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TR 2 in 1 (April and august 2014) Part 3 and final

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by elswam, Sep 3, 2014.

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  1. elswam

    elswam Low-Roller

    May 13, 2010
    chihuahua mex
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    August 11
    I tell you that this was a great trip the best until now, im sure comes betters,well too i tell my wife, that i will change the routine in Las Vegas, normally i woke up , i take a shower and then i go down to play, if i win play until i lose that money that i won and after we go to eat come back to play and finally sleep and the next day the same routine.
    So that i now changed a little, i woke up i went to the strip to run from Stratosphere to Wynn round trip, comeback to Gym 15-20 minutes, after i go to the pool and jacuzzi aprox 1 hour, comeback to the room, i take a shower and ok ready to go down to play, i made this the two next days, thats very good to me because i felt that i play with other attitud, no pressure and thinking that i bring a balance positive in my wallet
    Also i changed my way to play when i win or lose i get up and i stop for some time i come back to the room and see tv, rest some or walk to the strip with M and Diane anyway i try to break the routine before.
    So the day finish with positive balance, i guess i sleep early 12 or 1 AM, before i was playing at 4 or 5 AM and no money of my budget.August 12 and 13

    August 12
    Well the Tuesday was for shopping, M and diane knows i have balance positive, we go to oulet premium south and fashion show mall and the popular Ross, they bought dresses, shoes, every things that she saw and it was cheap go to the cart, not bad i suppose we all known to the womens, after the shopping we went to luxor buffet, good place i like the crab legs and shrimps, we finished and we go to walk at the New york New york to know the herseys store, in the personal i think the M&M is better. We walk to the strip and we saw some groups singing, people, lights, well come back to Stratosphere M and I play some hours, we win and lose, but at final of the day just have 100 dlls not bad for this trip before in others trips in 2 days maybe i had drive red numbers.

    August 13
    M and I woke up early to check in enterprise rent a car, how is the procedure to renta a car for next day to go at the concert of Bruno Mars, we arrive at Westin, it was in flamingo street, long line because his system was down, meanwhile M played 40 dlls and no lucky, i wait aprox 30 minutes just to ask the rate and conditions to rent a car it was 37 dlls 1 day, well i need only my licence and and credit card and then tomorrow i will back to pick up the car.
    we go to Wynn M like Wynn because they serve a good bloody mary, i drink michelob ultra, alsothe casino is very good, we play aprox 3 hours and our budget was now red numbers(-200dlls).
    we apply the new technic, retire us and we go to pick up Diane, she was ready and we went to excalibur buffet, the place looks like some dark, the food is regular i think, well but finally food is food and the hungry not forgive it, we finished and we went straight to the Link, we ride to observation wheel excellent view Diane take some photos and she was very happy, after this we walk aprox 1 hour in the strip, we comeback to Stratosphere play black jack win some (30dlls) play slots machine and no lucky, finished the day early because tomorrow we travel to Lake Taho

    August 14 THE DAY
    Well let me tell you why i coming to las vegas, really we had planned our vacations to Cancun, but Diane is a fan of Bruno Mars, and she said dad please buy me the ticket and i work to pay you, so i could not deny her.
    Well, we go to Lake Tahoe, i woke up early to try pick up the car and left Las Vegas early and arrive LT early , i arrive at the Westin 7:30 but they open until 8 AM, then i play slots, first i went to cashier to buy a chip to my collection, i like the old machines with old games, choose one , but i dont remember which one was, just was a Kangaroo the imagens, i played 25 minutes and once again bonus i won 180 dlls great, i reduce my balance negative, im happy again, just when the time is 8 AM, pick up the car, i passed for M and Diane, lets go to LT.
    We arrive to LT at 4 PM, after take some roads wrong in the way, first we eat pizza inside of Hareys casino, Diane was very happyin this case M also emotioned. because she also will enter to the concert.
    We are agree that when finished the concert we will see in the lobby at hotel Harveys.
    Meanwhile i play slot aprox 4 hours, what happened during this time, turn my balance positive, play some slots and finally i won 300 dlls. i was more happy, but when we meet in the lobby my daughter was happiest like me, First because she saw Bruno Mars near of the stage, and second because she was take a picture with the father of Bruno,,but the funny thing was that , Diane wearing a t shirt with the photo of bruno when he was children, the father of bruno looked the tshirt and ask to Diane where you grabbed this photo, she answered in the internet, ooh!!! i dont remember that photo but yes he is Bruno, some people around the father of bruno, said to Diane, you know who is this Sir, Diane said no, they said to Diane he is father of bruno, Diane cant belive that, she was more emotioned, she said fathers bruno about if was posibble see bruno, but no,she insisted give bruno her tshirt, but no, Well,said fathers Bruno, give the tshirt to me and after i give him the tshirt, the deal was made, Diane receive a shirt of Bruno Mars and she give her tshirt, excellent deal said Diane, she cant belive once again , she have a shirt of Bruno Mars.
    This story was worth more than anything, now she continues even happy, sharing this story with your friends, and congratulate her for having a shirt from Bruno Mars.

    August 15 Another Day with Surprise !!!
    We comeback to Las vegas, i only sleep in rest area 2 hours, we arrive at 8:30 AM. i left the car in Westin(Enterprise rent a car), and we goin to the stratosphere to sleep, about 3 PM we wake up, the rest of the day just was walking in the strip, we eat at Panda express in Fashion show mall.
    After we going to Fremont routine visit, we enter for side of the hotel Plaza Casino, we see a new show dance and music, we saw a dance hawaiano, the girl has an excellent talent we were impressed. very good show.
    we continue walking, 3rd Street Stage , we see too crowd, i guess the show begun, but when i was very near what is my surprise, Deep Purple, i can not belive, when i was 14 years old i heard them, what night great!!!
    i saw and hear the concert, enjoyed the concert like many people old, remember that years ago.In the stratosphere beginning
    Finally we comeback to Stratosphere, the rest of the night play slots, M and I drink and the comments the succes of this trip. Too michelob to me and cocktails for my wife, we are happy go ahead to hear the rock band,we go to bed aprox at 2 AM, at this point i forget my budget because we are enjoyed this trip.

    August 16
    Well normally this day, the last night in Vegas, we made baggage. i check my budget, and see the balance red numbers, but i think this worth trip. Diane ,M and I go to the strip, caesars, flamingo well all the day and everything normal.
    At the night some slots and blackjack, some michelob, i need come back to bed early. Because tomorrow is day of travel.

    So I told you at the beginning of this trip report, this trip is the best that we have made to Las Vegas why:
    Sharing the happiness of my daughter is priceless
    I saw and hear to Deep Purple was great
    We knowing Lake Tahoe
    I spend half of what I had budgeted in slots and black jack
    5 nights for 197dlls and 2 free by AcePlay
    MGM, LUXOR,EXCALIBUR 2 dinner buffets By My Vegas
    Finally this is the reason why i prefer come to Las Vegas!!!!!

  2. RockyBalboa

    RockyBalboa Front Line Winner

    Jan 24, 2010
    Houston by way of Philadelphia
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Awesome - thanks for sharing!
  3. Vegasworm

    Vegasworm Finger Clicker Extraordinaire

    May 5, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed the part about Bruno Mars.
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