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SouthPoint Sept 18-27

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by azbob, Sep 30, 2013.

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  1. azbob

    azbob Low-Roller

    Mar 6, 2013
    Las Vegas
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Planned to stay at SP for five nights and then Planet Hollywood for three...didn't quite work out that way.

    Overview...the day-by-day account is below. Very good overall experience at SP which is always enhanced as they comped all of our room charges (not the food). I would say we played about 7-8,000 points per day with some miscellaneous table play. SP casino was always very crowded at night. One observation, on multiple nights, there were outright drunk players on the tables. This was somewhat distressing as a guy who was very drunk was betting about $200 a hand. He was winning when I was there but, I left that table. This happened about four times over four different tables...not very ethical I think.

    Linq may turn out OK but, I am no new fan of the Quad...very factory like and the only thing I enjoyed was trying to figure out what used to be in locations now occupied by either space or gray walls.

    For DD VP...I did track our four of a kinds. We actually got more four of a kinds when drawing with one or two cards to match versus when we had three on the bottom row. For one day, we only drew the fourth card (when we had three) 1/15 times...that day 5/6 four of a kinds came from holding 1-2 cards. The next day, we hit four on 2/16 draws with four of a kind coming when holding 1-2 cards 5/7 times...I thought that was interesting and not intuitive. In fact, both royals we hit was drawing three and one of those was holding an Ace/10.

    A winning trip overall...we always try to work in a new restaurant or two while making it to our favs.

    Negative experiences at Rio, Mandalay, Palms and CET in general. Orleans is showing it's age in more ways than one. Positive at SP and Gold Coast and we did have a good time at Harrahs (because we won there). Also the M went back on the good list after some uneven visits in the past.

    Arrived at about 9am and took the SouthPoint shuttle to the hotel. They were able to get us into a room right away which we appreciated. Lower level room which was what was available...higher level seem much better appointed. Grabbed a bite, gambled a bit winning about $165 on BJ and then had Enterprise pick us up to get a rental. Saved quite a bit my not picking up at the airport and had it for a week at only $205. For the most part, the table gaming experience at SP is enjoyable minus what seems like their inability to turn anyone away from a drink.

    Went to Mandalay...lots of traffic due to I Heart Radio weekend. Watched Thursday night football and ate at Hussongs using a Restaurant.com deal. Meal was good but, Border Grill is the much better play here...in fact, one of the best in LV. To that end...they replaced Gaudundo's at the Palms with a new sports bar/eating concept...that concept shut down last Monday...what a poor decision.

    MB is very quiet and sterile. It makes no sense to play 8-5 VP there when we can head back to SP and get 9/6 and a drink or two. We've stayed at MB in the past but, this trip, convinced us to take it off our list other than to hit Border Grill.

    Friday we headed to M to sit in the sportsbook and bet the horses all day. Had a 50-1 horse place but, unbelievably...it got taken down for bumping another horse that didn't even finish in the money. To top it off, I was further insulted by the fact that my wife had money on that other horse. Continued the M trend of no wins on the slots...they tightened them up so we have greatly tightened our play there. On the positive side, the sportsbook staff were much less surly. VP at SP that night with no great results. Made the free 12:30am comedy show at SP (Talking Dirty) which was fun and I would recommend.

    Saturday just me back to the M for college football. I got there about 8:30 (11am games) and it was me and another guy in the book. The book didn't even open until 10am...one hour before kickoff. Luckily, I take my laptop so I can sit there and get the info I need and make all my wagers online. Pretty good day with CFB and I got a text from my wife as she hit 4 aces with a kicker on the bottom line of a triple machine for a nice $1200 winner playing dimes...got the added bonus of a tax form. Wife saw a movie at the SP and also visited the spa...both positive experiences. Ate at the Prime Rib place in SP...very good.

    Sunday the fun begins. Went to Palms with my wife about 7:30. Got to the sportsbook where we planned to spend the day (she would stay to watch the Cardinals play in the early game) and they only had three seats that were not reserved. I was willing to take one of the seats but, they also had the internet blocked so I could not get access. Decided to use our free play coupons and then went to Gold Coast. We had a room reserved there anyway for Sunday night. Found a camp out spot in the sportsbook area and watched the NFL games. Pretty smoky and we were in the middle of degenerate gambler central. My wife checked in and we ate at the Cortez Room for dinner...very good meal although the service was a bit uneven/slow. Played VP there...they moved some machines around but, we played the group around the security booth with the usual winning results.

    Monday we headed to the Orleans as my wife was in a slot tournament Tuesday...we signed up and checked in and then played a bit. Had an early lunch at the seafood place (salad and a bowl of chowder...very good but, even that "light lunch" was very filling. Lost a few hundred playing about every table game at the Orleans...no changes there although it seems a bit outdated and it is time for a new coat of paint and perhaps something to attract a younger audience. Went to Paris to make the 2pm deal at the hamburger place there (BOGO). Meal was good as usual but, when I tried to play with points, they said I had .57 on my card. I knew I had over $1000 in comps so I went to the desk. They couldn't tell me what was going on without a supervisor and there was no supervisor so someone said they would call me...of course, no call that night. Because of this, I canceled my Planet Hollywood reservation and SP was able to give us three more nights (Tue/Wed/Thursday) which was not bad at all although not having $1000 in comps that I thought I did was very distressing. Went back to SP and watched MNF in the sportsbook area. No VP winnings on this day although I had a good BJ run for about $240...that was somewhat offset by loses on the craps table.

    Tuesday we got up to go back to the Orleans for the slot tournament. No luck there for my wife as she finished out of the money but, after the PM session we stopped at CG where, on the same bank of machines we hit our first royal (25 cent, triple play, DD) for $1,000...thank you CET for making us change our plans. No more all day $3 tequila at the upstairs bar as that is now limited to 5-7pm...a sign of the tight economic times no doubt. Ate at the Mexican restaurant at SP that night...I can recommend and then ran up about 10,000 slot points for the day playing VP breaking even but, we did win about $500 on Ultimate X as my wife scored a royal times two (10cents, 10play) for a $800 win.

    Wednesday we stopped in at the Orleans to check the winner's board for the tournament and then to the Paris for the buffet (24hr pass from getting the CET credit card). When you have the credit card you are automatically Platinum so as to avoid the line and be seated in a private area. We always like this buffet and this was no exception. We then walked down the strip. Barbary Coast is long gone and they are doing a complete re-model on that property to make it into a boutique hotel. Stopped in the Quad for the first time and lost abut $145 on three-card poker. What a sterile environment and completely unattractive and uninviting. At least the IP had some character. Played three card at Harrahs and actually hit a six card FH and two flushes so we walked away up about $245.

    Continued down the strip and played a few bucks here and there with my wife visiting the Casino Royale give area to buy her usual LV hoodies and other wearable items. One loss is that the Giardelli's is gone from the Harrah's circle around the outdoor bar along with all of the small kiosks...progress I guess. Made it back to home base and my wife went to the room. I quickly lost $40 on BJ and visited my favorite single DD VP machine...I once hit four aces on it and you never forget that type of experience. I put $40 in and played at 50 cents a chance and actually hit four 4's and then Jacks so I ran it up to about $223. I then saved an A/10 of Hearts and drew the remaining three for a $2,000 royal which returned 19 hundred dollar bills, five twenties and another tax form...excellent and thanks again CET for causing us to move. Played Ultimate X with my wife later that night and came away with another $180 (10cents, 10 play, DD)...a fun game but, lots of risk and short odds although everyone we saw playing it was winning something big.

    Thursday we drove down to the Rio mid morning for the second free CET buffet...the only bad meal on the trip. You know you are in big trouble when the hostess tells us how lucky we are as they are transitioning from breakfast to lunch and when we see the lunch food brought out, it is already crusted, half empty and the meat items half carved...in other words, all leftover from last night. Very very bad selection and taste...it was free and we paid too much. Played three card poker at Rio as we like the CET six-card option...no luck again so we left to try to digest our food. That's why we don't give CET much play any more.

    Speaking of CET, I got a call this day. They closed the Harrahs in STL so we made a trip to KC (during NCAA CBB tournament) with the express purpose of keeping my card active (my wife has the credit card). I timed it out to avoid the six-month no play rule but, the guy told me that if I played after midnight, it doesn't count as the day starts at 6am so I was one day over the six month limit. I remained calm and he said he would apply for reinstatement...he later e-mailed me that most of the $$'s had been reinstated...I appreciated his follow-up.

    We returned the car on the way back to the SP and got a ride from Enterprise. This is the only way to go and you can't beat about $200 for a full week (booked through Costco).

    Thursday night was a great wrap up as we hit aces plus the kicker on 25 cent, triple play VP and very near the end of the night I hit four aces on the bottom line and then drew one kicker for $900...a perfect amount to win on your last night and also not draw another tax form. That is always my dream scenario to get four of a kind on the bottom line and then have the excitement of drawing for the kickers. Once I hit that, I didn't see any point in playing anymore so I went to the room. Unfortunately, my wife hung around some more to give back some of the winnings. I do have to mention that the SouthPoint deli used to be a fav but, we had two bad experiences there so it is not at the top of my list any longer. We did discover the café and can recommend as have other posters here...the food is very good and reasonable even if you don't wait for the late night specials. Also...it is very easy to get a drink on the slot floor or at the tables although the drinks are somewhat light as I don't think they are pouring a full shot as I was way too coherent.

    Friday was without incident taking the shuttle back to the airport...avoided any lines or TSA trouble and made it back to STL just in time for a weekend of football. This will continue to be our new schedule as before we used to come back on a Tuesday and go to work on Wednesday...this schedule is much, much better. All in all we covered all expenses and netted about $800 dollars coming home along with the positive memories and the beginnings of plans for our next trip(s).

    Next year is our 25th anniversary (got married in LV) and we may make a Thanksgiving trip in addition to our usual foray in September for football season.
  2. roest98

    roest98 Tourist

    Dec 22, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Degenerate gamblers, smokers and drinkers? Maybe you should check out Orlando:cheers:
  3. TomTWI

    TomTWI VIP Whale

    Jan 28, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the TR sounds like the perfect trip!

  4. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Glad to hear most of your comps at CET were reinstated, but I would think playing post midnight shouldn't matter as long as you earned a point by the end of the gaming day. But then again, I don't know how those computers are programmed. Nevertheless, considering it sounds like most of your hits happened after that, it probably was a good thing they yanked those points temporarily.

    Nice hits!
  5. Crazycrue

    Crazycrue Low-Roller

    Dec 3, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great trip report. Enjoyed reading it. Glad you took some money out of the Vegas casinos thats always a good trip when that occurs.
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