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Palm Desert, CA trip report

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by IowaRyan, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. IowaRyan

    IowaRyan Low-Roller

    Jan 2, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Trip report: Palm Desert vacation January 20 to January 27

    Just a brief trip report on our ( wife-C and I) trip to Palm Desert.

    Flights: flew from Des Moines to Dallas then Dallas to Palm Springs. No issues either way. The Palm springs airport has to be the nicest airport I've been in to wile away the time before your flight, at least when the temperature is in the mid 70's.

    Hotel: we stayed at the Marriott Desert Springs II. Nice place, good pool area. We had a gorgeous view of the 14th fairway of the Valley course at the neighboring JW Marriott. Shuttles were available to take people from Desert springs I or II to the JW, a nice little perk. I would highly recommend it.

    Things we did

    Golf: I played 3 rounds, once on the Palm course and twice on the Valley course at the JW. All 3 rounds were a blast. Initially I didn't intend to play the Valley twice, but I had a chance to play with the same couple I played with on the Palm-- they were a lot of fun both times.

    The Palm Springs tramway: we took a tram to the top of San Jacinto mountain. Once up there you can hike trials and take as many pictures as your SD card allows of the breathtaking views below.

    The Living Desert: combination zoo/botanical garden with lots of nice exhibits. Offers 1 and 3 mile hikes in the desert if you're so inclined. Lots of interesting displays.

    The Salton Sea: an interesting man made lake with a higher salinity then the Pacific ocean. It was worth the 2-3 hours we were there. I regret we did not stop at the banana hall of fame on the way there or back.

    Old town La Quinta: wandered around here on the way back from the Salton Sea. Had some yummy ice cream at some joint that uses nitrogen. Good stuff.

    Places we ate

    Food was not a high priority on this trip, neither one of us had brought anything to wear in any upscale place. This did not stop us though from finding some pretty good places:

    Grill A Burger: sometimes you just need a good burger, this place did not disappoint. Creative burgers, excellent fries and awesome milk shakes.

    Bobby's Cafe: nothing fancy, just good solid breakfast fare with strong coffee.

    Papa Dan's Pizza: I was pleasantly surprised a how good this pizza was, being somewhat of a pizza snob. What was even better was they delivered.

    Fisherman's Landing at the JW Marriott: we ate here three times for the excellent seafood they offered. Fish tacos are good, fish tacos made with Ahi tuna are spectacular. There had several other offerings which were equally good.

    All in all this was a very slow paced, relaxing vacation. After the dead sprint pace we had when we went to Italy it was nice to have long extended periods of nothing. The Palm Springs/Desert area is beautiful and easy to navigate. I would highly recommend it.

    Last thought: temperature in Palm Springs when we left 79 degrees with calm winds, temperature in Des Moines 6 degrees with 14 mile an hour winds making it feel like -14 degrees. :cry:
  2. Wolfman619

    Wolfman619 Low-Roller

    Jan 9, 2014
    So. California
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    nice report. As a displaced Iowan (Des Moines) living in Southern California, I feel for you guys this time of year. Every time I have talked to family back there this winter, all I hear is how freakishly cold and windy it is.
  3. ken2v

    ken2v This Space For Rent

    Sep 18, 2003
    Central California Coast
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like you done good, Ryan.

    Palms gets the camera shots but playing at DS since the '80s, I've always thought Valley a better course. Not as much eye candy but just more solid overall.

    Too bad we didn't coordinate, I was in La Quinta when you were down, setting the lizards up with a new computer.
  4. sindustry

    sindustry VIP Whale

    Jul 22, 2013
    What?! No gambling?!! Lol...glad you had a great time! Palm Desert/Springs is just over an hour's drive from me and I still rarely get out there.
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