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So When Will Hollywood Make The Life Of Bob Hope Movie ?

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Chat' started by Joe Strummer, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. Joe Strummer

    Joe Strummer VIP Whale

    Apr 4, 2006
    I just finished his new bio.
    According to the author's tone......
    Nobody knew the real Bob Hope ?
    Hope's mantra seemed to be "The Bob Hope Brand".
    What I am on stage + screen = is what I am in life.....and you'll only get a one liner if you ask
    a deep or personal question.
    From the book - some facts that interested me :
    *He had ALOT of writers working for him 24/7....and he'd call 'em anytime for jokes.
    * The guy worked ALL the time....forget the family.
    *largest private landowner in California ( in his day ).
    * Never mingled w/ Bing Crosby off stage.
    * Crosby + Hope never gave Dorothy Lamour much respect ( Hope threw her a bone, at least ).
    * Vaudeville to Broadway to Radio to Hollywood to TV.....he succeeded ( greatly ) in all.
    * His comedic delivery was very different ( rapid ) for his day 30's + 40's.
    *Was completely "hands on" about his finances + career ( though he had hired persons, in place ).
    * Every script he received ( from radio to movies to TV ) he handed over to his writers to add gags/jokes.
    ( this pissed off alot of people thru out his career - he didn't care ! )
    * Had several long lasting affairs outside his long marriage
    * His Military Show Tours lost money, as a company.......but himself, made out well, thru personal contracts
    * He made an incredible number of "contacts" playing golf w/ the rich + powerful.
    Funny thing is.......
    I just saw a Bing Crosby documentary on ( TCM ?)....and much of Bob Hope's career
    mirrored Bing's.
    In fact, I was laughing because some of the statements about Bing being the BIGGEST star + such--
    was the exact same claims made by Hope's biographer.
    So......when will they make The Life Of Bob Hope movie ?
    What current star could carry that role ?
    I forgot...
    there was mention of SCTV's Dave Thomas - who did a Bob Hope imitation -
    and Hope caught it.
    Hope asked for a cassette copy from Thomas.
    Thomas was so pleased he said, "You can have the cassette and the VHS machine !"
    Hope replied "No...just the cassette."
    ( Hope didn't get the joke because Hope was ALWAYS known to look for the freebie handout....
    despite his huge wealth ). )
  2. Breeze147

    Breeze147 Button Man

    Aug 15, 2013
    Southern Maryland by way of Philadelphia
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Bob Hope maintained a vacation residence on the Chesapeake, not far from where I live. Helen Hayes also had a home near here.
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