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Palazzo May 29 - June 4

Discussion in 'Misc. Vegas Chat' started by FuzzyDiceCraps, May 27, 2016.

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  1. FuzzyDiceCraps

    FuzzyDiceCraps High-Roller

    Jul 6, 2015
    We're less than 2 days from our second trip to Vegas this year. This one came about a bit last minute. After our trip in February we didn't think we'd be back until August, but its been a rough couple of months and we just really need a vacation. It's a "happy now, sad later" moment, because the way the year is shaping up this is not adding an extra trip, we're simply bumping our August trip to May/June, meaning after this we won't be back until November....

    In past trips we've seen shows, planned dinners, etc. This trip, our plans are as follows:


    Yup, its a blank. We have intentionally made NONE. We want to be able to just go with the flow. We are yet to do a Vegas trip where we haven't already committed ourselves to a bunch of things. So here is the rough outline:

    May 29 @ 7:05 - Delta from CMH (layover in ATL) - we normally fly SWA direct from either CMH or IND, but we had the opportunity to book a one-way Delta flight in first class, and decided to use it. First class means free drinks and extra room. We expect to get pretty tanked. :)
    @ approx. 11:00 am - Arrive in Vegas, presidential limo from McCarran to Palazzo.
    6 nights in Palazzo
    June 4 @ 3:10 - SWA direct LAS to CMH.

    Free play at Palazzo
    Slot tournament @ Palazzo Tues/Wed (wife will play)
    Palazzo cruise giveaway (with 19k points we get our cruise upgraded to a mini-suite, so that is our goal....we'll should have those points in 2 days)

    Possible shows:
    Excalibur knight show (we are huge nerds, so even though this is likely over the top and silly, with a few drinks (and myvegas comps) it should be a decent time).
    Anything else that looks like fun

    A lot VP
    Bubble craps
    Walking the strip
    Slot golf

    I'm not promising a trip report after failing twice in a row at one. But I'll try to remember to post some pictures or at least a recap when its done.

    Sooooo excited and ready to go.

    Tonight and tomorrow consists of packing, ensuring everything is charged, watching some Vegas-themed movies and tweaking the playlist. Its almost time to go!!!!
    Going back with the boys.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.