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Vegas Slow Season

Discussion in 'Vegas Nightlife' started by lasvegas_limo_driver, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. lasvegas_limo_driver

    lasvegas_limo_driver Vegas Guru at Infinity

    Apr 19, 2004
    las vegas, nv
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I have had numerous people messaging and emailing and i want to give you guys some info.

    right now the lower tier clubs are slow, and looking people. If you are a hot young group of ladies most club will give you a bottle. the hot clubs right now are Hakkasan, Light, Marquee and XS. In my opinion. Pure, Tao, Tryst and Lavo are good and Hyde and Haze are fairly busy as well. 1 oak, chateau, Bank, body english, LAX, and others not mentioned are slow and giving away good deals.

    I have said it over and over. everyone has a connection and then you hear horror stories of over charged or bad tables. Heres something that will help.
    Lower tier clubs are working tables and are running 2 bottle of vodka for less than $1k, but remember, 15 guys will not get that. Top tier clubs are typically 2k minimum but average at around $2500. yes you can get deals, but when they can put a 10k table where there is a 2k minimum you will get knocked.

    Entry. Guys, get to the clubs early, like 10pm early. Otherwise you will wait in line. Big groups of guys break up into groups of 2-3, alot easier.

    Clubs do not offer limo service to and from the club, if they do they are an outside host. Outside hosting companies can get better deals on bottles and entry. Im also a firm believer in not buying stuff online. Deposits i understand, but prepurchasing a table is horrible. Companies are charging $500 which will include their fee and limo to and from the club, but then doesnt include any fees from the club. There are way to many fly by night hosting companies in Vegas. Read customer reviews, look online, look at facebook, talk to or email companies and ask info. People who are truely into the club scene can answer alot of questions.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.