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Video Poker Video Poker Question

Discussion in 'Video Poker' started by Texas Gramma, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Texas Gramma

    Texas Gramma Low-Roller

    Nov 19, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I am trying to widen my experiences in the casino this year. Originally I only played blackjack, slots and craps. I am definitely a low roller... per day, I have at various times had available $300 to $500 for the day.
    Last year I practiced online and then branched out to include Pai Gow Poker, Freebet Blackjack and 3 Card Poker. This year I have decided to try to play more video poker. I know how to play jacks or better but it is boring except in the 100 line. I would like to play more games where deuces are wild... preferably with more than one line... it keeps my interest peaked.
    I know you need to play max on most games to get the benefit of “extras”. My bankroll will allow me only to play at a low level... for example I played Ultimate X at 4 Queens or Nugget... 10 lines for $5... which was basically 50¢ a hand. I have played 100 line Jacks or Better at $5.00 on a penny machines, etc.

    Can you suggest your favorite variation to play in downtown Las Vegas ... like Deuces Wild Poker, Deuces Wild Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Deuces Wild, etc. and the name of the game... like 10 line, 25 line, Hyper bonus, Crazy times, Multi Streak etc. Please forgive me for not yet knowing all the names of the games available. If there is another video poker game with fast action besides a deuces wild game... let me know about that also.
    Thank you if you can give me a lead on something I’ll enjoy.
  2. Buddha

    Buddha VIP Whale

    Apr 3, 2012
    Chicago 'burbs
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Gramma .....

    The Four Queens has 50-Play and 100-Play machines, with several types of games (all short-pay), which can be played for pennies, nickels, etc., and you can select any amount of lines from 1-line, and up.

    Main Street Station has All-Star multi-game VP slat-tops at the far south end of the casino, just to the right of the penny Megabucks slot machines. There is a full choice of game types and multi-line types on the left column of the screens. Most of these games are short-pay, but at the quarter level it has 8/5 Bonus Poker.

    The California has some very new tall uprights, with multi-game VP, with multi-line, and multi-denominations, but games are short-pay.
  3. aaisack

    aaisack High-Roller

    Apr 20, 2014
    Gig Harbor, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Full pay Double Bonus (10/7) is available at a bunch of the downtown casinos such as Four Queens (Includes a royal progressive), The D, California and Main Street Station (my personal favorite). 100.17% payback + comps if you play the game correctly.

    I like Main Street Station because they have a bunch of full pay DB and they are pretty generous when it comes to the complimentary drinks. Even their bar top machines are pretty good (9/6 JOB, 9/7 DB etc).

    Full pay dueces wild is harder to find, but available at some off strip casinos such as The Palms (no comp points) and Red Rock.

    VPFREE2.com is a great online source for what games are available at a particular casino

    Wizardofodds.com/games/video-poker/ is a good source for basic strategy charts for the various video poker games. I play a lot of video poker but still like to print up strategy charts (or write them down on a sheet of paper before heading down to gamble.
  4. BayouBengal

    BayouBengal VIP Whale

    Jan 1, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I like the Super Times Pay and Double Super Times Pay. It introduces a little bit of variance but nothing too crazy.
  5. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    If you were on the strip...I know the exact game you should play.

    98.91% Deuces at Cosmo for 100-play pennies (min. bet $1 per round).

    Unfortunately, as Buddha has hinted at earlier, many multiline machines offer poorer pays especially at nickels and below, and good paying 50/100 play machines are hard to find (Cosmo is a weird exception).

    It isn't as multiline as 50/100 play, but at other casinos I often have had better luck finding good paytables on Spin Poker machines.

    For multiline deuces, you should aim for this paytable at a 5 credit bet:

    Nat. Royal/4 2's/Wild Royal/5K/SF/4K/FH/Fl/Str8/3K
    4000/1000/125/75/45/20/20/15/10/5 = 98.91%

    The problem is, VPFree2 definitely report this game in multi-line downtown, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist at the multi-line quarter level. Many reporters ignore this game especially downtown/offstrip where 99%+ single line games are more plentiful. The current list of LV casinos are here: http://www.vpfree2.com/casinos/by-region/las-vegas.html

    I would double check the Super Times Pay machines at MSS and Fremont at the quarter level. MSS has 9/6 Double Double Bonus (DDB) w/STP and Fremont has 8/5 Bonus w/STP for either 3/5/or 10 play quarters. It's possible they would offer the 98.91% Deuces paytable as well. Unfortunately I didn't get enough time in February to check much. My g/f really hates downtown. :eek:

    Speaking of new games to try, Super Times Pay is a nice game to add more excitement.

    If you don't find the 98.91% Deuces paytable, these are the next two lowest common paytables:

    4000/1000/100/60/50/20/20/15/10/5 = 97.58%
    4000/1000/125/80/65/20/15/10/10/5 = 96.77%

    I'd assume the 97.58% game should still be easy to find downtown.

    As far as other games that might pique your interest, for non-wild games it sounds like you want the excitement level of DDB. As I mentioned earlier, MSS has 9/6 DDB (98.98%) with Super Times Pay for multi-line quarters.

    As for other Deuces games, I am a bit of a sucker for Bonus Deuces Wild (BDW). Unfortunately, I have never seen a full-pay multi-line BDW in my life.

    Full pay is:
    Nat. Royal/4 2's wAce/4 2's/Wild Royal/5 Aces/5 3-5s/5 6-Ks/SF/4K/FH/Fl/Str8/3K
    4000/2000/1000/125/400/200/100/45/20/20/15/5/5 = 99.45%

    Now I have seen the second highest paytable on multiline machines and Spin Poker before:
    4000/2000/1000/125/400/200/100/65/20/15/15/5/5 = 98.80%

    (I have seen this one on a nickel 50-play in Tunica, so there's hope)

    The next lowest paytable is much less desirable than the first two:
    4000/2000/1000/125/400/200/100/50/20/15/15/5/5 = 97.36%

    Now the strategy of Bonus Deuces is significantly different than regular deuces. For example, you NEVER draw to a straight since it only makes your hand a push. And you hold 2 or 3 deuces with an Ace vs. just the deuces since there are bonus pays with the Aces.

    I wish I could be more help on exactly what machines to play though. :(
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