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Quick stop at Ho Chunk Casino in Wisconsin Dells

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by Hyperfocal, Feb 28, 2016.

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  1. Hyperfocal

    Hyperfocal High-Roller

    Sep 17, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Did a quick run over to Ho Chunk in the Dells to get out of town for a couple hours and play some video poker.

    Video Poker

    They have installed a lot of new video poker machines. Looks like they replaced their entire inventory. Played at quarters and nickels. No good pay tables 8/5 Jacks seems to be about the best. 7/5 at nickels. Lots of carny games like Hot Roll Poker, Double Super Times Pay, Ultimate X. Many of the new machines are labeled All Star Poker II, which usually have a ton of options, but most are locked to one game. Most of these are limited to poor high variance games like 7/5 Bonus Deluxe, Double Double Bonus, Triple Double Bonus and maybe a weak Deuces Wild.

    One Hot Roll Poker machine did have 8/5 jacks at nickels with the option of playing 5 coins and one line. Probably the best low-roller game on the floor.

    Intentionally left the ATM card at home and only brought $45, but that got me a couple hours of low-rolling play. Earned a grand total of 30 points. (For some reason, I got turned down for a comped meal at the steakhouse. J/K) Just wanted a cheap afternoon. Came home with more than $5 in the pocket. Sort of a win.


    The buffet at Ho Chunk has never been all that great, but despite past experience, I figured it would be a cheap dinner. Usually something was pretty good.

    This time, they seem to have used the buffet in Vegas Vacation as a model instead of a joke.

    One station was simply labeled "fish." Another was labeled "beef." Later someone had added "cat" in front of the "fish."

    The carved meat was boneless turkey breast helpfully precut and left on a warming plate to dry to perfection.

    There were "Swedish Meatballs" with a brown gravy with no hint of sour cream. The beef stew had a congealed skin on top and there was a pan of "beef tips" invisible under the same brown gravy on the meatballs. The beef tips were borderline inedible.

    I get that this is the off season, but the buffet was still somewhat busy. More than half the buffet line was unused and the food that was out was sub-par.

    The only redeeming quality was the dessert selection. Although they were generic food service cakes, there was a good selection of cake, pie and cookies along with a soft serve sundae bar.

    Still had some fun playing and now have a new terrible dining experience to share.
Thread Status:
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