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RANT FWF: Flying while Fat

Discussion in 'Getting There & Getting Around' started by ruralhipster, Oct 4, 2014.

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  1. ruralhipster

    ruralhipster Low-Roller

    Aug 5, 2008
    Alberta Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Okay So I am a large obese man, when I lose weight I am just a huge man. I'm 6' 1" and hover in the mid 300 range. Given a year of exercising 7 times a week and eating under 1800 cal/day I got down under 300, unfortunately I couldn't sustain that lifestyle and am right back at my usual weight a couple years later. I can wedge myself in an average economy seat and don't require the belt extender. The distance from armrest to armrest in economy on most flights is around 20 inches. The distance between the points of my shoulders is 23 inches, between elbows while seated about 26-28 inches depending on my weight.

    Here is my problem. The Canadian Airlines have essentially eliminated business class to vacation destinations (Rouge anyone?). I hear all the time that people won't pay for comfort but I am more than happy to it's just not available at a reasonable rate. Rouge charges an average of 3 times the economy fare for what they are calling business class bur is really just premium economy with an empty middle seat. Westjet is just as bad with 2-3 times base fare for "plus" which is an inch or two extra legroom and the privilege of being first on first off the plane.

    I flew Virgin America in the states this spring and sprung the 2.5 times what the base fare was for business class. It was worth every penny and more.

    I can't be the only one who would happily pay 1000-1200 dollars return for an under 3 hour flight in a genuine business class?

    Is there a market for an comfort Airline with 18 rows of 3+2 seating over 23 rows of 3+3? I'd happily pay extra for a wide seat. I really wouldn't care if the rest of the experience was pay-for-what-you-use.

    Even 3 years ago I never had problems with economy flights, sometime in the last couple years Westjet seems to have sneaked in a couple extra rows in their 737s, and the days of 90 percent full flights where I could always move to a empty middle-seat unit are gone.

  2. MoneyToBurn

    MoneyToBurn Low-Roller

    Aug 19, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Well, I am taller and more obese yet, and fly from Ottawa, so I have some of the same concerns. From here, I often take a short flight in economy on a plane with single row seating to Chicago, where I can lean out into the aisle, then onwards in business to Las Vegas on United, with seat width around 20.5".

    Looking at what one might do from, say, Calgary, I can see two options. You can take Delta in business for around $800 return. If you stick to the CRJ900s, they have a single row on one side of 19.6" wide seats. The problem is you will have to connect every time, through Seattle or Salt Lake City.

    Cheaper yet is just to buy two seats on whatever the lowest cost carrier down happens to be at the time. There can't be too much value in two circa 2h flights in business, unless you need the qualifying spend for frequent flyer status.
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