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Royal Beach Casino @ Marriott St. Kitts

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by rycelover, Mar 13, 2016.

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  1. rycelover

    rycelover High-Roller

    Jan 27, 2016
    One step closer to a casino!
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    My Trip Report

    Earlier this month, I flew down to St. Kitts for a four night frolick and detour with the misseus with a junket crew that flew out of Atlanta (we came down separately on their dime from NYC). The Royal Beach Casino is the only legal casino on the entire Island. There are the usual assortment of slot machines, but very few VP - I think I saw two such machines but did not note the payouts or what types of VP machines they were.

    The table games are open at 4pm, but from what I understand the slots are open from 10am.

    Of note, the blackjack tables are all 3/2 and have low max limits of $500, even the $50 tables have a very low max. There are two roulette tables and one electronic roulette table.

    There's no bubble craps.

    There is only one live craps table and as I said, they don't staff a crew until 4pm daily. Although the placard says $25 min, the dealers will allow anyone to play with a $5 min; table max is $200, but that too is rarely enforced as I had my 4 and 10 pressed to $300+ on numerous occasions and saw one guy consistently place a $300 6 and 8. The crew seems to make up their own rules and enforce the limits as they please which was annoying when our group didn't know and started playing with $25 on the pass line and half hour later, a local comes to the table and drops a $5 pass line bet and $22 across!!

    The max bet on 2 or 12 is a measly $25 and the max bet on 3 or 11 is $50. I just don't get that why a casino (being the only option in town) would set such a ridiculous low max on bets that carry the highest HA. Just seems very silly to me.

    The dealers are a little rough around the edges but will warm up to you the more you play. Some are inexperienced but learn quickly.

    Overall, I'm not impressed and surely would not return to the Island just for the casino if I had to pay for it because the lack of competition obviously breeds complacency and mediocrity - although I really should not complain since my trip is fully comped.

    If you're here on the island for a vacation and just happen to find yourself in the casino then it's worth visiting, but I would not make gambling the primary focus of my trip down here, you may be disappointed. I find the casinos in Aruba to be of a higher caliber that this one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.