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Red Rooster, Hookers and Massage, Oh My!

Discussion in 'Vegas After Dark' started by notreallyme, Oct 5, 2015.

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  1. notreallyme

    notreallyme Newbie

    Oct 5, 2015
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I've seen questions on these topics pop up from time to time so I thought I would get a disposable email address and register a new account so I can share a bit of my, ahem, experience. Not everybody can have a PayTriple's budget or sheer animal magnitism, so this is for those on a more limited budget.

    Red Rooster

    I've been once, a solo male on a Saturday Night. I arrived with no expectations of any physical contact and I pretty much got what I expected on all fronts. Did I see naked bodies? Yes. Did I see sex? Yes. Was it a wild, depraved, swinging from the chandelliers Bacchanalia? Not really. Were there any strippers, porn stars or models there? Doubtful.

    The location is a large house in the burbs that has been more or less converted. It has a 70s vibe, funky but not in a retro way. More like a somewhat run down time warp. It is strictly BYOB, although they do have mixers available. You take your booze to the bar and mark your name on it. When you want some they pour it for you. There is a dance floor, an indoor pool/whirlpool, a TV area playing porn, a sitting area and "group" area with lots of soft flat surfaces. There were also some private rooms. Nearly everone downstairs was clothed unless they were playing or were in the pool, but there were a few guys unclothed. Upstairs is couples only. You may only go up with the person of the opposite sex you arrived with. No exceptions. I of course couldn't go up. I caught a glance up the stairs and saw a bunch of couples in undress. I also saw couples going up and down the stairs. The is certainly where most of the "action" happens, but again no singles ever get up there.

    They have quite a few folks who act as security to make sure that everyone behaves and follows the rules. I never saw anything remotely bad but if a single guy looked like he was being a bit too aggressive a security guy was on hand quickly to have a word.

    I think you could divide pretty much everyone there into three categories. Groups of people who were there to dance and socialize, couples who were there for a particular fantasy and really pervy single guys. I tried hard not to be immediately grouped into the last category but it is not easy.

    As for the first group it seemed like a majority of folks were there with a group of other couples. Lots of just hanging out and talking, dancing, socializing. My sense was the majority of people were in this first group and the large majority of them never did anything more risque than PG-13. I get the feeling that most in this group just like the vibe. Non-judgemental, happy people who are secure in who they are. And if they want to flash a boob or give their SO a PG lapdance no one will say a word.

    The second group consisted primarily of exhibitionists and perhaps a few swingers. If there were any true partner swaps going on it was upstairs. The relatively few people playing downstairs did not want others to participate, it was just their thing to do whatever it was they wanted to do in front of other people. There were probably 100 people in the house when I was there, but any action I noticed downstairs was pretty sporadic. Once in a while you'd see a group of folks start moving toward the pool or the group room and you could be pretty sure something was happening. More often or not though nothing overtly sexual was going on.

    The last group was the single guys, most of who gave off a pervy kind of feel. You can judge whether I fit into that category. Some had stripped off their kit, most kind of wandered around hoping some action broke out. Some hung out in the group room. If something did happen, the perviest would get within a few feet and and watch and some asked to participate. No one did anything totally uncool and security kept a good eye out but I don't know that I'd been ok with it had i been there for play time. Another factor why I'm sure most action happened upstairs.

    Would I go again? Maybe. I was hoping to chat with some folks and chill but that night didn't really lend itself to that. Everybody seemed to be into whoever they came with and there were too many people. I suspect during the week when it isn't as crowded it might be possible for even introverts like me to start casual conversation. I never felt uncomfortable, but on a Saturday night unless you have mad social skills or are just forward as hell you probably won't find it that easy to even socialize. Can a single guy get any action? I think you pretty much have to be someone's physical fantasy or really, really lucky or both. I certainly didn't think there were couples searching for a 3rd that night, but I'm sure it happens. Just don't count on it. I do think that when it is slower it is probably easy to strike up a conversation with folks. Everybody just seemed so laid back.

    One last word. Most of the folks were not the physcial embodyment of perfection. Either older, not the most attractive or both. If you have a pornstar fantasy this is probably the last place you want to go. I think non-judgemental part was perhaps the big attraction for a lot of the folks there. I've been in clubs where it feels like everyone is judging you with their eyes. Here, people take you as you are. That doesn't mean they want to spend private time with you, but it is a place you can dance and be who you are without judgement.


    The truth is that Las Vegas is a terrible place to look for hookers in many ways. Prices are either very high or the risks are crazy. One of the rules of thumb in most things (food, shows, hotels) in Las Vegas is that if Wynn or Aria are too rich for your blood, Orleans or Ellis Island or the like might be worth a look. Not so much when looking for paid companions. It is easy to find an escort in Wynn, but in low roller joints not so much in my (limited) experience. For research puposes only (cough). In many other cities, the going rate is a pretty narrow range. In Las Vegas the sky is the limit. If you are in Wynn and you're looking, you better have some serious cash or be a top rate negotiator. The other options are either escort services, backpage or the street. Compared to many other cities this is more dangerous, more expensive or more unsatisfying. If you must go this route, there are discussion boards specifically on this topic with recommendations on specific girls. Still more expensive than most cities, but much more likely to be a safe and happy experience. Personally I wouldn't suggest cruising in a car. There are locations where driving and finding what you are looking for is quite possible, but the cops will bust you and there is a serious drug problem among street walkers.


    This for me is the best value in Las Vegas. Everything is available in a reasonably safe environment. Make no mistake, action in such an establishment is very much illegal. I think the odds of getting busted though are quite low. There are dozens of places scattered all over the city, and most are Asian of one nationality or another. Chance are, unless a massage place is in a casino or is clearly specifically marketing to women, any massage place in Las Vegas will offer "extras". Rubmaps is a website with lots of detail, although most specific information requires a paid subscription. As a general rule, getting away from the Strip a fair ways will increase the likelihood of better value. As all things Vegas, if they can charge more they will charge more. Getting out in the burbs helps.

    One of the nice things about massage is that you'll get massage out of it. Even if nothing else goes to plan, a massage can't be that bad, can it?
    Here is how it works. When you walk in, you'll be greeted by someone. People tell me that if you look like a cop they might tell you everyone is busy, but that has never happened to me. If you pass the first hurdle, they collect the house fee. You can usually specify an hour or 30 minutes. I think and hour is the way to go unless you are on a strict budget. I think everyone is happier if they know you aren't doing the minimum possible. Depending on where you go, this might be between about $50 and $100. The person who you talk to first is usually not the person who will do the massage. Some guys demand to see who is available and decide whether to stay before they pay. I let the luck of the draw happen. I can't imagine that being so forward and demanding up front result in good service, but hey, different strokes. You'll be led to a room and the person who led you there will leave. Get undressed and lay on the table. If you are looking for more than a massage, take everything off, ignore the towels and lay face down on the table. Eventually someone will come in and start the massage. Unlikely to happen there, but a bad sign would be if they are going to extreme lengths to keep your midsection covered all of the time. If anything is on they will be sure to pay attention to the inner thighs and will use a very light touch around the midsection. I have never had this not happen in Las Vegas.

    At some point they will ask you to turn over. Don't be shy, let it all hang out. If you are showing your appreciation, all the better. At this point she'll make it clear that a little relief is on offer. Depending on her language skills it might be hand signals. Now it is up to you to negotiate. Generally speaking I've made up my mind what I'm looking for and I set a max budget. I usually have a fall back position should negotiations not go well. I might have been hoping for x but have to settle for y. As long as you aren't insulting, negotiating in Las Vegas is fine, but prices vary wildly. If you haven't researched this particular place you may find your self in a bit of a dilema; what you want is too expensive. Them's the risks. Usually though I find my happy place.

    I have found some very sweet, very passionate girls in massage places. Some of course want to get the money as quickly as possible. Your mileage may vary.

    I hope this satisfies some curiousities.
  2. Dr Nostron

    Dr Nostron Low-Roller

    Jul 12, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Very interesting and informative - gracias
  3. marcianofan

    marcianofan Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2009
    portland, or
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    If you're looking for a hooker I think it's best to go looking at a stripclub like sapphires or spearmint rhino. You can really check out the dancer first and I think it's MUCH less likely you'll get arrested . I've never done this but I've been asked a few times at the clubs with a wink wink.....
  4. mrstealth

    mrstealth High-Roller

    Aug 7, 2009
    Midwest - Sister Bay, WI
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the report. Pretty much confirmed what I had heard before about the rooster.

    I would have to disagree with you however on your section on "hookers". I have traveled to most major cities all around the world, and few have better options when it comes to hiring companionship (even though it is illegal in clark county). Yes, it's true that prices tend to be higher, but that is mostly due to the fact that demand tends to be high, and people in vegas have more cash on them. The other reason prices tend to be higher is the quality of the girls. You can literally find some of the prettiest women in the world and purchase their companionship. There are many placed to find them from agencies, websites, casinos and even walking the streets.

    The reason I say that Vegas has better options is the fact that there is a class of working girls that are actually not professionals (even though a large part of their income probably comes from selling their bodies) - these girls travel to vegas once or more per per month as high paid escorts, either independently or part of an agency. These girls range from college students to normal soccer mom's and house wifes. I've heard they make anywhere between $1,000-$10,000+ per weekend.

    You then have the "casino girls". Some can be included in the previous group, but unlike street walkers, these girls work exclusively in casino-hotels, and tend to work 1 or 2 properties exclusively. The wynn for instance has a large number of these and they can be found at most of the bars starting in the early evening. These girls are known to the bartenders and other staff members (who may actually get kick backs from them for allowing them to work there), and as long as they don't cheat/rip off there customers, and behave appropriately, they can continue their activities at that property.

    Another large presence can be found on backpage.com. here you will find virtually age, shape, size and price, just a text, email or call away.

    And finally, you have the street walkers, both on the strip, and downtown. You won't see a lot downtown under the FSE, but wander down fremont towards the Elco and beyond and there they will be. Partake in these girls at your own risk, and yes, oral sex can still be found for $40 (and the provider may or may not have all their teeth).

    Las Vegas got the name "Sin City" for a very good reason, and it is truer today, then it ever has been.

    Enjoy and stay safe!
    Halloween - 2 Weeks
  5. Onmyown32

    Onmyown32 Low-Roller

    Jun 21, 2013
    Yankee in the south :)
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thank you for that review.... Hubby and I were considering checking out the red rooster (we are not swingers though that don't matter lol)
  6. makikiboy

    makikiboy VIP Whale

    Oct 5, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the review. BTW, how much is it to get into the rooster? I always wondered about it but like you said, as a single I would be labeled as the pervy singles. Also, what are the best hours to go to the place?

    also, how much do you normally pay to get serviced at massage parlors? If you have to pay $50 - $100 then how much after that? Usually that initial fee goes to the house (and "mamasan") and the other part goes to the girl (with maybe she giving a cut back also).
  7. archie1959

    archie1959 Low-Roller

    Jul 3, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I can assist on Red Rooster question.
    Single male is 50 dollars.
    Last time I was in Vegas was 3 years ago
    I would usually be there after 10PM
    My rule of thumb is be open to go on both Friday and Saturday night just in case Friday is a slow night
    There was a new club called New Temptations that was only 4.5 miles from the strip and was run by individuals that ran RR Saturday night functions.
    But they had to close due to new owner having health issues
  8. AceRothstein80

    AceRothstein80 Low-Roller

    Jan 25, 2012
    Wichita Kansas
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Is there a certain parlor(s) that you recommend over others?
  9. PaulBowdry

    PaulBowdry Low-Roller

    Aug 24, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I just read in there you said different strokes. Giggity.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I just read in there you said different strokes. Giggity.
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