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TRIP REPORT, 10/5-10/8 Wynn/Cosmo

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Max2589, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. Max2589

    Max2589 Low-Roller

    Aug 8, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Since I have enjoyed reading some many of your tales, I thought I would share my own. This is my first trip report, so cut me some slack:

    Backround info: We were headed into town for a bachelor party. The bachelor ended up in the hospital a few days before hand, so a few of us just went anyways, in his honor of course.

    Friday Oct. 5th:
    I caught the last standby seat on a Jetblue flight out of JFK. A tough flight, got stuck in a middle seat next to a rather large fellow. However, I was happy to just be on board on en route to vegas. I would have sat in the cargo hold if It had to. Just under 6 hours later, touch down in sin city. Its just about 6pm.
    I would be staying at the Wynn tonight. Was able to get one night comp with no play history via a host I had once chatted with. However, no airport pickup provided. No big deal I thought, I will just grab a cab. As I walked outside the new terminal, my heart sank, the dreaded taxi line now looming. It was like the line to get on splash mountain at Disney world on an Easter Sunday. As I got on line a rather cute girl got behind me, some small talk and 45 minutes later we ended up sharing a cab. She was cute and clearly wanted to hang out with me but I opted out I was trying to be on good behavior as my girlfriend is set to move in with me next month. We got out at the Wynn and she walked to the IP. I offered to pay her cab the rest of the way but she decided she would just walk. I wished her good luck, and headed inside. I had never been inside the Wynn sober, just a few trips to the clubs here and there. My first impression was nice, the check in line was quick and my room was ready. I took my bags up, standard king room, nice..nothing crazy. I pushed a button on the wall and all the electronic shades opened, a nice view overlooking lake of dreams and treasure islands.
    Ok now were getting somewhere...

    I go to charge up my blackberry as the battery is dying, no luck. I try my backup charger, no luck there. Reality sets in, this will now be my second vegas trip in a row without a cell phone, great.

    I have an hour to kill before my buddy arrives from NC. I head downstairs and throw some front money in the cage. I take a lap around the casino and find a roulette table table that looks like it will do. I drop 800 bucks on the table and 40 minutes later of some small play, I am up about a grand. I decide to walk away and wait outside for my buddy as he will never find me otherwise (because I have no phone). I borrow a strangers phone and find out by buddy JUST landed. We make a game plan and back inside I go. I quickly lose everything I made and my original In, now down $800. My buddy arrives and we head upstairs, we each go to our own room, shower and change.

    Its now 10pm, we head downstairs to catch out reservation at SW, we grab a nice seat on the patio over looking the lake. I have to say, I was impressed. We got a monster seafood tower. We opted to drop the oysters so it was just giant shrimp and crablegs, it was awesome. We followed that up with the Chile rubbed ribeye (insanely good) with some truffed corn and mac and cheese as sides. This steak did not disappoint, we devoured it. A nice bottle of Shafer which we finished between the two of us and some funnel cakes to end the meal. I would return in heart beat.
    Dinner for 2, $470.00

    We then hit the tables, I straight got killed. I pulled some front money and after just shy of 3 hours at the roulette table, I was down 4k. NOT a good start for the trip. I decided to call it a night and headed up to bed. Got some sleep and woke up hungry. We decided to hit Tableau (sp) for breakfast.
    It was phenomenal. Shortly after, I went to the pit and asked to had my lay from last night reviewed. It showed I had played a good amount of $25/hand blackjack. Only thing is I DONT PLAY BJ, NEVER HAVE! Considering I was playing 200-300/spin this BJ nonsense dropped my avg quite a bit. I was told to take it up with my host but he does not work mornings. I was pissed.
    At checkout my room was comped but was told food could not be. After nearly 4 hours of play in one night at 300 avg. I was hoping to get some of my F&B comped, I guess not. Need to email my host.

    We jump in a car and head to my home away from, the cosmo. We arrive and head right into VIP check in. My room is ready, premium one bedroom suite comped. We dump our bags and head to the pool. Nice day but very busy. We sit outside for a few hours before we are hungry and drunk. We go inside and hit holsteins. Some burgers and liquor filled milkshakes hit the spot. Things are feeling good right now, despite my 4k loss at the Wynn.

    I decide not to gamble till 4am, my standard playing time. I know the dealers and the pit crew and it just feels right. Its now about 7pm and our other buddy arrives. He quickly checks into his room, showers and we grab some drinks while they play some BJ. We wanted to change it up a bit and head away from the strip. I call VIP services and they give me a house limo to take to dinner. We go to Lotus of Siam and order a feast with some excellent wine. It was the best thai meal ive ever had and I was just im Thailand a few months back. We had 3 apps and 6 entrees between the three of us. Even with a $125 bottle of wine our bill was just about $250.00. I order some extra food for the valet and limo managers at cosmo who told me they had always wanted to go to Lotus. There are not there when I return so I leave it with a supervisor for them.

    This was supposed to be a low key trip for us. We generally run up huge night club bills (10k+) and get absolutely mauled. My two friends are large concert/event promoters so we do our fair share of partying. This time was going to be a relaxing weekend filled with good restaurants and poolside drinks.

    They decided they wanted to hit Palamnios. For those of you unaware of this spot, its a seedy north las vegas all nude strip club. However, they serve alcohol. I am pretty its the only nude club in vegas to do so. The limo manager thanks me for the food which he has yet to eat and sends us over to Palaminos in a stretch. We get there and are escorted to our usual spot. We proceed to drink a bottle of champagne, patron and kettle one. We are now smashed. Its 330am and its time to go. The club sends us home in an limo at no charge as usual.

    We arrive at Cosmo, I search the Valet desk for the bags of food I left earlier hoping they had gone untouched. I discover the bags and I have major munchies. Sorry guys, I am taking it back! I go upstairs to freshen up and change out of our clothes that just reek of a long night out in bangkok (thai food and strippers).
    I stuff my face with pad thai and we decide to head back down.

    On the way downstairs, the elevator doors closes as one friend is just standing outside of them looking drunk and bewildered. We do not see him again that evening and he has no recollection of ever leaving the club.

    Its now game time. I find my dealer, he gives me a pound and announces to the pit crew the fun has arrived. I pull a 2k marker and as I am waiting the ball hits my number, 30. I get a bad feeling. I sign off and my chips are presented. 1k in nickels and 10 black chips. 15 minutes later I have hit nothing and my chips are gone. I pull another 2k, the cycle repeats. I am getting angry. I request another 2.5k. I am instructed to wait as they are doing the count. From past experience, I know this can take a while so I dart to the cage to get some chips. Upon return, two spins have taken place, both hitting my numbers. I am angry. I continue to play as usual. NOTHING. Its all gone.
    It is now 5:15am and I am down 6.5k in one hour of play. Combined with my Wynn loss, I am now down over 10.5k. I AM NOT HAPPY!!! I GO TO BED.

    I wake up and meet the guys at hosteins again where I recount the tale of my slaughter. I have 2k bankroll left for the trip and am getting very nervous.
    We head to pallazo for legasse sportsbook. I have a few undo and make some wagers. I lose a few of them but then things start to look up for me.
    I hit a 4 game parlay, seahawks, patriots, bears and 49ers. I make $775 on a 60 dollar bet. It feels good to win. However, reality sets in an I remember I am still down about 10 large. After drinking for 5 hours, I decide to take a nap. We wake up around 9pm and decide to head over to Aria to eat. I have never been there before. We eat at Javiers. Best Margaritas in the country. We had some white mexican prawns and carne asada. It was all pretty tasty. We start to talk about my strategy. I tell my friends I think I am going to stop before it gets really bad. 10k I can deal with. I AM PISSED, but I can deal with it. However, if I end up down 20k, I would have major explaining to do when I get home. I decide my best move would be to stop now.

    They convince me to play a little more as I usually end up ok. I say no.
    As we finish dinner, we walk into the Aria casino. I get a good vibe and at the continued urging of my pals I drop 600 on the table. I hit a few numbers and bam, I am now up 4k at the table. I decide to stop. Now Im done.
    Going home with a 6k loss doesnt feel so bad compared to the 10+
    We go back to the Cosmo and call it a night, we are drunk and tired.

    I wake up at 8am and go down to the cosmo casino, I have decided to keep playing. My dealer is on break. I start to play at another table. He returns but is assigned to blackjack. I am pissed but I keep playing. My $4,500 is now down to $1,500. My friend comes down with his luggage and walk him out to the taxi line. We say our farewells and part ways. I walk back inside with my head down.

    Here is where things get interesting. In the next 5 hours and 30 minutes I hit numbers left and right including a few monsters including 100 straight up on 30. I have now turned the 1500 into 8500 by the time my second friend makes it downstairs. I am pumped!!!
    Almost out of the woods.

    We decide to eat and hit Milos for the lunch special, best in town. We get a nice bottle of wine an Italian white. All said and done, bill was $180.00.

    I walk my friend to his taxi and off he goes. I have a few hours to kill.
    Back to the same table and grind away. I hit 30 again with nearly a full stack of nickels, I break even. I press hard. 2 hours later, I am now not only at even money but up almost 4k. I am in shock. I retreat to my room and stare at my winnings. I seriously cannot believe I dug myself out of this hole.

    I go back down and make a quick thousand in about 30 minutes.
    I decide to celebrate and grab a house limo over to Sapphires for monday night football. Its lame and I leave after a few drinks. I have 2 hours to kill before my departure time. I go back to the table and keep playing. One hour later I have lost 3500 bucks. I decide it is officially time to stop. Im Hungry and head to Jaleo. I sit at the bar and order a ton of food. Some cute girls sit beside me and we chat it up. I share my feast of foods with them as it would be impossible for me to finish. They ask me to go out with them. I refuse and decide to stick with my plan and go home. I forgot to mention this but I had already changed my flight twice in the preceding 24 hours.

    As I walk past the casino to get my bags from the room, I get the itch. I start tossing blacks inside. NOTHING. Oh well. No risk, no reward. I keep walking and stop by the Identity booth. I am made aware I have earned $1,000 in zappos gift cards. I don't know what zappos it but I am happy anyway. I grab my bags and call my host. Entire bill is comped as usual. Great. In just that sunday I clocked just shy of 7 hours at 300/avg bet. I end up leaving Vegas with $650 bucks more then I came and stayed on a full comp. Not to mention my Zappos cards. It was quite the ride and the comeback of my life.

    I return in 3 weeks with the girlfriend and hope to actually win some money
    next time. If you guys actually find my report to be entertaining, I will continue to post my adventures as they go. I usually get way more out of hand, this was a rather tame trip by all accounts. Thanks for reading.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2012
  2. gongoman

    gongoman MIA

    Apr 21, 2012
    Long Beach,In
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Wow man--Great comeback I prob my self would've went for it ya only live once and like my father once told me ya can't take it with ya...:beer:

    Glad ya had fun :beer:
  3. vegasvette

    vegasvette Low-Roller

    Mar 11, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Absolutely keep writing these reports. Fun read. Great comeback, making your return more anticipated, right? Knock em dead again.
  4. UKFanatic

    UKFanatic The Arbiter of Taste Caviar Kid

    Jul 11, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good TR and excellent comeback. This story is why I only play roulette when I am up! Also happy to read your bit about Javiers. May check it out when I am there in a couple weeks
  5. Kort Jester

    Kort Jester Low-Roller

    Apr 18, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report
  6. Dpin300

    Dpin300 Low-Roller

    Jul 23, 2012
    Las Vegas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great TR. Even I got excited reading. Is he going to win more or loose it all again??!?? Very entertaining, thanks for sharing
  7. djcoach

    djcoach Low-Roller

    Dec 15, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    very nice TR. I'm getting the itch already
  8. Blonde_4_ever

    Blonde_4_ever Vegas Lover Extraordinaire!

    Jun 12, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    "I had never been inside the Wynn sober"

    I love this line! Interesting report.
  9. Gaggles

    Gaggles VIP Whale

    Nov 28, 2009
    Calgary Area
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I think I can safely speak for most of us on here when I say you must keep posting.

    Nice comeback.
  10. fas87

    fas87 Tourist

    Sep 21, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the report - it was a fun read! Hope you will follow up with another report after you return in a few weeks.
  11. mike_m235

    mike_m235 Tourist

    Aug 22, 2012
    Colorado Springs
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report. When you finish even, isn't it odd how you feel so much better if you were down first and came back as opposed to being up early and then losing your way back down to near where you started?
  12. sybgal

    sybgal VIP Whale

    Apr 19, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Excellent report! Thanks for posting. Hope to read about your next trip with the GF!
    Impatiently Waiting....
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