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Solo and met some VMB peeps

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by kps, Apr 28, 2014.

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  1. kps

    kps High-Roller

    May 2, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    I posted a couple of weeks ago my solo trip was not supposed to be such, but due to some circumstances that I will hold over my boys' heads until further notice, it became one.

    As I prepared for such a venture my goals were simple for this Thursday to Sunday trip: beer, some good food and a nice easy trip. Well, there was some food, it was an easy trip due to an inital hangover from day one and a lot of beer. Now add to it meeting VMB members Lady Fortuna, Smartone and Vegasnut while out there.....well I'll explain.

    After an uneventful non stop flight...ok so for breakfast I had 2 beers and a baby guiness shot at 10 AM in the airport to get the mindset right for the solo trip and non stop flight, I arrived in LV at 12:50. Picked up the bags, jumped on the cab line which only took 10 min to jump in a cab and shot over to HRH where I was staying. Arrival time 1:40.

    No line at check in and took a shot at it. $20 sandwich and asked for a king bed and a view of the pool area. Now I was staying in the casino towers and the guy who was helping me said he had that but in the paradise tower on the 7th floor. A win in my book!! Unpacked, checked the VMB board for updates as a few days earlier Smartone and I were planning a meetup as we were in the same location. Lady Fortuna and I chatted up and gave her the update and she decided to join in and 4-4:30 was the meeting time at Center Bar to start happy hour. Used my free drink at Center Bar they gave me at check in, grabbed another beer, toured the premises and went back to the room and got ready.

    Lady was already at the bar when I arrived at 4:15 with her cowboy hat on the table, indicator she notified me of to know it was her, and an accent from Europe. Amsterdam I learned minutes later. Pleasantries, get to know each other and decided to hit Pink Taco while waiting for Smatone whose flight was delayed 2 hours coming in. He texted to say be there around 5.

    So Pink Taco was having its happy hour with $5 on all beers and $5-7 on plate specials. Had their version of some sort of potatoe wedges with some sort of crazy sauce that was delicious and mini steak strips in it plus bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos. Plus 2 servings the nacho chips with a great tasting not salsa but dipping thing. Lady Fortuna fell in love with the chip dip due to some ingridient was in it and she can hold her own cooking wise from what Vegasnut told me on Friday evening but that is later on. I'm sure she'll chime in on the secret chip dip ingridient. I will say she is not a fan of bacon wrapped jalapenos as 1 bite in she made a face I wish I had the camera on the phone ready. Now there were 7 of these and me being the jalapeno lover that I am, I kept eating them.

    Had a few beers, 2,3 or 4..plus a shot...baby/mini guiness by the time Smartone arrived at about 6 PM. Great to finally meet him, sat down, pleasantries and right into the double Jack and cokes he went. Offered him some of the bacon wrapped jalapenos, he took down the first one. I was going along and offered him another one which he took and he then started to sweat a little bit. 1 is fine, 2 brings it to a new level. After a few more drinks we decide to move over to Culinary Dropout as it was in the mid 60's and they have a patio. Smartone being the kind gentleman that he is declared he was picking up the tab, I believe he said he's a points whore..lol...while I overtipped the bartender. Lady Fortuna tried to go "dutch as I am from Amsterdam", exact quote, but Smart and I were not hearing of it.

    Got to Culinary Dropout and sat outside on their patio as Wet Republic was closing down for the day so it must have been 7 or so. Must say the remaining sights that passed by that limited area were well...very nice.

    Smartone advised us to get the pretzels with the cheese fondue. Lady Fortuna again declared we need to "go Dutch" but again she was shut down immediately by Smart and myself. Being that he is a regular at HRH we decide to go with the advice. Smartone continues with the double Jack and Cokes, I go with the paper bag beer surprise and Lady is going with something red but don't remember what. Paper bag beer is a Schlitz if I remember correctly for $2.95 and I end up having 2 of those while we there. During that time Lady snapped about 15 pics and posted a few up on the board. I stole 1 of them from later on the evening and attached it. L to R Smartone, Vegasnut, myself and some chick...oh yeah...lol...Lady Fortuna.

    After a while at Culinary we decide to hit the Center Bar. Smartone gave us the heads up about a bartender, Dave?, who has been there since it opened. Once again Smartone one ups me and pays for the tab and I again overtip the server. I'm still trying to understand the whole guy with the pierced nose thing that was our server...doesn't add up.

    So we go to Center Bar and sit down whee they have VP. Not a fan of it, don't really play it so as Smart and Lady played I grabbed a beer and another and another and another...see where this is going?

    At one point Lady and I were discussing why she decided after winning a little bit she cashed out and went to put in another $20 while my theory is if you have discipline you can play with the winnings and still pull out when the time is right in your mind. To prove my point I drop a $20 into the machine and get my ass handed to me in 20 minutes (25 cents 5 coin max)...wait free drinks while doing this??? Put in another $20!!! Another ass whopping, another beer and....who the hell is the European dude wanting to shake my hand???Lady yelled out "bum bum!", Lady's saying of the night after getting a new drink every time...high five.....Enter Vegasnut.

    Now I am leaving one significant happening out of this TR as I believe the person who won it while we were at the Center Bar should tell the story. I will say this. This person declared when they get as drunk as they were getting with us that night they have a tendency to lose wallets, watches or room keys and it's been a while since they ran like we did that night......

    For the next few hours a few more drinks, we start discussing everything under the sun, questioning why the party pit had no women dancing on the poles, check out the ass on that chick, is the chick 3 chairs down a chick or a dude, point out which chicks at the bar are prostitutes, literally pointing....yep it went there. Now according to Vegasnut for the rest of the night he was not drunk and does not get drunk. Anyway....At one point Lady and I were walking to the bathroom and a dude looked at her, winked at her and kept walking. That's your pick up dude? I warned Lady that she would have to approach him as with 3 guys with her we are blocking any potential for her. She felt if he was a man he would still try to approach her, like one other guy did and since he didn't "bum bum!", high five, so bum bum now has multiple meanings. Lol.

    I hit a wall around 1 or so and started drinking bottled water, Lady was doing the same starting a little earlier and declaring after each one she was sober then moments later no she wasn't. Vegasnut and Smartone kept going and then finally I was done, finished, no more. I think it was right after the photo that the couple at the table behind us took for us was when I quit. Call it 1:30 or so since I left my tab at the bar after I paid for it so I don't really know what time it was.

    Great way to start a solo weekend. Need to jump on a conference call so more later.

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    Last edited: Apr 28, 2014
  2. sweetcanadian

    sweetcanadian High-Roller

    Jul 16, 2013
    Manitoba canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I am enjoying this tale. It makes me miss vegas even more. We met kiwicol, vegasnut and lady on our last night there. We really liked them all, my only regret is not meeting up sooner or taking more pics. Lady is very charming.

    I hold my own really well too and vegasnut did the same thing, kept saying he never gets drunk. Lady said he does very well but that i was the most sober out of them all and i drank close to what they drank. They started before us at Pampas but we had one of those 50 ounce slushies that have 5 oz of alcohol before we got there.

    I did not go without a drink all night and i still say i was the most sober at the end of night. Vegas may disagree, but lady agrees so that is all that matters lol.

    Sounds like you guys had a very good night. I can't wait to hear about the other meet up and rest of your trip. Glad you had fun while solo, probably more fun than with your buddies but i still would hang it over them as well lol.
  3. kps

    kps High-Roller

    May 2, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Friday...the day after

    Was woken up by a client at 5:01 in the morning on my cell who was not aware of my trip and apologized profusely. Was foggy for a little bit but was able to get done what was needed and went back asleep.

    Next phone call was at 6:30 by my wife making sure I was alive as the texts I sent on Thursday night were that of a 2 or 3 year old. All was well she was off to work and I went back to sleep.

    Finally woke up at 11 to my window thumping. Rehab was in full gear. FYI, you won't be able to sleep once the music gets going if facing the pool. Decided after getting ready to go back to Culinary Dropout for some lunch and ended up getting the pretzels again to go with 2 cold Fat Tire beers. Quick little bite and time to hit the poker tables.

    Pretty disappointed as only 1 table of 1/3 NL Holdem ($100-$500 max buy in) was open but sat down with $100 to see if I was really up to it. Basically grinded it out until 4:15 and was up $400 with no rebuy. Not a bad start.

    Went to Caesars to meet up with Lady Fortuna and Vegasnut for dinner. Originally we were going to go to Sushi Roku but found out Vegas does not eat any sort of fish so we instead hit up Cheesecake factory as Vegas wanted to enjoy his favorite meal in Las Vegas. So we did. A few beers, some good conversation and Vegas trying to convince us he was not drunk the previous night. Nor was I...lol.

    At this point it was 6:30 and honestly I was dragging so I took a raincheck on Lady's offer to go to NYNY to use her MyVegas $50 drink coupon and went back to the room to regroup and then hit the poker table again.

    Wife called, got caught up in a documentary on Aerosmith on the Paladia channel and it was suddenly 10 PM. Next thing I know it's 3:30 in the morning. Oh well, this bed is really comfortable.

    Saturday was going to be a gambling day so started out by going to Mr. Lucky's for breakfast. Great food and large servings so I was filled and ready to roll. Got to the poker table at 9 and grabbed my $100 and sat down. Big problem....lowest stack at the table is around 1200 as this group was playing since 3AM or so and it's a regular game. Went and added another 100 and started the grind.

    I enjoy poker and am somewhat of a tight player but can hold my own. Smartone passed by me around 1 and I was up $700 at that time and made plans to catch up fo dinner and when I finished my run at 4 up $1700. Table about 3 hours in became $100 min no max buy in which opened up the wallets for some of the guys. It's fun picking people off especially when they get drunk, loud and obnoxious. For about 2.5 hours after the table slowly weeded out and 8 new people came in we had a guy from RI and a bachelor from Wisconsin just trash talking each other. Hysterical. Wisconsin guy after losing $1000 in about 4 hours and pounding 9 or 10 drinks was taken away by his boys. RI after about 5 hours and losing about $1200 had to roll due to the gf was on her way over. Funny watchng him trade his chips for cash at the table to reduce the chips he had in front because he didn't want her to know he was trying to get back to even.

    Did I mention the amount of scenery that walked by due to Rehab and Rehab on delay for rain....beautiful.

    So met Smartone for dinner and he offered to treat at 35 Steaks but I am not a fancy dinner guy so convinced him to go back to Culinary. Had oysters for an appetizer and had their fried chicken which was outstanding. Smart had the shaved prime rib which he was quite satisfied with. After I was able to pay for this bill I offered to buy drinks at the Center Bar but he had to pick up his son later who had come into Vegas also which I understood.

    Lady Fortuna and I were texting and she arrived just a little after Smartone and I went our separate ways and she was hungry so we I joined her at Mr. Lucky's for dinner while I enjoyed my dessert of a chocolate milkshake. Had a great conversation and she tried once again to pay but was not happening. After dinner decided to try my luck at Wheel of Fortune and $100 later but adding a ton of points....nada.

    She offered to go to NYNY and use the $50 coupon but I had decided early on to watch the UFC fights. Bid adieu and off Lady Fortuna went. The rest of the night uneventful.

    Sunday, uneventful as I had an 11 AM non stop flight back home.

    All in all a very relaxing trip which quite honestly was sort of a shock but I will not complain.

    I have stopped by HRH a few times to play at night and am quite surprised how slow it really is there. The crowd was active during the day on Saturday only because of the rain and the peeps who were there for Rehab had to wait a while. Room wise and food wise if you don't need to see the strip you can do everything there but it doesn' have that Vegas vibe I get while on the strip.

    Would I stay there again? If the deal was right. But right now, I'm already looking to see what can be pulled together for October on the strip.:thumbsup:

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