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Thanks to all of the honest people out there!

Discussion in 'Misc. Vegas Chat' started by ref59405, Feb 5, 2014.

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  1. ref59405

    ref59405 Low-Roller

    Jul 4, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    My wife and I have been to Vegas about 15 times (sorry, lost track of the actual number of visits.) Usually at least once per trip I have too much to drink and all but one of my trips have been a gambling disaster, or at the very least a slight butt whoopin'. :grrr:

    I have fallen asleep during expensive shows (Rita Rudner) after I spent the afternoon at the pool with a frozen beverage or nine.

    Obviously I am not proud of everything I have done while on vacation in Las Vegas, but I still have a wonderful time and am looking forward to my 2 trips this year.

    I want to thank all of you who write trip reports or let people know in other ways about your failings while in Las Vegas. We all know that everyone can't win every time they go to Vegas. Shows aren't always to die for and sometimes the dinner really sucks!

    I enjoy reading about the trips where people occasionally have too much to drink or gamble and lose much more than they planned. I think most people do that but some never admit to it. I enjoy reading the details of a person's trip, including the bad parts. Because even with those included, we all seem to have enjoyed a wonderful time in Las Vegas and can't wait to go back again, even if we did a thing or two that we would never tell our Mother's about! :nono:
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  2. Username

    Username VIP Whale

    May 5, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Here I thought someone found your wallet and turned it in......I did find someone's credit card a few years back at MGM Grand and turn it in at the front desk......now I wonder if they ever got it back ? ? ?

    Another time at MGM the wife and I were playing BJ and had a few too many....I told her enough playing and drinking, we didn't eat and need some food....on the way to Emerald's she started arguing with me because she thought the table was hot. As we stopped and argued this Asian women stood there and laugh and laugh and laugh at us...I can still remember her face..... :)

    When we got to Emerald's for happy hour I got oysters but the bride didn't like what they had at the bar menu so she walked out to the food court and brought back a burger and fries from McDonald's and ate it right there at Emerald's bar....nobody said a word..still is funny and sometimes I bring it up in front of her family....LOL
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