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Paris Trip....03/24 - 3/29...Craps....YES

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by chess, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. chess

    chess VIP Whale

    Feb 22, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Monday 3/24

    Flight was pretty uneventful out of Bodymore, I mean Baltimore Md..... Until about 30 minutes into the flight
    I had a guy that was sitting next to me and my mom started talking about how he had never flown in coach before
    and he had no clue what to do. He kept talking about how his wife is a VP of a hospital.. I hate to stereotype people
    but the guy had probably 40 tattoos on his arms, neck etc..... I have tattoos myself about 8 but they are on my upper arms...
    So anyways, this guy was feeding me a line of shit.... how he has 6 houses in the NoVA area, yet he is flying out of BWI,
    and he has a driver etc..... Well long story short.... The guy has a record and its not a pretty one LOL....

    Went over to Bellagio to catch up with some friends....played craps for about 1.5 hours at an average of $90. Went to bed about 330am
    and that was late considering I flew in from the east coast which would have been 630am....

    Tuesday 3/25

    Woke up late... tired as fuck coming from the East Coast.... was blown....Got up and walked over to Aria.... I knew I wanted to see a show, but wasnt sure what I really wanted to do...
    So I decided to just throw a hundy into the hangover slot... well 5 hours later I cashed out at like 280 bucks... i was hitting bonuses left and fucking right... it was the craziest thing Ive seen...
    for those that play the hangover I was hitting 2 bonuses on spin... pretty wild stuff..... I enjoyed my time at Aria.... TONS of craps tables, which I really liked, but only 1 open at 11am when I
    was there.... I knew I was coming back for the buffet to redeem the 2f1.... I ended up getting a good buzz...My mom really wanted to see the Jacksons... Christ I was like no.... I prefer not
    too..... Considering me taking her to a nice dinner, she paid for my ticket....Ended up at Pho and bought 2 seats for the Jacksons.... enjoyed my time.. .it was okay... they are old as dirt..
    I am only 33 so you get the point... I enjoyed MJ watching him grow up and stuff which was cool... but these guys were just old and you could tell... Marlon and Tito and Jermaine could still kill it on the
    mic though....

    headed back to Paris to relax and figure out what sports bets I am going to make......debated on it for a few....

    So I decided before the trip, I wanted to eat at Gordon Ramsay Steak again... This time for a 730 reservation for dinner... We got seated upstairs, and my mom enjoyed being "winded and dined"
    but her awesome and best son... I am sure my sister would love to hear the shit I was spitting off as the best kid of the family haha.... Anywho... I got an Anchor beer, always tasty, with the
    Kobe Filet.... Of course I got some Mac and Cheese..... My mom isnt a big steak person, so she got the Lobster Wellington... WOW.. .this thing was fucking incredible.... I had a small bite
    and damn I was jealous......

    After being there for 2 hours.... I decided to go back to the room to kick it and relax before I went downstairs.... Well guess what happen... yeah I passed the F out.....

    Wednesday 3/26

    Wednesday is when I woke up at ate at LeCreperie at Paris for breakfast.... IT was DAMNNNNNNNN Good... i enjoyed the crepe and went back 1 more time this trip.... i was impressed with everything
    that place had to offer.... I decided that today I was going to play "big" in my terms... hit the craps table early.. about 830 or so... i decided to buy in for 600.... I ended up actually having a pretty damn good roll..
    I hit 3 numbers people made money.... The table was up and down up and down... I met a guy from Denver, his name was Chuck... silly asian but funny as shit... I told him about the board... I hope he joins up...
    He was a riot and we clicked and kicked it through the next few days on the craps table..... That guy was my good luck charm as I put down 3 bucks for the fire after he left, and some soccer wearing jersey guy
    rolls up to the table and hits 5 fucking points... needed the 6 to hit all 6...... i made out with a nice 750 on the fire... i was up about 1900 from that hit......

    Wen back to the sports bet and made some bets on a nice 3 team parlay..... Fla, Wisky, and Zona.... I hit on it and it actually paid 2x so I put down 50 bucks and won 150.... pretty solid...
    Decided to go back and do another parlay but Loserville failed me against Kentucky... go figure..... Its all good right :)

    Ended up eating at mon Ami Gabi for dinner... That place never disappoints, and i was actually happy with not only the food but the service, kept my drink full, and great attention to detail and service.
    I loved the Roasted Chicken I got, and my mom got some kind of Salmon Salad and she said it was damn good.... so i was like super... makes me happy... Afer spending 90 minutes in that place,
    I decided to go hit the craps table.... This is where it gets well lets say fucking awesome.... I rolled for 49 minutes according to the pit boss..... I was on FIRE... hitting hard 4's,6's... Nate dogg...
    Why couldnt you have been on the table, I know you would have tipped me.... I hit hard 4 which the button was on for 4, and won some guy 4k.... I usually will toss someone a $25,$100 chip if they win me that much
    I just got a thanks buddy... hey fuck off buddy... toss me a chip.. maybe I am being an asshole.... But anyways.. that was a good closing note... My plan was to play a little high... I got my rating from the Pit...
    She said 150 average for 4 hours and 3 minutes... I was good with that...

    Thursday 3/27

    I used the 2for1 at the Aria buffet.... It was decent.... I would never pay $70 bucks for 2 people.... But I will say that using my comp dollars I had for Mlife
    It cost me $12 bucks total.... .My mom was "impressed" with how clean the buffet area was and just the overall appearance........I am not a big buffet kind of person but whatever....We played a few slots before we headed over to PHO.
    We then went over to Planet Hollywood, and saw the Jacksons... .I thought they were okay... my mom loved it...I preferred the MJ music myself... but that is just me... Maybe being 33 I just didnt " get it " lol lol....
    Fuck it oh well... onto the next one... Ended up going back to Paris and playing some 3CP... hit the 6 card bonus with Quad K's... always fun times for sure.... :) I watched the first half of the basketball games and then had to bolt because of the buffet
    and Jacksons.... .I saw the ending of the FL game and missed the Az ending... glad my parlay hit :) Woohoo lol......Short night... just wanted to relax...

    Friday 3/28

    Played Craps in the morning.... Was going up and down all morning... Chuck the dude from Denver was playing with me and talking about how he became a 7 star etc..
    I ended up with about 125 average on the dice..... I enjoyed myself..... I went upstairs to watch
    the first half of the basketball games..Went over to Burgr for dinner and my mom thought it was just kick ass....She was impressed only only with her food, but the prices (as we went to Steak on Tuesday)
    ha..... Well on the way back I decided to go and stop and get a big ass cookie at the place in Paris...... Well I wanted to use my TR comps on my card, and I went to show her my ID when she said oh you need
    to take your license out.... I asked for what.... she goes i need to write down information on it... I said uhmm NO you arent writing anything down on my license.... So i decided to be a prick..... I went over ot the
    TR counter and complain to those folks... I explained look I have used my comps here at Le Pizza, Creperie, etc... and Earl of Sandwich and have only shown my ID..... This lady wanted info off my license... uhmm
    FUCK you no thanks.... So i ended up getting compd front row seats ha... to Taylor Hicks..... Well of course how do you think i felt.... This guy is gonna suck some kind of bad.... Well my friends
    Taylor HIcks was pretty fucking good... .I was digging the beats and the music.... .I was actually VERY impressed with this guy..... show was about hour 25 minutes and he came on RIGHT at 8pm..

    Sat 3/29

    Woke up and ate at Le Creperie.... Always a good breakfast meal and reasonably priced if you ask me... I was determined to raise my average from the
    previous days and see what I was able to do. I ran into a guy that I was playing craps with earlier in the week at the sit down craps version
    so I decided to play that with him and was up about 150 before I got bored and cashed out. I was determined to find the 50-100 play VP....So i stumbled upon
    the 50 play for .05. I did the max which was 2.50 a spin.... I hit the VERY first time... a MICRO Royal as RF would call it.... First one ever.... was a great experience
    but damn that game can get costly really quickly LOL..... I left there after about an hour and headed over to cash in my sports bets.

    I then decided hell its 2pm...i have 7 hours until departure to go play a couple hours of craps..... Found a $10 dollar and bought in for 500....I hit 2 points and decided to run with my
    300 dollar profit...I went upstairs and watched some of the UF vs Dayton...

    I decided I am leaving at 11pm redey flight back east.... I played for 3.5 hours on the craps table where this cute asian pit Rowevan or Rovewan something like that was there... I chatted it up with her...
    I was wearing a Wash Nats hat and bsed with her, putting them up on the pass and giving them odds... throwing hardways and lettem pick etc.... I ended up taking a marker out.... for 1500.... I enjoyed the table...
    highs and lows..... I cashed out down 25 bucks with an average of 180 a hand and my host actually called me last night and told me I had some good averages on the dice table.....

    I will be uploading pictures... BARE with me :) Sorry about taking so long and the .... i am a .... kinda guy.....

    Oh yeah... Shout out to Royal Flusher for giving me some twitter LOVE on the micro ROYAL WOOOHOOO cherry popped !
  2. queentata

    queentata High-Roller

    Sep 20, 2005
    Crosby, TX
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice TR. Nice of you to treat your mom. As for Taylor Hicks, I was a big fan when he was on idol and hated he did not get really big after that. Last year, our host treated us to tickets and meet and greet. He is so nice and friendly. Even though the sign said he would only sign purchased merch, he would sign anything and said get out your phones to take all the pics you want. I loved that he is talented and also very nice. Glad you had a winning trip.
  3. chess

    chess VIP Whale

    Feb 22, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yeah I usually take my mom once a year... she enjoys it... she owns her own business so its hard for her to get away and trust employees... sad that it has come to that ya know....

    Taylor did a kick ass job I thought.... They are probably still paying him a pretty penny I would imagine... maybe I am wrong who knows... but good for him making a dream a reality !!

    Oh yeah you arent joking.... I am glad I came home up :) and the host took care of a bunch of stuff on my room charges without actually taking my RC's :)
  4. fenway68

    fenway68 High-Roller

    May 21, 2006
    Connecticut by way of Massachusetts
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Enjoyed that TR, thanks for sharing....
    Annual trip w the boyz
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