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So close yet so far away - Hollywood Casino Aurora IL

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by Dobber2320, Oct 18, 2014.

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  1. Dobber2320

    Dobber2320 Tourist

    Sep 24, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Was playing 1/2 NL yesterday at the boat in Aurora when there was screaming from the table behind us. There were two 1/2 NL tables going and 2 10/20 limit tables going.

    Upon review of the hand it went down as follows:

    New girl gets moved to the table and has to be talked into posting her $2 for the big blind - she is a regular and the dealer talks her into posting.

    Cards are dealt to 8 players as there is one that was on a dinner break.

    Flop comes out and is king of hearts, seven of clubs and seven of diamonds.

    Hand gets checked all around.

    Turn card is the four of clubs.

    Hand gets checked all around again.

    River card is the five of clubs.

    Lady bets at one end of the table - several players fold and one guy at the end of the table raises.

    Folds around to the lady who pushes all in.

    As it gets back around to the guy he calls the all in and screams, "I hope you have what I think you have because I have a straight flush" - He had 6 of clubs and 3 of clubs as his hole cards.

    She turns her cards and has 7 of hearts and 7 of spades in the hole for flopped quads.

    The table goes nuts as they just hit the bad beat jackpot which had not been hit for over a year. The BBJ was at around $496,000 - the "loser" with the 4 7's took home almost $200k, the winner with the SF took home around $150K and the others at the table split the other $150K.

    When I left there was still a little debate over whether they would include the guy who was on dinner break in the payout as he arrived back at the table just after the hand was dealt. I believe that there was a movement suggesting that they make sure that he got some money as well. After about an hour of reviewing all of the video they were still far from done but I had to leave.

    Glad to see that someone hit it but wished that it was one table over...
  2. jamesxnj

    jamesxnj VIP Whale

    Oct 12, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    wow cool story thanks!
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