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TR-10/15-20, Low Roller Trip, Polo Towers, Donny and Marie, KA

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by polkarandy, Oct 21, 2014.

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  1. polkarandy

    polkarandy Tourist

    Mar 5, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    We’re back, from a great trip to LV. As you will note from my report, I am a very low roller, but love Vegas and would come much more often if I could. We left MSP late Wednesday afternoon, on Frontier Airlines, with a connection through Denver. Expected LV arrival is 10:15…..the flights are fine, although we are 20 minutes late departing from MSP and about 15 minutes late arriving to Vegas. No problem…it’s not too bad. For this trip I had a deposited timeshare week I needed to burn up before it expired, so we are staying at Polo Towers Suites.

    We arrive via taxi at about 11 pm, we were not long hauled…..in fact the taxi driver made a big production of pointing out it was less than $20 from the airport to Polo Towers. So, $18 for the cab ride…and a nice tip later, we head over to check in.

    The check in process was very easy, the Polo Towers is a very nice looking place and the receptionist was very pleasant and helpful. We head up to the room and check it out. It is a 2 bedroom as that is what I traded for (by the way….for those of you who have a timeshare, I traded a very low value mud week into Dial an Exchange a few years prior and this is what I got for it…dollar for dollar, a great trade) and it really lived up to expectation. The second bedroom was a studio unit, with a Murphy Bed, that could be locked off separate from the one bedroom unit. I would not have wanted to stay in the one bedroom studio as it is just a small step up from a hotel room, but together they were great. We used the second bedroom to spread out our suitcase contents and it worked out great.

    It’s about 11:45 and my wife is ready to call it a night….but it’s Vegas baby! I head out (with her blessing!) and walk to Hooters, ….but…. I planned to get my MLife card at MGM as I walked through. Well, I get to the MLife booth at 12:01 A.M. so I could get my myVegas comps, just in time to see the attendant walking away as the booth closed at midnight. (Polo Towers is just behind the Hawaiian Village shopping center between MGM Grand and Planet Hollywood.) It’s a fairly easy walk. At Hooters, I stay for about an hour. I dropped $20 on a slot machine, then head over to the $3 BJ table…..it’s 6 to 5, but I was itching to play, so jumped on it. I played for about 45 minutes, ended up $5 when I head back to the room….so down a net $15 on the first night.

    The Polo Tower rooms were very comfortable….. the king size bed in the master was good for both my wife and I, and we have very different settings on our Sleep Number bed at home! The only negative was the garbage truck emptying the dumpsters each morning at 6:15, he was very punctual.

    Thursday was our big planned day……my wife and I generally vacation by running around with tight plans to see and do everything. As this was our 6th trip to Vegas, we are past the point of needing to see and do everything….it will either be here the next time we are in town or be gone and replaced by something maybe better. So, we just had the one day all planned out and then planned to go with the flow and relax (and…yes, use a pool for the first time in Vegas…..more on that later!).

    We rolled out of the room at about 10 and headed over to the MGM and get my mLife card and the partially comped tickets to KA, based on recommendations from this board. My wife heads off to play slots while I take care of all the paperwork….no problems and I get the tickets for the 7:30 show that night. We spent some time at MGM and then walk to Excalibur, where we signed up for a timeshare presentation (We own one, knew what we were getting into, more on that later) and headed back to the room for a little down time and (since I’ve let the cat out of the bag on what we are doing that evening….we read the back story of KA before going to the show). A little later we walked over to Bellagio, I had a BOGO on the buffet, from myVegas, but only good on Thursday (again, based on the recommendations here on the board :nworthy:). We get the reward loaded on my card and head to the buffet.

    This was a great buffet…thanks to all the help here on the board. I didn’t keep track of all the food offerings, but would highly recommend this buffet. After we eat, we head out and slowly head back over to the MGM for the 7:30 show of KA. The last time we were in Las Vegas, the City Center was just nearing completion and I think only Aria was open, so we check some of the place out, including Liberace's car which we had seen when the museum was open and then head over to MGM with plenty of time to spare and feed a few more bucks into the machines there.

    KA was amazing! We had the “premium” seating due to the myVegas comp and were fairly close to the stage (row J, I believe stage right). The acrobatics in the show, along with the stage are amazing. Thanks for the advice on reading about the story line first….that definitely helped to follow the show. I would highly recommend the show to anyone.

    After seeing KA, we were pretty wiped out….we gambled a little at MGM and then headed back to POLO Towers. We made a stop at Walgreens along to way to stock up on a few things (imagine finding a Walgreens so close!).

    Friday morning was our timeshare presentation, se we walked over to Excalibur to catch the bus. We had some time to kill and plinked away a few bucks at the machines at Excalibur. Our tour was at Worldmark by Wyndham “right on the Strip”…..Well, it is on LV Blvd, but I sure as hell wouldn’t call the location the “Strip” as it is way south of Mandalay Bay. If we have time we always take the timeshare tour. It’s funny to listen to how they tell you how great it is and you can “go anywhere”, etc. We own one….and like it….but know there is a lot of BS. We don’t ask many questions, are real clear with the salesman that he is not going to get us to buy so he wraps it up. With travel time about 3 hours…..but it was interesting and the property was very nice. It was even a decent breakfast. We took the $125 in food vouchers….$75 for the MGM buffet and $50 to use at the Luxor. After we were dropped off back at the Excalibur, we headed back to our room at Polo Towers for a little R & R, before heading out for the evening.

    When back at Polo Towers, we actually used the pool :thumbsup:! This is the first time in 6 trips that we have been to a pool in Vegas! It was very nice, not real large however. The water was a bit cold, but otherwise very well maintained and clean. After relaxing by the pool for a while we headed back in to get ready for our big night out.

    One of the things my wife hinted at wanting to do in Vegas was to see the Donny and Marie show. So, we headed north to the Flamingo….it’s a good hike, so we left at about 5 and took our time. We walked through Bally’s and the Cromwell (that place looks swanky!) and to the Flamingo. I told my wife we needed to meet at 6:45 to get to a 7:30 show that was close to the Flamingo (the specific show was a surprise, although she figured it out when we got there). While waiting for the show, I played BJ in the Margaretville casino and won about $20.

    The show was great! It is a very high energy show, with great music, good laughs and very fun. We sat with a very nice couple from Colombia in our booth that were very enjoyable to chat with. The highlight of the trip for my wife as she got to “high five” Donny as he was going through the showroom.

    After the show we walked up as far as Casino Royale to check everything out. On our first trip 12 years ago, we stayed at the Imperial Palace, so this part of the strip had always been our base, and we were very interested to see how it has changed. At about 11:30 we started heading back to the Polo Towers.

    Saturday was our planned day to go downtown. We had buffet vouchers now for MGM, so we went there for the buffet and got there just before the big rush at about 10:30-11. This is a very good buffet and I would recommend it…certainly not as good as Bellagio earlier in the trip, but this was brunch vs. a dinner buffet. After the buffet, we headed out to the strip to get our tickets for the Deuce and start the long, slow ride downtown. Of course, during the day it’s not so bad, but still, it takes a while.

    We stop off at the CircusCircus/Riveria stop to check them out. On our first trip to Vegas, we really liked Slots O Fun….it was dirty and dingy even then, but had a nice vibe to it. I was disappointed on a later trip when we got there and saw they had taken the table games out (my first BJ was at Slots o Fun on a $1 table). I see they still haven’t cleaned the carpet, the place is even more disappointing now and has even fewer slot machines. It’s dirtier, grungier and sure not much fun anymore.

    Then we went to Circus Circus…..that place looks like it about ready for the big bang. We didn’t stay long.

    We went across the street to the Riv…..I played BJ for about an hour with a very nice dealer and a table full of fun folks. Up $30 when we left. My wife played slots…..I never ask.

    Back on the Deuce to Fremont. The other item we had on our “must do” list, was to go to the Mob Museum. I’m glad we did. It was very interesting, fun and we even learned some things. I would highly recommend it. By this time it is almost 7, so my wife and I go our separate ways….here to shop a little for bring home souvenirs for the kids….me to play some serious BJ, but not for a lot of money. Based on the recommendation of TimSpeed from the board I go in search of the Main Street Station. I find it and play for about a half hour. I had only played BJ from a shoe dealt game…and hard a hard time picking up the rhythm at first. I was down about $25 and left. I went over to the Fremont (after walking through the California) and played at Fremont for about 3 hours. Up $50. My wife and I met up…and between the smoke and loud music she has a headache and wants to head back…..said I could stay if I wanted too, but decided I should probably head back also. So we are heading back on the Deuce at about 11:30…needless to say it was slow and crowded. We got back to Polo Towers at about 12:45.

    Before going to bed, my wife said that she wanted to sleep in the next morning and I should head back downtown if I wanted too, and she would just take it easy.

    So, Sunday morning I get back on the Deuce and head downtown….it’s about 8:30, so the traffic is nonexistent and we get there fairly quick. Good thing I had the 24 hour bus pass. I went to the Fremont, it is pretty dead, but I join a table playing BJ. It was a hand dealt game, so I wasn’t sure I was going to like it…..but it was a great dealer and a nice table of folks to play with. Stayed almost 4 hours and was up $85 when I left. While I was downtown, my wife relaxed by the Polo Towers pool and did a little shopping in the MGM/NYNY vicinity.

    When I got back to the room, we headed over to the Luxor for the buffet. This was the low point of the trip. The Luxor buffet completely lived up to all the bad reviews it has gotten. I’m glad it wasn’t cash directly out of our pocket, I would have felt totally screwed. After that disappointment, we gamble a bit at the Luxor, I walk over to check out the Mandalay Bay…then meet up with my wife and we start heading back. She wonders what we are going to do with the rest of the evening….I suggest going over to Hooters as they have a $3 BJ table (I know 6:5…..but it’s $3). So we walk over there….it is loud and smoke filled. After about 45 minutes I am down $50 and ready to leave. Fortunately, my wife is also so we head back towards MGM. We each have a slot voucher to cash in, so we do that. I won $50 on a Triple 7’s machine…..she’s down. Now, she reports her headache is back and she isn’t feeling very well and since we are heading home on Monday wants to go back and turn in…..but I should go back downtown if I want too, as it’s our last night in Vegas.

    So, we head back….I stop by the business center and print our boarding passes and get thing s organized for morning when we head out.

    At about 8 I get back on the Deuce and head downtown. I first stop to play at Fremont. It’s busy, the drink service is slow and after the waitress walked away from me the second time without taking my order I get up and walk out. That was o.k. as the dealer had really gone on a run and I was down $30. I walked over to the Golden Gate to see what it looked like….they have really spruced that place up, but all $10 or higher tables. Then I walked to the Plaza…again, they’ve really spruced it up. Then I walked to the MainStreet Station. Again, I need to give a shout out to TimSpeed :nworthy: for recommending the place….I had never been there before. It is a gorgeous casino, and with the high ceilings and brighter light, it is a very pleasant place to play. I sat down at a table and played for about an hour…..up 50 cents when I walked away. A guy next to me was smoking and it was really getting to me….so I walked around a bit and got an ice cream cone at a shop in the walk way between the MSS and California. I came back to the table after about 45 minutes and played for a couple hours. Up $45 and it was a great time. A couple of fun dealers and nice people playing who did not take the game too seriously.

    I got back on the Deuce at 12:15 to head back to Polo Towers….it took an hour.

    Monday morning we packed up and checked out. Our last great memory will be waiting for a cab at the Polo Towers….the bellman said he could call us a cab…or you could take that limo to the airport for $20…it’s only about $3 more. So we took the limo…..as you can tell we are really high rollers!

    It was a great trip…..with the exception of the Luxor buffet and my wife coming home with a killer cold (thank heaven that didn't set in on the first day:wink2: ). Thanks to everyone who had input on my questions I had posted before we went and for the help and advice. I’m ready to go back……but sadly, no countdown timer yet.

  2. hillwood24

    hillwood24 High-Roller

    Dec 5, 2012
    Fort Worth, TX
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report, Randy! I really enjoyed all of the details that you included.

    I might have to check out Main Street Station on my next trip!
  3. KyleB

    KyleB Low-Roller

    Oct 8, 2012
    Los Angeles, prev. FL
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good stuff Randy, sounds like you did pretty well at the tables!
  4. sybgal

    sybgal VIP Whale

    Apr 19, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report.....thanks for sharing!!
    Impatiently Waiting....
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