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South Point - Oct 15-18

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by jpw711, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. jpw711

    jpw711 VIP Whale

    Mar 10, 2009
    Southwest Missouri
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    As a poster posted a few trip reports back, you didn't go to Vegas, you went to the South Point. This is the same kind of trip, if your looking for a strip report, move one. (I never leave Aria either)

    Flew Allegiant from Springfield, Missouri, flight left 10 minutes early and landed 30 minutes early. Still managed to get four drinks down during the short 2:30 flight. There was actually a gate available. Met Ted (from WI) of Presidential Limo at baggage claim and headed to the South Point. To beat traffic, Ted took LVB instead of the interstate, which was fine with us. Can't say enough about Ted, he's a kick.

    Arrived at the SP, the valet/taxi/limo/drop off area was busy, ,so we decided to take our bags up instead of use a bellman. I got in line to check in while Ann went to get coffee. There were about 7 groups in front of me and the line moved pretty quick. While checking in, I overheard the couple who had been standing at the desk my entire wait time wanting to know if “only 20 minutes” was realistic while waiting for their suite to be made ready. The manager was explaining that all of the suites were sold out and they had nothing available, that they were booked in one, as they had reserved, but would have to wait.

    I handed my ID to the clerk and said, I hope my suite is ready, and he said the one booked by our host was still being cleaned but he would find me one ready now that was clean. A minute later, he handed me the key card to 2539. I really like the one bedroom suite at the SP, 4 TV's, a bar, stocked fridge (no booze), couch and love seat, dining room table and a tub you can swim in.

    Ann told me to go play, she would unpack and downstairs I went. Played Wolfs Run Multi play, Spartacus, and other various penny slots, losing around 500, while putting 2500 pts on my card ($1 coin in = one point). Cocktail service was good, and the place was noisy with MNF going on. Seemed to be a lot of SD fans early as that's all I heard, and I wrote my Broncos off as losing the game.

    Decided to play this Texas Tea Community game I keep hearing about, and sat down with a hundred. I found out real quick that the base game doesn't pay squat, but the bonus pay pretty good, finally cashing out up $190.

    Went over to my 3x4x5x five line $ machine and put the $290 ticket in. Ran the meter up to $600 and cashed out, recouping my earlier loss. Ann called from the room and said have you seen the game? I said yes, the broncos are getting killed, she told me I better go look. Wow, we won.

    Decided on room service for dinner, Ann had a cobb salad, and she ordered me the combination lo mien (pork/shrimp/chicken) with a side of pot stickers. We were confused when fried rice was delivered too, but went with it. The plate of lo mien was huge, I had some all three nights we were there, finally killing it before we left to come home.

    Satisfied with winning back my losses, decided to watch some television (the rant on Fox news), and relax, ended the day putting around 3500 points on the card.

    Day two – Tuesday.

    Got up around 7am, and had a couple of cups of coffee, and got ready to head downstairs. Managed to make it down there by 10 AM and could not lose. Hit a bonus on Tigers Realm for $377, hit a bonus on Spartacus for $358, a Superman Saves for $226, a Wolfs Run spin for $221, Little red for $224 all while drinking tasty spicy bloody marys.

    South point still has the 75 cent hot dog special near the sports book and had one of those for lunch. Spent the afternoon playing various slots, and having good luck, went up around 7:30 to have more room service and count the money, up $900 for the day and put around 7500 points on the card.

    Ann had the Malibu chicken, I had the hot wings, along with cold lo mein. It was all good. Hung out in the room that evening enjoying the feeling of actually being ahead on the machines.

    Day three – Wednesday

    Slept in till 7:30 am this day, last full day. Headed downstairs around 10 again and couldn't hit shit. I started with three tickets, that totaled a grand. Must have been the cocktails because those tickets were gone by two. I did manage to get some decent play on the new price is right plinko game. On the other hand, Gone with the Wind was true to it's name, the money was gone with the wind, and Scarlet is just as much of a bitch in the game as in the movie.

    Ann came down and had some success on the top $ machines, I didn't. Ended up taking the walk of shame back to the room to get the other tickets, but left the cash alone. Finally got some play off the wolfs run multi game, but didn't stop soon enough. Went to play a stand alone cats, that didn't work. Went to play another of the colossal reel games, the one with the dragons. Lose.

    Finally decide to go play the 3x4x5x machine with the remainder of the ticket. It lets me play, and the CW does a good job getting me drunker. Score a pack of smokes from the change people and continue to play. I started the session with 6000 points, at the 10000 point mark, it was time to hit the head. Thought about calling the change person over, to hold the machine, but didn't. Got back and some guy is sitting at my machine. I nicely tell him that he has a good one, and watch him lose. :D He moves along and I sit back down and continue to play. He was playing quarters, I was playing $'s, maybe the higher denoms do pay better.

    Really plowed now, I see the “high limit (?)” area has the STL cardinals game on, so I go over to play the $5 slots. That ended badly, and being out of cash, I held my head up high, and wandered over to the deli to get dinner for the evening.

    Ann had the philly cheese steak and I had the gyro. (and the remainder of the lo mein). I remember it being good. Asked Ann what time we needed to get up for our 7:15 am flight the next morning and set the alarm for 4AM.

    I started to help Ann continue packing and was nicely told that I was messing up her plan and to sit down. Sent at email to our host asking to get the food comped off, and watched some tv, finally getting to sleep around 11.

    Day 4 – Thursday

    Woke up at 3:58, well Ann did, and turned of the alarm. Checked our email and had no response from the host, so decided to call down and see if there was another host on duty, fully expected there not to be. After a long wait on hold, got the charges taken off and headed to the airport at 5:15, arriving there at 5:30. A short wait in line at the skycap later hit Security at 5:45, which took 30 minutes. Longest ever.

    I was holding Ann's carry on shopping bag and got nailed with a bottle of water, which they let me take through. Two smokes later, we were boarded and pushed away from the gate two minutes early. Looked at Ann and said we got lucky again.

    Headed towards the runway, and the plane then did a donut (first time for everything) and we were informed that the toilet in the back was broke and had to be fixed. So we sat on the tarmac for 30 minutes. Finally got airborne and a quick 2 hours 8 minutes later touched down in Springfield, another trip in the books.

    As usual, South point came through for us, only $21 in tip charges, and a respectable $1000 loss. Not bad for all slot play with 20K+ put through. I
    have to say these early am flights are getting harder and harder to endure.

    I keep telling myself I need to stay at Aria again to boost my tier level for my Tunica trips, but just can't bring myself to do it.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. russgrad

    russgrad Tourist

    Apr 4, 2011
    Guyton, Ga. Just outside of Savannah
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    While we don't stay our entire trip at SP, we usually stay our first night. Good food, good CWs, good gaming...everything's just good there. Their people are also some of the nicest.

    Sounds like you had a great time.

    Thanks for posting your report.
  3. zlanga

    zlanga Low-Roller

    Jul 30, 2007
    Bergheim, TX
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the report! I'll be at South Point in a week and I'm glad to hear it was hopping. I'm not much of a slot player, as I tend to favor the Video Poker, but my buddy who's flying out as well said he wants to try some slots. So I'll point him to your report for some suggestions. Sounds like you get some great comps for your play, that's always a plus!
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