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Suncoast/host confusing

Discussion in 'Off-Strip Hotels & Casinos' started by Joe, Mar 4, 2014.

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  1. Joe

    Joe VIP Whale

    Sep 11, 2009
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    This kind of strange. We stayed at the Suncoast back in December after cold contacting a host. He comped us a one bedroom suite for two nights after I gave him my Emerald card #.

    In February, I booked one night comped stay on-line at B Connected to see what a standard room looked like. I didn’t do it through a host. We checked out the room and gambled for about 3 hours and then just headed back to MSS. In the mail on Saturday, I received a nice note from a different host saying sorry I missed you and contact me next time.

    So now I don’t know if we have been assigned a different host. Both business cards are “executive casino host”. So I emailed the original host and asked if we have been assigned a different host. My initial thought was that he had left and this person took over.

    I get an email reply back from host #1 Joe, If she sent you a note, yes she can be your contact.

    Very confusing. Does he want nothing to do with us, or have we been bumped up/down the chain? I guess we'll find out next month.
    Give Suncoast another try.
    Our new favorite place to stay, but gamble at MSS

    TIMSPEED !địt mẹ!

    Aug 8, 2013
    Modesto, CA
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    That's tough to say...if both are "Executive Casino Host"...At your play level (~$10k coin-in per day) I would think it's a "decent" player off-strip, however maybe not a "top" player.
    However, if this other host sent you a letter in the snail-mail, I'd say let her take care of you (she was either assigned you or took you over; host's won "give up" a player unless forced)
    Alice Cooper!!
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