, and the Lardo wrapped Prawns. The Carpaccio and prawns were truly great. But the real highlight was the DOCG pizza and the pici pasta. Both were so good I am sitting here in Oregon getting hungry just writing about it. Go in and check out those 2 dishes if you're in the area. The meal wasn't the only thing interesting going on though. A couple of the waiters I thought were going to start fighting right there in the restaurant. Im eating like a glutton when I hear some plates break and these 2 guys arguing. Then it happens again with more broken plates and now they finally walk away. I knew I was going to one show tonight but the second one was almost as good as earlier. That speed bump though didn't slow me down from eating until I could barely roll out of there.
    Also Scott Conant wasn't cooking haha.

    Thursday we went to Abriya Raku in china town. After the dinner my wife acclaimed that was the best meal of her life. We ate so much here that while I was sweating from over eating they just kept bringing more plates. The last 3 plates every bite I just had to keep going.
    Here is a quick run down of our meal.

    Blue Fin Tuna Sashimi (special menu)
    Miso x 2
    Udon Noodle with Foie Gras Egg Custard Soup
    Foie Gras Don
    Chicken Thigh
    Pig Ear (sooo good)
    Japanese Shishito Pepper
    Duck with balsamic soy sauce
    Iberico Pork
    Agedashi Tofu 1/2 order
    Also the specials menu had 2 items we also got. Hollowed out corn on the cobs with a potato like mixture in the middle. Amazing.
    And also another raw fish presentation. I think it was Yellowtail

    I think that is all but I am not for sure. We had the waiter bring us out things she recommended as well. I didn't catch all of the names.

    Here are 2 links for pictures and raku itself.


    The next morning we jumped over to Burger bar and I got a Foie gras lamb burger and it was very good. Except this Foie gras binge I am on is catching up for all the richness.

    On Friday we went to Lotus of Siam.. I basically went a crazy again... All days at the tables I was drinking whisky. Then for dinner we drank 2 bottles of Riesling our waiter recommended. Turned out he was the nephew of the owner. Really great waiter made the whole experience feel like we were in his home. I never ordered anything besides the wine. I just told him to stop when we hit around $150 and ill tell you how much more room we could put down.

    We started with a raw beef that was minced with mint and cilantro and other spices. It was to spicy for my wife so I took it down with a smile on my face. Was outstanding. Next up was a warm meat mixture that had all sorts of vegetables and other things to dip into it. Was again great great food. Next up was shrimps grilled up with a thin slice of garlic, mint leaf and a drizzle of sauce. again.. yes. Great! After this it all just melted together. We had spicy and we had some coconut noodles with beef that was delicious. Had like a heavy vegetable dish with small amount of chicken that was like covered in this spicy garlicky cilantro salsa that literally just made my mouth water. Next time I go I wont be drinking and Ill get there earlier because of how packed it was. Great meal. Meal ended up being like 140 and left him 200 and left with 2 to go bags of other dishes we had no room for. I ate them cold at 7am when I woke up before I made it into the shower. They were as good as I remembered.

    Next day we moved to downtown and checked into the Golden nugget. We ate ate the grotto the first night and the second night we ate at a hawaiin place in between California and MSS. Both meals were good but nothing I feel I need to go into detail about.

    Played even for the first 3 days. My wife barely gambles and my blackjack and video poker held on for the trip. Ended up only down 4k on our gambling budget. Seems weird to come home with money. Especially money that we already knew we wouldn't have today. No big wins besides getting that spin on a $5 dollar WoF machine. Took us 5 bets to get it and we quickly cashed out and left the Rio.

    On Saturday morning after we checked in I walked to the D to play some video poker. I was just about through my first hundred when my wife sits down next to me and on the second hand gets dealt a royal flush. She starts screaming about she got her first royal. I look and see she is playing her one quarter like always and start to cry. She takes my phone and snaps a picture of the big 250 quarter win if I am not mistaken. We could of had another $1300 win.

    Oh well. I ran $500 thru the Lion share so which ever one of you guys hit that send me my donation if you would be so kind. :beer: Other then long hours of blackjack and playing wacky penny machines there is no other wins to talk about. Many times putting in a twenty and playing it up to a 100 just to walk over and play that dollar 10x's that I enjoy so much. The golden nugget liked me so much they took care of my bill for being such a great person and we got on out of there. The host told me to call him next time we're coming and he'll take care of me. So maybe we have a new donation area in Vegas.

    That about sums up our week. There were a few bum/character arguments I seemed to keep getting into. They seem to get mad at you if the street stops moving because it is picture time. They don't realize I am on a mission called gambling. Or when our next door neighbors were having a huge party and I banged on the door to let me in. I made it about 20 minutes before they lined up shots of some awful vodka. I took it and then immedietly filled the sink to the over flow hole with puke. I calmly walked back to my room to get a red solo cup to scoop it out into the toilet. Then went to bed out of shame. The next morning I pushed a twenty under the door for the puke and checked out.

    Was a great trip. Next trip is going to be planned around Britany Spears!! I was informed of this today. I guess she can go see Britney and I can just go gamble somewhere. Cant wait for the next one.

    Yes yes I know this is hard to read but my android isn't the easiest to type on.

    Oh we flew SW each way. A7 there A31 home. Flight was great.
  2. dfalk

    dfalk VIP Whale

    Mar 7, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    hahahaha, that is fuggin nasty!

    (I've also done it myself)
  3. breanna61

    breanna61 Super Moderator

    Aug 6, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    It's official, I'm old.....I had to google Eddie Griffin. I watched a clip of him on George Lopez that was quite funny, but I can well imagine a live show would be much different.
    Oh that was a nasty incident with your hotel neighbours. YIKES! Funny about sliding the 20 under the door.
    Congrats on your marriage!
    Lady Gaga and Dierks Bentley Concert Trip
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