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TR "the rest of the story"

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by jtraveler, May 29, 2013.

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  1. jtraveler

    jtraveler Tourist

    Apr 24, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    This trip report is a follow up to my first posting “Nervous about Comps” at the end of April on the Comps portion of this web site. I copied and pasted it below so it would explain parts of this trip report.

    "Nervous about Comps"
    I stayed at the Venetian several months ago. Paid for two suites, meals, a show for four nights. I opened a credit line for $75,000 but never used it there. Did next to no gambling in the casinos. Couple months ago I received a note and business card from a Player Host there. I called, they want to offer a very nice suite for several nights, food credit and over $1,000 in free play. My question is how much gambling are they expecting from me? What level of betting? Sounds like a great deal but I do not want accept all the free things if I going to upset the folks there with not enough qualified play. Still trying to decide if I am going to accept the deal.

    Trip Report

    I just returned a couple days ago and have learned a tremendous amount about this world of comps in Vegas. If you read the original post above you will understand what my mind set was going into this trip. Let me start by saying it was a great trip that meet every goal and expectation I had going into it. I was very concerned about how they would judge my level of play. The goal for me on this trip was to play at a level that I was comfortable with and they would judge as worthy of the comps given. To hopefully be offered more or better comps in the future. All the while hopefully at least breaking even with my play. Well, I believe my play meet their expectations as upon check out I received more items comped on my bill than what was originally offered. The day after I got home I sent a thank you email to my host to thank him for all he had handled and how well the staff did in taking care of us. I asked him to feel free to pass my email along to senior management at the property. I got a message back how much they appreciated me coming out and very glad I enjoyed the experience.

    Here is a general outline of how I did things. But, let me say I am not advocating my way of play. It is not a system it is what worked for me this trip. It did exceed my goals for this visit. It simply worked for me and may not work for others. I am certainly not as seasoned a player as many on this board. I am really a novice to the whole comp world.

    My wife and I flew out to Vegas this past Wednesday. Hotel Limo (Palazzo) picked us up at the airport. Arrived at the hotel and went to the check in counter. When they pulled up my reservation they directed us to the VIP check in area. This is a very nice space that we would use throughout our time there. It was quiet, very nicely appointed, that had light foods available throughout the day. It was open 24/7 and had a Butler on call to make whatever you wanted to drink. My wife liked the fact it had private bathrooms so she had an option to the casino floor ones. I liked it for a quiet spot off the casino floor that I did not have to travel back up to the room. The complimentary drink service was nice too.

    Our room was a suite facing the strip 47 th floor. It was over 1300 square feet. I believe when I looked at it on line it was going for over $600 a night during our stay there. Needless to say it was very nice and comfortable. Shortly after getting to the room a basket of fruit, various cheeses, several bottled waters and two bottles of wine arrive with a card, complements or our casino host. I called him to thank him for the welcoming gift. He wanted to know if we needed anything else and that he was available 24/7 if we needed anything while there.

    We had arrived late afternoon and I did not play the first night as the time change for us always wipes me out the first night. The next morning I began my play at the single zero roulette table on the regular casino floor. This was Thursday and the minimum bet was $25. My entire time there I only played single zero roulette. Most the time it was a minimum of $25 but at night into the weekend it would go up to $50 minimum. This is how I played throughout my time this trip. I would bet on the outside red, black, odd or even. On the same spin I would bet four corner bets on five corners. For example if I bet $50 on red I would bet $10 on five different corners for my inside bet. My thought was if I hit both my outside and inside bet I make real headway. If I only hit one of the inside corner bets I would still come close for what was played. If I only hit the outside bet, I broke even as it covered my inside bet. I only lose completely if I miss both on inside and outside selections. I played this way throughout my time. I did at times have higher wagers on the inside bet than the outside but more often than not they were balanced. I would play in the morning for about a two hour session. Go have lunch with my wife, explore the strip. Then come back mid to late afternoon for another two hour session. My goal was to play at least four hours a day on roulette. When I played during the day I only drank water. I did play a couple of evenings when I was not drinking water. Those were the times I actually won more. I guess Grey Goose and Tonic is lucky!
    End of Thursday play results I was up $500. Played four plus hours, average play per spin during the day $75 that night $175. I also had $1,250 of free play chips. I played those on two tries of red on the table. I won $250 on those tries. On Friday I followed the same general playing times and at the end of that day I was up $1,500. My average play per spin dropped to about $150. The last day I played was Saturday. My morning play I went to the Venetian as the table I used in the Palazzo was covered up. This session I got down from the start but made a comeback and hit one or both of my bets 15 times in a row as I counted them. I got out and was down only $95 from what I started with at that session. I played that afternoon back at the Palazzo and just keep going up and down and it just was not working for me. I cashed in and was down $200 from that session. That was my last time to gamble I ended up winning $1,300 total for the trip. The other thing I did as it was my line of credit that got me this trip was I keep pulling on that line at every session. For example I would take out a marker of two to five thousand out at a time to start play for a session. When I cashed out I went to the room and placed my chips in the safe. I always kept my loc chips in a separate area in the safe. That way I knew I had the money I owed ready to pay back. I also knew how much I was ahead for the trip. I paid off all the various markers on Saturday night with those chips and cahed out my winnings. The total of my markers was 20 thousand. I wanted to show that loc activity to the casino.

    Other notes of our trip we had some great meals not just at the property but on the strip. We did not go to any shows because we really had seen the ones we liked in previous trips. We saw some really good casino bar groups that were fun and we got to do our share of dancing in those places. We enjoyed our time to the hilt and though it was a holiday weekend we never felt like we were crowded. It is fun to “people watch” on a weekend like this as there are all kinds of folks in town having a crazy time. Vegas certainly is a town like no other and we look forward to going back again. I believe with how I played and the additional comps they gave us we may get a similar deal in the future. When we checked out our bill was less than $200. They had covered most of our meals and the daily resort charges.
  2. Llew

    Llew Low-Roller

    Jan 27, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like a pretty good trip. I would shocked if they continue to comp you at that level based on your play - it sounds like they are simply seeing how far you're willing to open your purse strings when you get the "high roller" (I use the term in a relative sense) treatment. I think they probably comped you more than 100% of your theo.

    With your play on roulette, I'd expect more along the lines of a smaller suite (Bella, for example) at a 5-star place like the Venetian, limited F&B, and no free chips.

    The large credit line is a nice way to get those big initial offers, but don't expect them to persist without play that's at least 3-5x greater.
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