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The D Suite- 28-3rd Ups and Downs

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by uli_1515, Mar 4, 2014.

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  1. uli_1515

    uli_1515 Low-Roller

    Mar 28, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Let me start this out by saying I almost didn't even write this. This is my 3rd trip in a year span and it has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I really don't feel I got value for my dollars or my time. But that's what I get for doing a friend trip with a serious drinker, a first timer, and a 100 a day budget. Made me love my wife so much more for how easy it is to travel together. Must be why we're married.

    So I am just going to do quick summary sections.

    Airline was SW with purchased EB. Got A-21 going and A-16 coming home. Flight into Vegas was really smooth but sadly the return flight was pretty bumpy. Perfect thing for me being scared to fly anyway haha.

    Transportation was a purchased limo at the airport for $65 bucks. He said it would fit 6 and we were a group of 5. Let me just say if you want to crammed in there you could get 6 but really these limos fit 4 men good and maybe 6 woman but be forewarned you should purchase the next level if you are in doubt of your pettiness. Gave the guy 100 for all the extra bags and what not and he seemed pleased with it.

    During the stay we were downtown and what we would do is hop in a van and get dropped off at the Wynn. No freeway and the ride was under 15 each time. Also if you do this route you can drive past Pawn Stars and see the line and also a bail bonds on every corner. That alone is quite impressive.

    The D the place with the largest set of extremes I have ever dealt with. We showed up around 9am and made an effort to check in. I had a Suite plus a basic room booked under my name. The suite wasn't ready but my second room she said they were almost done with cleaning so it would be pretty short and she would call. Next I made a choice to throw her a $20 and asked if that room is ready would you please call me so I can take a shower at least and get going.

    Around 2 1/2 hours later I say lets go check on the rooms and low and behold the basic room as been ready since I checked in. But my suite has not been cleaned yet. As I am talking to a man this time I laugh and say well that $20 bucks for a phone call worked out great and he told me the girls here are not allowed tips. As he says this my first girl walks out sees me and 180s back into the first room. I finally get my shower and as soon as I open my bag I see my camera screen got broke. (cheap point and shoot)

    What was weird is when they loaded our bags mine was on top but when it came to the room it was on the bottom. Must of loaded it onto a new one... :( The DW instantly reminds me that she told me this would happen so Ill get to hear about this I am for sure for a while. We go and walk to Eat to enjoy one of 2 good breakfasts.

    At around 3pm I go back to see if I can now get into that suite and I get a new girl who has seen my struggles today and she finally informs me of what is going on. Seems a high roller wasn't flying out until 6pm and they told him to keep his room til 4. She calls and they tell me he just walked out. So it will be a bit before they can clean it. I end up laughing and ask to just call me when its ready and I am called in about 45 minutes and am told to just walk up and she will hand me my room keys.

    I have never seen a check in area with the most bland people who are just standing there like zombies and look like they hate being at work. When one of my keys got desensitized the girl told me if I learned to keep my cell phone in the other pocket I would not need to come back to do this again. I just laughed and told her thanks for the life changing advise. On check out I got my first girl again asked her my total and laid out the cash to just pay it off. She hands me a receipt and tells me to have a good day. I ask well are you going to take the cash and she tells me she ran my card and just glares at me for not having the cash ready. It is fucking sitting on the counter I say and she looks down and grabs it up like it was all good.

    So far this has had some negative things to say about the D but Let me just say that I had some great experiences with every CW, Dealer, security, bartender and room attendant. All really helpful and happy the only people that were not pleasant was the front desk, d club workers and the host that really did nothing for me on check out day. At the end of the day I fell the negatives won. We will be going back to the nugget or strip. I would though gamble/drink/party in the casino on any day of the week.

    Room was very nice.. Large couch with wet bar and a separate bathroom with a nice shower. No bath tub was there but that never bothered me. If you go the vegastripping and read their reviews of the D suite the pictures are spot on. We had a few issues in the room but it was all taken care of in a fast manner. The first night the living room smoke detector was beeping and I called and the front desk said they would send someone up. 2 hours later no one had shown and I called again and in about 15 minutes a man showed up and changed them out. On Saturday night our bathroom went dark and we had to call and have them come reset the circuit and we were back in business again. Random issues that were easily solved so no sweat in it.

    Gambling was a very sad past time. I couldn't win on anything. Penny machines dollar machines 5 dollar machines all were one way tickets. I hit 900 on a gorilla penny machine. Was my largest 1 spin win outside of a feature. Also hit $500 on a Top dollar machine 3 times in its feature. Ended up down 2k that the D has on record for my 3 nights. And according to my wallet I lost another 1500 walking the strip for my duration of the trip. Not my worst trip but by far the least amount of TITO tickets I have cashed out.

    D host and Desk = The desk had a promotion where for every 50 points you got 5 bucks back. When I went on Sunday morning to see where I stood on my free play I got $430 for free play. Ran it all through a $5 dollar machine and cashed out nothing. That was when I met a host who I chatted with for about an hour. After I was out of the free play I walked over to the office and was informed that staying in a suite needs way more play to get it comped off. I guess I can understand it all but he told me for my play he would take off one rooms resort fees. He also said playing WoF machines don't accrue points the same as others but I still don't understand why ($60 plus tax) Sitting here with the bill at home I noticed he never did. So I called and talked to a front desk person and they told me there was a note but she missed it. I guess Ill get it refunded on my card or I won't. I am not holding my breath.

    Shows = zero for me. DW and friend saw Miley Cyrus and they both loved it. Really enjoyed the Piano bar Saturday night at NYNY and wish I would of spent more time.

    Food= Eat 2 morning and each time was very good. Was nice to see the same people that I have seen on TV when the place gets airtime.

    Also ate at Triple George and the food was very good as well. Filled with almost all business type people and no tourists but the food was very good with very reasonable prices. Around 15 bucks a head for a breakfast/lunch.

    Ate 2 drunken Binions burgers and both were as good as always.

    Had a coney dog in the D one night and it was honestly awful but at 3am it doesn't really matter I just needed something.

    Max Brenner for a chocolate fix. Got the granita with the melting chocolate volcano cake. All was Very good for a quick sweet tooth binge. Sad to hear our waiter informed us that in 30 days the place is going to be closed. They are in talks of reopening just the bar area but the restaurant will be gone. So check it out while you still can.


    Grand wok and sushi bar for lunch one day and the rolls we got were all decent rolls at a decent price. Around 15 bucks a roll.

    Andiamo for dinner one night and it was very good as well. I got the lobster bisque and the Pat LaFrieda Burger. The burger was highly recommended and sadly I only ate 3/4s I was just way to full and most likely just way to much to drink.

    Just realized I ate a burger 3 days in a row so that's pretty funny. Doubt I have done that since high school.

    Ok so there is my trip and If I remember or want to add anything else I will. Ill finish with a few tips maybe someone will enjoy.

    The D=
    The elevators are slow. I mean crazy slow. If you have 2 people just have one person stand in the door and hold it if you just need to grab something real fast from your room. I never had more then a 10 minute wait but I had multiple over 5 minute waits.

    We never used Valet but when ever we would walk out we were always pushed to take a limo to the strip for around 40 bucks. Multiple times we were told that 5 don't fit into a cab and I would just laugh and say yea but a van holds us just fine. On my last day I asked the kid and he told me they get $5 bucks for every one they sell so its well worth the effort.

    I was not long hauled once. Just specifically said what route and I usually got a back handed comment about scenic routes. Under 15 dollar scenic routes from downtown to the Wynn are fine by me. Every time I just tossed a 20 and as soon as they got a decent tip off the scenic route they started pitching ideas of where to go.

    One cab we took from Caesers side entrance to downtown this guy asks us if we want the strip and traffic or to get downtown fast. My brother tells him the fastest way you know. And now we're on the highway going no joke 90 and we are downtown in minutes. When he exits the highway he goes 45 cutting back and fourth and the cost was 17 bucks. I don't know how this guy doesn't have a shit load of tickets but he came through on fast. He hops out of the cab to open doors and jogs around to get us out and he tears away. Reminded me of that Harry Potter bus.. first time I have ever buckled up in a cab.

    On our last day we just cabbed to the strip and checked our bags and walked around til it was time to go. Worked out well that we didn't have to lug our stuff and / or stay DT with our bags.

    Also when you see 2 bums fighting in between the D and downtown grand it turns out its not funny when you offer the victor a Coors light. He told me he only drinks good beer. I laughed so hard I cried. He has a 4loko in his right hand and in his left a gallon zip lock of old butts hes taken from ash trays. Who would of thought Coors light is below his taste buds.

    Here is the best advise I can give. If your group could be a start of a bad joke do not do it. I will attempt one below.

    What do you get when a Whore, a Drunk, and a Jew go to Vegas with 2 people who love Vegas? You come home with a Whore, a Drunk, a Jew and a sad married couple.

    Vegas trips should be solo or with your mate but never with people you have never vacationed with. Pre screen them for all categories.
  2. robert m.

    robert m. High-Roller

    Jan 31, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I have stayed at the D twice.

    Both trips were pleasant, and I really enjoyed the employees...except the front desk. Both times they were adversarial for no good reason.
  3. STPFan

    STPFan Low-Roller

    Jul 19, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    We stayed at the D last year and also found the front desk lacking. While I love gambling there I don't know that we would stay again. I also had mixed bartender experiences. We had really great ones and twice we had someone who lacked any character or looked put out when I asked them to recommend something interesting to drink. The CW at Derby were always excellent and attentive.

    We actually took them up on the Limo (I think it may have been 35 then) instead of a cab when were moving from downtown to the strip. The driver was prompt and we found it worth it from the move.
    Lets Go Pens!
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