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One sober week in Vegas!! Nov 28-Dec 5 LONG

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by LV2GAMBLE, Dec 10, 2014.

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    LV2GAMBLE High-Roller

    Oct 20, 2012
    Land of 10,000 Lakes
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Sorry for the novel...I just get carried away. This was our 12th trip to Vegas and the 3rd trip of this year. Kind of a different trip for us with lots of things planned. Will post as a reply.. and yes, I am long winded..sorry!

    This summer I was feeling ‘the itch’ for a Vegas trip. We already had a trip booked for March 2015 for the NASCAR race, but that just seemed sooo far off. We kept getting offers in the mail, which made it even more tempting. That, plus reading the forums on a daily basis finally pushed me over the edge. LOL
    In July I booked DH’s flight and my plan was to use my CC points to get me a free flight. Well, the flight prices dropped in August so instead of points I decided to just pay for the flight and save my points for a future flight. (another Vegas trip…maybe??? Lol) Flight is booked on Allegiant Air. Yes, I know it’s a discount airline and often gets bashed here, but it is our only non-stop flight and the price is always right. Our flights inclusive of all costs are always under $500 for the both of us, this trip included.
    Dates are set for November 28 – December 5th. We’ve taken a trip to LV the past two years at this same time. Timing-wise, this work out to be a great time for us as DH works in street construction and is laid-off for the season by this time. Plus, we both have December birthdays and use this as a treat for us to get away.
    Got on the phone and made hotel reservations. First three nights (Fri-Sun) were booked at The D on DH’s comp offer of three nights which included $50 in FP and $25 in F&B credit for November. Since we were checking out on December 1st we were able to also take advantage of December’s offer of an additional $50 in FB and another $25 in F&B. I get a measly $10 in F&B, which we were able to combine with DH’s $25 to fully cover a meal.
    The next four nights were booked at The Rio, again on a comp offer. We also double booked during the Rio stay at Gold Coast for two nights on a comp offer so we were able to take advantage of FP & F&B.
    The trip is NOW set. But, I decided not to tell DH and just go ahead and plan the trip. In fact, I really didn’t tell my co-workers either because…well, you know, some people just don’t understand our continued desire for Vegas. I managed to keep this a secret from him and stash cash into our vacation fund every week. I did tell him about two weeks prior to the trip because I knew that there were some things that he would have to take care of that would require some time. Of course, he was fine with the whole trip.
    Our flight was scheduled to leave around 8:30 pm on the day after Thanksgiving. Not the best time, but it is what is. We had been debating all week whether we should do one checked bag or each do a carry-on. Since our flight was arriving late (about 9:45 pm) we didn’t want to have to wait at baggage claim and waste time so we opted to each do a carry-on. The night prior to leaving went to check-in online. Got DH checked in and paid for his bag. But when I went to check myself in I got an error stating that the name didn’t match or something to that effect. (remember that we had different booking numbers since they were purchased at different times) So, I thought I would use the mobile app to check in…problems, problems problems. First it would not allow me to enter in a credit card number. So, I attempted to out-smart the system by using voice to enter the card number. This worked after a few attempts. However, when I entered my email address it told me to enter a valid email address…WTF. Everything was correct but it would not take. Tried the next day to no avail. So, I just checked in anyway and would have to pay for the bag at the airport. Dang!! Get to the airport and the clerk tells me that it would be $100 RT for my carry-on. WTF….there was a problem with YOUR system and mobile app and I have to pay the penalty??? :cuss:I asked for a manager and was told there was not one on duty!! She advised me to just pay for the bag one-way and that I could call Allegiant when in Vegas and explain. Yeah, right…no one ever answers that phone…I did try. She did add some comments, which turned out to be helpful. So, yep, just paid $50 (instead of the regular price of $15) for the bag one-way. First loss of the trip!! :cry:


    Flight left on time. Surprise, since this is always a gamble when you are flying on a late Allegiant flight. Landed, grabbed our bags, and walked across the street to the waiting shuttle to the car facility. Again, I had double booked because I am always worried about a huge queue at the facility. Fortunately, every time we have rented a car in Vegas there has never been a queue at any of the companies. Must be great timing or what. Found a great rate with E-Z for $70 plus fees for the week (total $128.xx). After watching other companies found another bargain with Dollar for $70.88 for the week (total $148.xx). We opted to go with Dollar because I had signed up for Dollar Express so that we could by-pass any queues and any annoying up-selling agents and head to the garage.
    Car was a bright red 2013 Chevy Impala. Not sure how many miles were on it since we didn’t know how to change it over to the odometer. Inspected it, plugged in Siri (the GPS) and headed DT to The D. Using Dollar express was so painless I was so impressed!!

    Get to The D and there are two people standing at the counter but no one behind the counter…WTH. :wink2: Finally after about 10 minutes a couple clerks arrive. Clerk tells us that they only have suites left but we would have to move the next day. I was not thrilled with the idea of having to move and was secretly hoping that we wouldn’t have to move at all. Got a suite on the 29th floor overlooking slotzilla. It was fine, 3 tv’s on the living room wall, one larger tv in the center with a smaller tv on each side of it. Couldn’t figure out how to open the living room curtains to check the view . The bathroom was pretty cool. A long vanity with double sink on the one whole side and the shower and toilet on the other side. Both the toilet and shower have full glass walls The shower is huge and there is a corner bench with a hand held on the one side and a regular shower head on the opposite wall. You can have both shower heads on at the same time so that two can shower at once. The king bed was super comfy with lots of pillows. Could not find where the safe was located…hmmmmm. The suite was nice, but it didn’t totally blow me away, nor would I every pay for this.
    I was tuckered out by the time we arrived and checked in. It was around 11 Vegas time, or 1 am our time. My plan was just to go to bed, but decided I just couldn’t. So we head downstairs for just a bit, grabbed some gut-bomb :vomit: at McDonalds, took a few spins on the machines. Finished almost a full beer and decided I couldn’t stay up any longer. Went back to the room and one of the things I noticed was that the door jam was lose and that if the door handle on the inside was moved just a little that it allowed the door to open easily. This kind of freaked me out that the room could potentially be entered that easy. So, called DH on his cell and asked if he would come up and go to bed so that we could lock the door using all the locks. Showed him the door issues and he tried to get in from the outside by pushing on the door and even using his room card to break into the room. He could not get in this way which reassured me for safety issues. Slept very well..zzzzzzzzzzzz

    Oh, the elevators at the D. There are four elevators. On the outside of the elevator you push what number floor you want to go to and it tells you which elevator to get on (A, B, C, D) There are no floor numbers to push once inside the elevator. It’s kind of a cool system, but it is somewhat slow. Each elevator can carry 10 people so I suppose that when enough floor buttons are pushed it then directs others to a different elevator. There is also a weight capacity as we tried getting on an elevator where a couple larger folks were on and an alarm sounds. The elevator will not move when the weight capacity has been surpassed. There were a couple people who jumped on the elevator without pushing the button on the outside and ended up riding the elevator for a bit. There was a lady on one of the floors we stopped on that had no clue on how to get to her floor…whoops.


    Up around 7:30 Vegas time. We took our leisurely time getting up and moving. After all, we are on vacation. Eventually make our way downstairs and went to the player’s club for DH’s food comp. Used this at The D Grill. DH has ham and eggs and I had the moco loco (hamburger patty atop white rice, covered by brown gravy with two eggs) Service was very good, food was good and out hot and fast.
    After breakfast we explore the floor and spend a few dollars. Eventually make our way to the hotel desk where we are assigned a new room, which was ready. Down to the 14th floor, room 1405. Certainly not the suite we were in but it was fine as we usually just use the room to sleep and shower. Not sure if this was an updated room or not. Two queen beds (I think), The finish on the shelves in the tub were flaking off. Managed to find the safe in this room, not that we used it, but I just to know where it is located in case I win big bucks…lol right?. Room again overlooked slotzilla. Beds again were comfortable. Not sure if there was a coffeemaker or not since we don’t drink coffee. At night you could hear the music from Fremont.
    Spent the day casino hoping on Fremont. Didn’t win any thing, entertainment value, as I call it since I didn’t spend a lot. About mid afternoon we hit up American Coney Island at the D for a quick bite to eat. I had a dog and DH had a ‘lose meat’ sandwich and fries. Meh, is about it. He thought it was good and he made a return visit late one night.
    Late afternoon we grabbed the bus and headed to the strip. Even though we had a car we sometimes find it easier to just hop the bus instead of parking everywhere we want to go. I always purchase the 3-day bus passes online and they are mailed to us at home.
    Made our way to The Quad, Linq, Imperial Palace (QLIP) or whatever name they come up with next. Went to the box office where we exchanged our Travelzoo voucher for tickets to Recycled Percussion. I paid $48 for the two tickets on Travelzoo and I am glad I did not pay any more than that!! DH saw this advertised last time and thought it would be good….I think he was wrong! I guess if drumming is your thing you may enjoy it. Upon entry into the show each audience member can take an ‘instrument’ from the box. They also pass out drumsticks to bang your instrument. I took a shaker thing. DH didn’t take one because he is non-participatory. Shame on him for being such a party pooper!! The show is also very loud. In fact, a few people sitting at our table brought ear plugs. The show was well attended. I would rate it about a ‘C’ but would not recommend it to others.
    After the show we went down to Guy Fieri’s for supper. This was one of the places ‘on my list’. We were seated right away. Neither of us was very hungry so we decided to split a meal. We opted for the mac & cheese burger which came with Quad fries. I also had a Freaky Tiki drink. Everything was very good and service was very good as well. I used my total reward credits to pay. I think my total was around $29 before tip. I would definitely return here again and hopefully bring more of an appetite.
    Next on the agenda for the day/evening was to get back on the bus and head down to Mandalay Bay to see the band Phoenix. They are a classic rock band and DH is a classic rock fan. I’ve also seen favorable reviews from various posters about them. They play in the Mizuya lounge, which is a very open venue. I saw online that they started at 10:30 but when we got to MB we could hear that they were already playing. Made it easy to find where Mizuya was located as we just made out way towards the music. There were no tables left at which to sit, but we managed to find two chairs in the back. Also, there appeared to not be cocktail service in the chair area where we were sitting, however the tables did have CW service. We managed to stick around for about an hour and listen before I began to get very tired. Glad that I finally got to go and see them.


    Up and once again took our sweet, slow time getting ready for the day. Breakfast/brunch today was at Fremont Hotel for the champagne brunch. According to their website they do the champagne brunch both Saturday & Sunday. Food was standard with a decent selection. Had a few mimosas with breakfast. I drank mine and DH’s. Tasty! Got a little tipsy from the champagne….oops. I’d probably return again for this, nothing wrong with mimosa for breakfast, especially in Vegas, right?
    In the afternoon we had a tour at the Neon Museum. I really enjoyed this and would recommend. Our tour guide was Nicolette, who was very good. DH thought it was ok. I really liked the historical part of this tour. I booked this online before arriving into Vegas. They do not take reservations over the phone as I emailed them about this because I wasn’t sure what time we would do the tour. So, I just booked it at a time that I would just make work. They keep the groups no larger than 16. Cost for the tour is $18 per person. The night tour is higher. I would say that if you are on Fremont St you could make the walk to the Neon Museum. I had wanted to walk there but DH opted to take the car. It is very easy to find. Some folks have said some areas are a little sketchy but I didn’t see that at all. In fact, there are more sketchy people on the strip than I saw. I probably wouldn’t walk this at night, but I don’t see a problem during the day. I would say it’s almost a mile from DT center.
    Back to home base and later hopped the bus again for our evening entertainment. I had purchased a Groupon that was good for 2 tickets to the comedy club at the Riveria, 3 appetizers at Wicked Vicky’s Tavern and 2 tap beers for $25. This is a pretty decent deal . We ordered two orders of chicken fingers and an order of tavern tots, I had a Blue Moon tap and DH had a pop…boring I know!! The price of the appetizers alone make up more than the cost of the Groupon. The chicken fingers were homemade but the coating was a little boring, but then again I like bold flavors. I also think they could have been cooked just a little more. The tavern tots are tator tots covered with cheese sauce and chili. There was plenty of food! We wouldn’t even finish what we had. I would dine here again.
    Made our way upstairs to the comedy club, On stage that night was Mitchell Walters with Jimmie JJ Walker….for those of you who can remember, you know Good Times…..dyn-o-mite!!!...…. Ummm, not so much. Was not impressed with JJ who actually was the opening act. He was NOT a good time, nor was he dyn-o-mite!!! Mitchell was kind of funny. Not too many folks at the show, which was too bad. I know that some coupon books, such as the ACG has a coupon for free admission. We had a fairly drunk woman sitting nearby and she was kind of obnoxious. Drink prices here were fairly cheap, like $4, but were not very strong. Would take many of them to make this show super funny. Gambled some here at Riv and both had some good luck, or at least we left with more $$ than we came with. Winner, winner!! I always hear how desolate the Riv is but there were more people there than I expected….that is a good thing I guess.


    Up and at ‘em this morning. Today is moving day. Since today is December we went down to players club and to redeem our December F&B comps. Back up to The D Grill for breakfast. It was just before 8:00 and they weren’t open just yet so hit the floor for a few spins and a vodka cranberry. Back up to the restaurant for breakfast. Steak and eggs for me and ham and eggs for DH. Again, food was fast and hot and service was very good.
    Packed up our stuff, checked out of The D, and got the car out of valet. Today we were taking a road trip. Per The DiceMan’s suggestion we headed to Laughlin first. Each place that we stopped would have a budget of $20 in which to spend. First stop Harrah’s. I lost my $20 in 20 minutes, DH did ok with his and cashed out ahead. Next stop was Golden Nugget, again I lost he won!! Are we seeing a trend???? Last stop was at Colorado Belle. I found this place to be kind of dumpy and gloomy. I lost, again DH wins…how does that happen?? The one nice thing about Colorado Belle is the outside patio area overlooking the Colorado River. I didn’t see anyplace else where we would get that view. Three stops and I am down $60 while DH comes out a winner coming out about $150 ahead. Oh well……… While it was nice just to check out Laughlin I could never see myself staying here. My SIL has a friend who likes going to Laughlin and she was asking me about it. While many casino properties are on the river on Casino Dr, they are not close enough together to be able to walk from one to the next. A couple properties are, but for the most part they are not.
    After Laughlin we head out and the next destination is Oatman. This was a cool little stop with the wild burros roaming the streets. Unfortunately we got there too late to see the wild west shoot-out that they do. I believe the times of these are noon and 2:30. They have some neat little shops here. We purchased some ‘burro food’ at one of the stores for a buck. They burros can get a little aggressive when they know you have food. We were rolling/tossing them down the street for them to get. I think DH was been stalked by the burros who wanted his food. LOL
    It was dark when we got back to LV and our next home for the next four nights -Rio. No line at check in. Get our room keys and off to the 10th floor in the Ipanema tower. We walk and walk and finally get to our room. It is dang-near at the end of the hallway. Drop our bags and back downstairs. I hate being this far, in fact I prefer to be near the elevator. There is now a line at regular check-in so we go to the platinum/diamond check-in room and ask for a room closer to the elevators. Host manages to find us something that is not nearly as far, maybe about a third of the way down the hall, but not as close as I would like to be…oh well. We end up in 1035 in a room overlooking the strip and the pool area. I really don’t care much about the view but on occasion it is nice.
    Room at the Rio is nice. Bed is very comfortable although pillows were just a tad high for me. Since it is an all-suite hotel there is plenty of room, couch, chair & ottoman, table & chairs, fridge and keurig. Our fridge was in need of a good defrosting though. It was to the point of our beverages freezing. In fact, I think there was an explosion of a cola beverage because the ice in the back of the fridge had a brown color to it.
    Didn’t know what to do for supper. Thought about grabbing the shuttle to the strip but time had gotten away from us so we opted to run next door and do the buffet at Gold Coast. I would rate it as fair, but the price is right. Back to Rio to check out the grounds before crashing for the night..zzzzzzzz
    Not sure if I would stay here again. The extra room is nice but it is a long walk to the rooms. Also, I just didn’t feel the vibe here. Plus, I like staying where I have other casino options (although Gold Coast is nearby) when my gambling is not going so well and I want to walk somewhere else on my own.


    Up around 7:30 or so…this is becoming a habit. Get ready, but DH says he’s tired. Fine, I tell him to stay in bed but I am going down t gamble anyway. About 20 minutes later he calls and says he can’t sleep so we decide to get the day rolling. Off to Palace Station to use a myVegas voucher for breakfast we go. This place certainly has the ‘locals’ feel to it, not that this is a bad thing at all. Buffet was ok, especially for free but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it. Slotted here for just a bit before heading out.
    Next stop was Pinball Museum on Tropicana. If you are or were a pinball enthusiast you would probably like this. Many old and playable machines from back when we were teenagers and/or younger. Spend a few dollars worth of quarters before heading out.
    Decide to go and valet the car at Harrah’s because of its close proximity to the bus stops. We would rather not have to drive on the strip if we don’t have to. Walk over to the bus stop and by now the weather has began to drizzle. Get off and walk over to Aria as both of us have purchased the myVegas reward for the daily slot tournament. Tournament doesn’t start for about another hour and a half so we slot our way around. Very good CW service here. :beer: There were 28 entries in this days slot tournament. Many of the TR’s I have read have mentioned that there were usually around 9-15 entries. Crap! This is why we chose to go on Tuesday rather than Monday because I thought there would be fewer entries on Tuesday rather than Monday, oh well!!. We both end up playing in round two, and yep, I didn’t win a thing, in fact, I think I came in last place for our round! booo However, DH did great and got 1st place in the tournament, which was $500 in slot credit at Aria. Woo hooo. He manages to play this out into $292 in cash-out value. I believe 2nd place was two tickets to Zarkana and 3rd place is 2 tickets to the Aria buffet.
    After the tournament the tournament host tells the winners to sit tight while he goes to the Mlife desk to get the prizes activated. We all sit around for 20-30 minutes and he does not return. Finally one of the other winners goes to the desk and then comes back to inform the rest of us that we need to go up to the Mlife desk to get their cards activated for their prize. Poor follow-up on behalf of the slot tournament manager. Not impressed!! :evillaugh
    By now, our 3-day bus pass has expired so decide to stick around and take the walkway over to Monte Carlo to use another myVegas reward. We go to the MC buffet. Again, decent food, but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it. Beverage is all self serve. We tend to end up going to a lot of buffets, the reason for this is that it is usually quick and easy and we don’t have to wait for our food. I know the quality is never on par with a decent restaurant, but it works for us. Plus, you have options!
    We decide to head to the bus stop after supper, but get outside and it is raining!! Crap!! We find that by the time we would have gotten to a bus stop that we would have been soaked! It was coming down lightly, but enough so that we would be wet! We decide that we did not want to have to walk around in wet shoes for the next few day so we venture off to the taxi line. Now, we never take cabs in Vegas but have learned enough from reading this forum to tell the driver what you want. Get in and tell the driver Harrah’s with an “H” (as not to confuse us with Paris with a “P”) and to please take the cheapest route. Driver is a middle aged man and seemed honest enough, he started out a little quiet but we eventually got into a small conversation. Fare to Harrah’s was $9.10, we gave him $15 as I didn’t want to dig deep for smaller bills and because it was worth the ride not to get wet!
    We ended up slotting our way around Harrah’s, Quad (Linq or Imperial …or what ever this name is now), and the crappy little Casino Royale for a while before getting the car to head back to Rio. Get the car from valet and upon leaving the water is literally gushing down and out of the QLIP parking garage. I mean really….it was running like a rushing river. I was just hoping that our car didn’t stall.
    Made it back to Rio and up to the room for a quick refresh. Tonight we had tickets for the 9:00 show Penn & Teller. On Travelzoo I paid $143.17 for two tickets . The seats were great, I believe they were row D and center. We were both impressed with this show although he can be a little long-winded with some of the narrative. This is a very good all-ages show. I would recommend this one and would probably give it about a B+


    OMG…..if you are still reading, kudos to you for hanging in there. :nworthy: I don’t know how, but it always seems to take off and I end up writing a novel….sorry!!: thumbsup:
    Wow…a day with no real plans in place. Opted to use another myVegas reward and check out a different place. We had a reward for 2 buffets for Red Rock. This was a place that was on ‘my list’ of places I wanted to check out anyway. We actually got lost on the way as I thing Siri (the GPS) told us to go the wrong way…damn her! We eventually straighten her out and get to our destination. We decided to slot a bit before going for lunch as opposed to breakfast. CW service here was superb. She took my drink order immediately and when she delivered it she asked if I wanted another right away……ummm, probably not because I should maybe eat first….lol
    Buffet was pretty busy here and I was really impressed with the whole thing. It is huge and broken down by ethnic cuisine (ex. Mexican, Italian, etc). Our server was also spot-on and took our beverage order immediately. He also brought us another when needed without asking for a refill. This was probably my favorite buffet of the whole trip. Everything I had was very good and I would certainly return here for another food quest.
    We slotted around for a while after. I think I left a little ahead while DH left probably a little down. I really liked this place and would love to return again and possible even spend a night here. I really like the vibe of this place, even though it was only lunch time.
    DH had gotten a small offer from Gold Coast, which included 2 free nights along with some F/B credit and FP so we double booked here later in the day. Can’t remember what we did the rest of the day, most likely slotted around between the Rio and Gold Coast. Don’t remember what or where we ate for supper. I do know that we walked back to Rio to spend the night.


    Walked over to Gold Coast to use DH’s food comp for yep, another buffet, breakfast this time. Fair enough, and the price is right. Even if we had to pay for this buffet it is pretty cheap. Besides, breakfast is kind of hard to screw up, but I did not appreciate the powdered scrambled eggs (or at least they tasted like it!!).
    Slotted around GC for a while before catching the shuttle from GC to Harrah’s. Once it leaves GC it does go to the Orleans before heading to Harrah’s. Once there we decide to use another myVegas reward (BOGO) to see S&G Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage. This was a nice little venture and kept us away from the slots for a bit. When we got there they were feeding and doing a show with the dolphins. When we got back to the cubs, who are not 7.5 months old there was a trainer in with them. They sure are playful and continually pestered the trainer in with them. It was a good way to kill about some time.
    Back to the other side of the street and slotted around Casino Royale and QLIP without much luck…as usual. Around 3:15 we headed outside to take our place along the strip to watch the NASCAR cars drive down the strip. I don’t think the porn slappers appreciated everyone taking up their place and turf. LOL. This is quite the endeavor as they actually shut down one side of the strip for the cars to parade down and then close down the other side for the return trip. This also prevents cars from crossing LV Blvd as well and traffic gets quite backed up. The NASCAR driver are lead down the strip by police escorts with lights flashing. Of course, they gave us a demonstration of the power of those cars and showed off a bit by squealing tires and laying some rubber. I thought I blew an ear-drum…lol. They are very loud! It was pretty cool to see, especially if you are a NASCAR fan. Last year I didn’t stay outside and watch it, but DH did and it was very cold out…but glad I saw it this year.
    Immediately after the cars made their way past Harrah’s we made our way back to the shuttle to go back to Rio. And waited….and waited. Finally the driver comes over and tells us that the bus won’t be going anywhere until at least 4:30 because of the back-up of the strips’ closing. Oh…Crap!!! We didn’t think about this or we would have thought how we could have done this differently. Because at 5:00 we had tickets for NASCAR’s After the Lap over at the Palms; we began to get a little nervous, but shortly after 4:30 the shuttle driver comes out and we eventually get to the Rio and make the very fast walk to the Palms. I think we were only about five minutes late to the event, but by then the lights were off and had a little difficulty finding our seats. It was interesting watching and listening to the panel of drivers. At the end of the show Cassadee Pope, winner of The Voice, season 3, came out and sang a few songs for the audience. I think that if we were going to go and see this next year that we would park on the opposite side of the strip where we could hopefully get out the ‘back way’ or possibly even walk. I say that because we waited for almost an hour before we actually got back to the Rio; we could walk there in less time.
    Following After the Lap, but what……….??? Another buffet…ummmm…yes we did. I had purchased a Travelzoo voucher for the buffet at the Palms thinking why not, we were here anyway and had to eat, right?? I think I paid $35 for the two of us. This buffet includes beer and wine. I think the savings with the voucher was only about $7, but whatever……. I thought this buffet was again, pretty decent. It was again broke down by ethnic cuisine. What impressed me most about this buffet was that all food that I had was nice and hot. That doesn’t always happen on a buffet. Now, I am not a wine drinker and the thought of beer with supper didn’t sound that appealing to me (and normally, I am a beer drinker!!) so I opted for white wine. The first half-glass wasn’t the best, but after that it went down a little better. I think that after I had about a glass and a half I began to feel its effect….ooops…..LOL. I would say this was probably my 2nd favorite buffet of the trip.
    Back to the Gold Coast and yup, the cowboys :cowboy:are in town!!! Played a few slots and then decided that we should play some cards. Ended up on a Super 21 table, which I know doesn’t have great odds, but yes it was fun and we had some fun and drank too many beers. Our CW server on the table was somewhat of a ditz! She would forget my beer (or actually, I think gave it to someone else because she had empty ones on her tray) but bring DH’s. More than once she seemed to have forgotten me and what I drank! Probably a good thing in the long run…lol I think we only spent about $60-$70 between us for a few good hours of play. Fun times before hitting the hay at Gold Coast.


    Heading home today….booo. Got up in the morning and walked over to Rio to pack up and check out. Put everything in the car, which we had parked at GC a couple days earlier and took a little gamble. Decided to redeem a ACG coupon for a free buffet after earning 200 points, which is very easy to do here. Get to the B Connected desk only to find that their computer system is down…booo. Ok, fine. We decide to just pay for lunch at the buffet. Since the computer was down we were unable to charge it to our room to use our food comps, another booo. And while in line, the cashier informs us that they could accept cash only. Fine…. Lunch was ok. For the cost of the GC buffet, I guess it’s worth that. However, it didn’t impress me a whole lot, but it does the job.
    Go to check out of our room only to find out that the system is now back up…well, shucks. Oh, well. I think we had a standard rood at GC. Bed was decently comfortable here, room had small coffee maker (1-cup Hamilton Beach I think) but could not find a safe. We’ve stayed here once before and so like to gamble here as they have a lot of older slot machines, which I like.

    Head out and stop and fill up on gas, return the car without any hassles at all. Catch the shuttle to terminal 1. Did sidewalk check-in. Told the clerk that now my e-app was not working at all and of the hassles we had trying to pay for my bag prior to the flight out. She checks us in and reads the notes (thank goodness for the notes) and only charges us the proper amount of $15 for my carry-on. Thank you young lady…you just saved me $35….sorry I thought you looked so crabby!!
    Make it to the gate and wait…..we are a little early. Flight shows it is on time (departure time 3:05). After a while they change our gate, but we really didn’t have to move as they went from A12 to A11. Then our flight is late…had to wait for one of the captains. Grrrrrr…. While sitting at the airport the emergency message comes over the intercom…”there has been an emergency in the building, we are investigating the situation, do not panic…..”’ WTF….I do not panic, I cannot run, so I guess I just sit here and go up in smoke…WTH. Whatever it was, no one panicked or seemed to even care. lol
    Made it home about an hour and 20 minutes late. We were having our son pick us up so it was important to try and keep him up-to-date on the arrival time. We live about 35 miles from the airport and we didn’t want him to have to wait too long. Good thing it was Friday because normally he would be in bed at this time because he begins his work day at 5 a.m.
    Stopped at Arby’s for a quick bite before heading home and to bed. After sleeping in hotel rooms, my bed at home suddenly feels hard, but I obviously slept well as I didn’t get out of bed until noon. Today (Saturday) is DH’s birthday so what does any good degenerate gambler do……we go to the casino later that afternoon where we spend the night…lol

    Final thoughts:

    This was a very different trip for me. I don’t know if I am just getting old or that the novelty of Vegas is wearing off…?? NOOOO….don’t let that happen!!! There was no late-night party animals. I just didn’t feel like drinking much this trip. (shocker, I know!!) This was my most sober trip ever!!! I felt that we were in bed just about every night at a respectable time (around 12-1 am.) and up around 7:30 every morning (another shocker). Usually with the time difference (2 hours) we are usually wide awake at 4 a.m. and raring to hit the casino.
    Gambling wise – just didn’t feel the love anywhere. I felt the slots were very tight almost everywhere so I just didn’t feel like feeding the machines. I think DH felt the same way. Overall, we only spent about half our bankroll. We did remarkable well saving $$ using comps, myVegas, Travelzoo vouchers, and we even brought back an unused Groupon. Any money we brought back went back into our ‘vacation’ account at the bank for our next trip, which will be in March 2015 for the NASCAR race.

    Until then…. If you have Q’s feel free to ask. If you have hung in there this long, more power to you and your level of dedication. :nworthy: LOL
    Shhhh.......just booked!!!
  2. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good report! Thanks for sharing! And definitions definitely watch out for that QLIP parking garage when it rains!

    LV2GAMBLE High-Roller

    Oct 20, 2012
    Land of 10,000 Lakes
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Oh, and I proudly wore the 'green bracelet' all week long and didn't see any others, nor did anyone approach me about it. Must be bad timing for what.
    Shhhh.......just booked!!!
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