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Vegas Trip #47 Pre-Trip Musings

Discussion in 'Misc. Vegas Chat' started by CheeseHog, Aug 26, 2016.

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  1. CheeseHog

    CheeseHog Tourist

    May 18, 2016
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    Vegas Trip #47 Pre-Trip Musings

    Trip #47 on the horizon. Second of three 10-day trips for this year. Three 10-dayers have been the norm for the past 6 years. Laurel hasn’t worked since Feb. 2015, so trying to keep up our normal schedule while being cost efficient (cheap). Trip #46 was Memorial Day (see 6/22 Report). Managed to bring that one in almost $900 under budget. Paying for the plane tickets this trip, so fixed expenses are $1,580 (car-hotels-plane fare-airport parking). Variable costs I put at $210 a day (gaming-food-booze). Total trip budget $3,710.


    Monte Carlo for first 3 nights is $187.80 fixed. Includes $40 freeplay and $200 resort credit. Room is “free” plus resort fee, plus $25 per night fee to upgrade to a Monaco Suite. Did this last trip and was incredible. Stayed here 6 out of the last 7 trips. Is it our last? Maybe…we have already booked trip #48 in November, but with them remodeling and closing the Pub and the Pool? Thinking about a different M-Life venue (Luxor?). We will be losing our Gold Status on 10/1 and then price point may be an issue when they finish the remodel.

    Linq for next 4 nights is $163.52 fixed (3 free nights + $30 4th night + resort fees). Second time staying here, first time was last November. We were really impressed with the whole Linq experience. Besides, we need to get away from the Flamingo for a trip or two. Thanks to the Total Rewards credit cards (we each have our own), we have platinum status and Caesar’s has been good to us. Between us we have $531 in comp dollars that we’ve been hoarding and using sparingly. We also have the VIP pass for all their pools. One day I may go from Caesar’s pool, cross the street to Harrah’s, then Linq, Flamingo, Cromwell, Bally’s, Paris and PH. (Get a Life!!!)

    Excalibur for final 3 nights is $104.13 fixed (resort fee plus tax) and includes $250 free play. 15th time we have stayed there. Since moving down the food chain from Gold to Pearl, the place will probably stay in our future. No problems, though. Once you get past all the kids, place is always busy and people are happy. Laurel’s had some gambling success here in the past. I enjoy walking outside at night to the bridges, smoking my cigar and drinking my beer, and watching the world go by. Laurel excited about the $250 freeplay. They’ve never offered that much, and we’re still not sure how we scored it! We did find a section on Mlife website reporting our coin-in and out. Saw we’ve been averaging $13,500 for last 4 years at MGM Properties. Not sure if this is what got us the deals, or Gold status. So, we saw we only did $2,500 on the first trip this year, may need to step it up this trip (and November).

    Miscellaneous Thoughts

    Bingo: Probably not. We like the electronic version, but usually skip it during “pool season.”

    Pools: Plan to spend 4 hours max per day, but my guess is we’ll exceed that several times.

    Downtown: Haven’t been since June 2014. I love the atmosphere and people watching, but she‘s not a fan. But she’s interested in seeing the Container Park, so it’s a go(?).

    Freebies: From My Vegas, have 2 Aria lunch buffets, free appetizer at Luxor‘s Public House, BOGO beer flights at Monte Carlo Pub. Also have $50 Pot Liquor (Town Square) gift cards, and just got an American Casino Guide for some more coupons.

    Shows: Thinking about Metallica tribute band at Hard Rock on Saturday 9/3. Our Vegas friends just joined a website called “house seats” that allows her to claim 4 free seats to shows with little notice, so may score something fun with that.

    Football: Two weekends of college action and one week of pro’s. Always an exciting time of year. Will have lots of action going. Her problem with football season is that when I’m at the pool or a show or even dinner, I’m not focused on football instead of the fun right in fun of me. I’m working on it!

    Vegas Thanksgiving!!
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  2. Richard Alpert

    Richard Alpert LOST

    Jul 22, 2015
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    Looks like a good plan, CheeseHog!
    Happy travels to you and Laurel...:beer:

  3. Geogran

    Geogran VIP Whale

    May 1, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    @CheeseHog - I admire how efficiently you plan with what looks like maximum bang for your buck. At trip #47, it appears you've got a great system going! I need way more discipline to accomplish this, lol.

    Best of luck and fun to you and your wife - hoping that Freeplay turns into big money.
    Ist trip 2018
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