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Poker Acronyms & Abbreviations

Discussion in 'The Poker Room' started by La$Vega$, Apr 13, 2014.

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  1. La$Vega$

    La$Vega$ High-Roller

    Apr 5, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    :poker: The Poker World itself has a plethora of Slang, Abbreviations and Acronyms :poker:

    These are the most commonly used in an online game, chat, text, tweet or posting.
    :popcorn - Enjoy!
    3b: The Third Action
    4b: Four bet
    6m: 6-Max
    ATC - Any Two Cards
    AF: Aggression Factor
    AI: All In
    AIPF: All In Pre Flop
    AK: Ace King (an ace and a king as your hole cards)
    AMC: All My Chips
    AO: Add On
    APPT: Asia Pacific Poker Tour
    APT: Asia Poker Tour
    ATC: Any Two Cards
    Ax: An Ace with any second card
    BB: Big Blind
    B&M: Bricks & Mortar (used to describe a live poker room, as opposed to an online one)
    B/C: Bet / Call (describes when a player bets and then calls a raise)
    B/F: Bet / Fold (describes when a player bets and the folds to a raise)
    B3B: Bet - 3 bet (describes when a player bets, is raised, and then re-raises)
    bb: Big Blind
    BB: Big Bet
    BBJ: Bad Beat Jackpot
    BR: Bankroll
    BRB: Be Right Back (used in chat/forums)
    CC: check check
    C/C: Check / Call (describes when a player checks and then calls a bet)
    C/F: Check / Fold (describes when a player checks and then folds to a bet)
    C/R: Check / Raise (describes when a player checks and then raises a bet)
    C-Bet: Continuation Bet (a bet made after the flop by the pre-flop raiser)
    CK: Check
    CO: Cut Off Position Immediately to the Right of the Dealer
    D: Dealer
    DP: Draw Poker
    EP: Early Position
    EV: Expected Value (+EV for positive expected value, -EV for negative expected value)
    FE: Fold Equity
    FH: Full House
    FL: Fixed Limit
    FPS: Fancy Play Syndrome
    FT: Final Table
    FT: Full Table
    FTOP: Fundamental Theory/Theorem of Poker
    FYI: For Your Information
    FT: Final Table
    GG: Good Game (typically used in chat at online poker rooms when a player busts out)
    GL: Good Luck (used in chat)
    GTD: Guaranteed (as in guaranteed prize pool in a tournament)
    HE: Hold'Em
    HH: Hand History
    HJ: Hijack Position
    HL: High Limit
    HTH: Head To Head
    HH: Hand History
    HU: Heads Up
    ITM: In The Money
    JAT: Just A Thought
    KOTZ: King of the Zoo
    LAG: Loose Aggressive
    LAP: Loose Passive
    LC: Low Content
    LDO: LOL, Duh, Obviously or Like Duh, Obviously
    LHE: Limit Hold'Em
    LP: Late Position
    LL: Lower Limit
    MHIG: My Hand is Good (used in chat)
    MHING: My Hand is No Good
    ML: Middle Limit Games
    MP: Mid Position
    MSNL: Mid Stakes No Limit
    MTT: Multi Table Tournament
    n: Nice
    N1: Nice One
    NC: No Content
    NH: Nice Hand
    NL: No Limit
    NT: Nice Try
    o: Off suited - AJo would be Ace Jack of different suits
    O8: Omaha Hi-Lo
    OESD: Open Ended Straight Draw
    OESFD: Open Ended Straight Flush Draw
    OOP: Out Of Position
    OPP: Opponent
    OOTM: Out Of The Money
    MTT: Multi Table Tournament
    PF: Pre Flop
    PFR: Pre Flop Raise (a raise before the flop is dealt)
    PL: Pot Limit
    PLO: Pot Limit Omaha
    PLO8: Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
    PO: Poker Office
    PP: Pocket Pair
    PSB: Pot Sized Bet
    PSR: Pot Sized Raise
    PTL: Player To My Left
    PTR: Player To My Right
    r: Rainbow Flop
    R + A: Rebuy and Add-On
    RB: Rakeback
    ROI: Return On Investment
    RGP: Recreation Gambling Poker
    s: Suited - AJs would be Ace Jack of the same suit
    SB: Small Blind or Small Bet
    sc: Suited Connector
    SH: Shorthanded
    SNG: Sit and Go Tournament
    SS: Short Stack
    SSNL: Small Stakes No Limit
    STT: Single Table Tournament
    STTF: Single table tournament forum (2+2 Forum)
    TAG: Tight Aggressive
    TPBK: Top Pair Best Kicker
    TPGK: Top Pair Good Kicker
    TPNK: Top Pair No Kicker
    TPTK: Top Pair Top Kicker
    TPWK: Top Pair Weak Kicker
    TY: Thank You (used in chat/forums)
    UN: Un Lucky
    UTG + 1: 1 position to the left of Under The Gun
    UTG: Under The Gun
    VB: Value Bet
    VNH: Very Nice Hand (used in chat)
    VPIP: Voluntarily Put (money) In Pot
    Wa/WB: Way Ahead / Way Behind
    WP: Well Played
    WPT: World Poker Tour
    WSOP: World Series of Poker
    WTSD: Went To Showdown
    YHS: Your Hand Sucks
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