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Quad and Venetian/palazzo review

Discussion in 'LV Strip Hotels & Casinos' started by SoCalMon, May 24, 2014.

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  1. SoCalMon

    SoCalMon Low-Roller

    Mar 29, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Took a tour of the whole quad when I walked in from the side from harrahs last night and also checked out the o'sheas. It was really crowded about 11pm when I made it to the quad. The casino floor upgrade was nice, but didn't like how all the slots are spread out. Also if your on a slot playing, people who work there come by and ask how I am doing and if everything is ok. I didn't like that cause I get distracted easily and start losing.

    The quad was a lot easier to find Las Vegas blvd to get out of there than Venetian. Venetian I got lost badly and kept walking towards where sports book was. I had to keep asking around and took awhile. Machines paid pretty good there until I found out my Machine I was really looking for was not there anymore. I wonder what casino titan 360 got moved to. I also came in the long way to the Venetian too up the moving floors rather then keep walking to the entrance to go down escalators to casino floor.

    I have teammates staying at the quad this weekend and the rooms have stains in them and such. Towers are being upgraded one by one and their towers or floor have not been upgrade yet, but a place to stay is a place to stay.

    One thing I did not like about the quad is the entrance right when u get in with the loud music from the mic and getting distracted when workers asked how I am doing and if everything is ok (lost my rhythm every time). One of their slot machines wheel was broken or not working (their titan 360 got moved by casino entrance) and volume of the singers mic that was singing by the tables was really loud. This is right when u get in from Las Vegas blvd.

    I played titan a little regardless if wheel was not working to see what would happen when I enter the bonus ring feature. (wheel was still and when bonus ring was triggered like it was before triggered with no lights on the wheel once so ever). the bonus was on the big screen on top with no real gravity moving ball and lasted about 10 seconds with no sound and no action bouncing around in the video screen). I think if the main part of the game is not working, whole thing should be out of service. The top display was only rotating around and the screen was working and the volume of the lady in the bonus, that was it. No effects or sound when video screen is on the bonus, no nothing. Just ball going back and forth and into a hole quick just like the video slot bonuses you see. I wonder how long the wheel has been broken or maybe it broke down yesterday, I dont know. I have never seen titan wheel broken down at my local and always worked.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.