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Pre-Wedding Thoughts

Discussion in 'Vegas Nightlife' started by CoachSt, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. CoachSt

    CoachSt Low-Roller

    Jul 15, 2013
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    I will apologize in advance for this question - I just have never organized pre-wedding activities in LV before and am hoping folks could share their experience - if at all possible. I have club ideas and late night stuff - just not much afternoon thoughts.

    I am the best man in a wedding Sunday, August 25th @ Cosmo 5 p.m.

    I am looking for ideas to entertain the wedding party (3 couples and 1 sister) and activities for the groom and 10 fantasy football friends (all 40 yrs old +) separate (no strippers/hookers) . . . I know, I know : )

    I know it's vague . . . I have looked at a lot of cool stuff - just wondering what smarter people than me would do if given the opportunity.

    I think I will take wedding party to gondolas at Venetian - Saturday afternoon. Do you need reservations?

    We have our Sat and Sun dinners planned - so anything that would be a good hangout for 7 folks and 20 folks during the day. Yes it's vague, I am sorry.
  2. lasvegas_limo_driver

    lasvegas_limo_driver Vegas Guru at Infinity

    Apr 19, 2004
    las vegas, nv
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    wedding plannings

    I would definitely give them a call for gondolas. as far as an evening. Depends on if your wanting to go to a lounge or a nice club. With an older diverse group I really like foundation room. its on top of mbay, and with the views of the strip, its a great way to have a nice night out. For a wedding party not to hit a strip club is just odd to me, but that's vegas. Cleopatras barge is another good place to go as well. if your not looking to get far away from hotel/homebase, look at the lounges or bars in and around where your staying. Each casino has several bars and lounges.

    depending on how fun of a group you have. there are several indoor shooting ranges, indoor go karts, indoor skydiving. Get a limo and some booze and cruise the strip. go downtown and check out fremont. There are so many things to do, just depends on interest of the group.
  3. FlyoverFi

    FlyoverFi Tourist

    Apr 16, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    For our Vegas wedding, the best man organized high-speed go-karting for anyone who wanted to join before our wedding. (I think they went the day before our actual wedding.) This was a real hit and got people to loosen up and get to know each other before the actual wedding.
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