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September 29 - October 6, very light gambler

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by allustoms, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. allustoms

    allustoms Tourist

    Jul 13, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    I'm not your typical Vegas tourist. So if you are looking for a gambling report, it won't be from me.

    Last year I needed to go to Vegas for business and fell in love with the Green Valley Ranch Resort in Henderson. I'm not a big gambler and need a vacation where I can have some soothing down time. GVR gave me that last year. I could go to the Strip and Fremont street when I wanted to but I could retreat to my oasis of peace when I had enough.

    When a groupon deal landed in my inbox I couldn't resist. To add to that, Travelzoo had a spa day deal for at the resort - things were working in my favor.

    September 29 our flight landed right on time, we rented with Alamo. Had a convertible (Mustang or better) - so they say. I totally prepared for something like PT cruiser, hoped it would be at least a Sebrig, my husband was really counting on a Mustang. We used the kiosk check in at Alamo and headed to the garage. We were directed down the aisle of premiums "the convertibles are at the end of this aisle". We anxiously walked the aisle, not being able to see a single convertible (I think they park them so they can't be seen easily for people to try to haggle an upgrade). I was just starting to say there are none when we spotted them, a Chrysler 200, anther 200, and another 200, and.....a pretty little Mustang. Guess what we took?

    We loaded up the 200, (just kidding- took the Mustang) and were out of there in under 30 minutes of landing. I do like Alamo!!

    First stop was lunch at In And Out Burger. I've been practicing my secret menu order and got it right. The animal style burger was really good. I'd skip the animal style fries next time though. We spent the afternoon shopping at the South Outlets until we could check in to GVR.

    Check in went smooth, our room was the same as last year's - overlooking the pool and the strip in the distance. Staff was as professional and friendly as we remembered.

    Supper at Lucille's for barbeque. We have no barbeque restaurants around us, so this is a treat for us. It didn't disappoint. Michael Grimm was playing at Ovation that night. I love his raspy blues voice, I was surprised he only did cover tunes, nothing original. But he was still great to listen to. We were going to stay for the next show, a country singer, but I was beat. It had been a 4:30 wake up and a long day. So we took a walk around the grounds and called it a night.

    Sunday was spa day. Best description is AAAHHHHHHHHH. Relaxed at the pool for an hour and then had 90 minute Swedish massages in a couples room. I don't think I'd do the couples thing again. I like to completely relax and zone out, my husband is a talker. But the massage was the best massage I've ever had. We hung out for the afternoon at the spa, doing the Jacuzzi, steam room and pool. I absolutely loved the day and would do it again. Went to Hash House a Go Go at the M Resort for supper. Oh my gosh, I was warned about the huge meals served, but they were much bigger than I imagined. One of the waiters was having so much fun with us knowing it was our first time. He would walk every plate past us and tell us what it was. About the third time past he started asking "are you scared yet?" The food was incredible, but way too much of it.

    I liked the M Resort, but then I am not grading the Casino or the play tables. It was not overly busy, smoky, or loud. Remember I was looking for calm. I'd consider staying there in the future.

    Monday we drove out to the Shelby museum and did the tour. It was interesting, although the last half of the tour felt like strictly sales pitch. Went to the North Outlets and ran into neighbors of ours from back home. They have bought a house in Vegas with friends. We went to see their place before supper, had too many drinks and never made it home to the hotel. I can honestly say that is the first time I've paid for a hotel room I didn't use.

    Tuesday was a bit of a wash, I can't handle drinking like I used to. Caught some rest by the pool.
    We hit Ellis Island for the barbeque supper . I posted this as a response to another poster's question about the new space. I found the food the same as I remembered, but I like the feeling of sitting outside at the other location. Actually did some real gambling and come out ahead for the first time.

    We left Ellis Island and decided we should put the top down on the Mustang and drive the strip at night. I have to admit it was pretty cool. Stopped at the Welcome sign for the first time, pics were not very good though because it was night, but at least we finally did it.

    Wednesday we went on the Adrenaline ATV Valley of Fire Adventure. I bought the $99 groupon the week before we left. It was an awesome day. It was not a leisurely ride, it was a great mixture of hills, rocks, sand and gravel trails. We were on the ATV's about 3 hours in the Valley of Fire. We stopped half way and they provided lunch. I found it a bit more challenge than I thought it would be, the rocky desert isn't as gentle as the bush and mud I've driven ATV's in around home. It was fun, but I'm getting too old and wimpy for this kind of stuff. My husband would like to do it again, I think I'd opt for another spa day first.

    Thursday we picked up tickets for Absithe in the morning. Drove out to Red Rock Casino because I was curious to see it. It is sure a long way out and I preferred the feel of Green Valley Ranch. Grabbed a quick supper at PF Changs before the show. I was expecting racey, but it was a bit more so than I had expected. It was really funny but definitely not for the easily shocked or embarrassed. The acrobatic acts were incredible.

    Friday we changed hotels to the Golden Nugget. Using our Landry's card, we were upgraded to the Gold Tower. The room was nice but definitely an older hotel, the faint smell of old smoke, the noisy air conditioning unit under the window, the thin walls. I have no real complaints, but I don't think I'd stay there again. We walk Fremont street in the afternoon, stopped at La Bayou for a Margarita and spent some time at the machines - unsuccessful. We checked out the crowded shark tank pool and then did First Friday in the Arts District. It was a lot of fun. We finished the evening back at Fremont street until the crowd got too thick. Went back to the Nugget and sat by the pool for a while and called it a night.

    We had an early flight out the next day. Everything went smoothly, returning the car, curbside check in, until the security check. I ended up setting the body scanner off which meant they swabbed my hands setting another alarm off which meant I had to spend some time in the 'private room' with 2 customs agents. Apparently hand lotion will trigger the hand swab and my blue jean trim set off the body scan. So now I will travel in sweats and wash my hands thoroughly before passing through security.
  2. Tree DA

    Tree DA High-Roller

    Dec 12, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for sharing!
  3. oldcrabtom

    oldcrabtom Low-Roller

    Sep 17, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for posting, think I am getting to where 'quiet is better'.........:wave:
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