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Discussion in 'Shows & Entertainment' started by GREGRIO, Nov 18, 2012.

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    Oct 15, 2004
    Oakland, California
    Yeah I know..........Shades Of Temptation is the newest addition
    to David King's BROADWAY THEATER in New York New York along
    with Dancing Queen and Broadway Celebration.

    Shades is a new adult topless Show. The add in my Las Vegas Magazine
    made it look....well, tempting. Great close up pic of one of the gals dressed in sexy black undies and a black feather boa AND...I needed a second Show for that evening (it's at 10:30pm Tuesdays-Sunday)

    UNFORTUNATELY...it's just another 'jiggle' Show (dress in sexy black undies and black feather boa, lol)
    They do get a little more...'necked' that in other shows I've seen over the years though...

    Yeah, it's a bit different...attractive cast. It has more of a seductive, female dominant, S&M fell to it...
    there's 2 guys in the cast also but it's still pretty much the same as the others in town.
    Mixed audience and lots of couples.

    The main point I wanted to bring to your attention is the showroom. It's 'seems' to be the same one
    they use for Dancing Queen and Broadway Celebration. If there's another room in there, it would surprise me.

    In the adds for DQ and BC, the pictures give the illusion of a large, good looking professional stage and
    lighting...not the case if I was in the same showroom.
    It's on the small side, portable chairs...walls and stage all painted black with minimal lighting and stage dressing. There IS a bar inside though...(the space used to be a night club)

    'Fantasy' in the LUXOR is still the better adult topless Show in town AND.......along with Carrot Top using the
    same showroom, it can make for a great TWOFER of evening entertainment.
    Check out Carrot Top first $50-$60...then stick around for Fantasy $39-$59. It's a great combo.
    LUXOR Box Office 1.800.288.1000

    However, if you're curious about Shades Of Temptation, tics are had at the ZUMANITY Box Office 1.866.606.7111
    for $54.95.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.